Jay Cutler’s rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” wasn’t too good


One of the most commonly heard criticisms of Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has to do with his aloof personality.

Cutler has never been the kind of rah-rah leader that many people want to see in a quarterback and many have asked to see more emotion from Cutler in 2012. If Cutler’s performance of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” on Saturday afternoon at Wrigley Field is any indication, those people are going to be disappointed.

The Chicago Tribune has video of the whole thing and it isn’t very good. Cutler maintains a monotone throughout the performance, which can’t really be called singing since there’s not even a cursory attempt at melody, pitch or anything else commonly found in singing. He also doesn’t seem too confident of all the words, although he saves himself a bit by nailing the “Let’s get some runs!” at the conclusion of the song.

While this is good for a laugh, it obviously has nothing to do with Cutler’s ability to lead the Bears’ offense this season unless Mike Tice’s offense requires him to memorize song lyrics to call plays. We’re guessing that it doesn’t and that the Bears will only be looking to Cutler to throw the ball with power and accuracy.

That he can do, as evidenced by the strike he threw with the first pitch before the Cubs game.