Phil Simms on Joe Flacco: He’s not good, he’s awesome

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Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco’s bid for a new contract coming off a disappointing 2011 season has made his ability a consistent talking point this offseason.

Flacco weighed in with a confident assessment of his talent, Ron Jaworski of ESPN raved about his arm strength and now another TV talking head is weighing in with a glowing report on Flacco’s skills. Phil Simms, who called Flacco and the Ravens’ AFC Championship Game loss for CBS, thinks that too much is made of Flacco’s mediocre numbers because he plays in a run-first offense.

“It’s really amazing. Put Joe Flacco on a football team where it’s all about the quarterback and the offense and he will put up staggering numbers,” Simms said, via Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times. “He plays for a coach that’s not worried about the glorification of his quarterback. Joe Flacco is a big part of them winning, but personal success and glory might elude him. He may only get it through victories. Even then, he might not get the credit that he deserves. I don’t think he’s good, I think he’s awesome. I know I’m right. I don’t need your stamp of approval.”

None of the positive reviews of Flacco’s ability have led to any movement on the contract front, something that might not change until the season gets underway. There’s plenty of evidence to support Simms and Jaworski’s reads on Flacco, but none of it alters the fact that his play took a sharp turn for the worse last season.

That’s not a strong negotiating position when you’re looking for elite quarterback money, no matter what Flacco’s skills might promise in the abstract. A strong start in 2012 would quiet some of the doubts about Flacco’s game and, in turn, some of the Ravens’ doubts about a long-term commitment.

10 responses to “Phil Simms on Joe Flacco: He’s not good, he’s awesome

  1. Who thinks he sucks? The hyper-criticism of QBs has gotten beyond the point of being out of hand. It is by far the most difficult position in all of sports to play, and there are so many variables that can affect their performance and stats. System, field position, line talent, the defense’s ability to get off the field on 3rd down and get the ball back in the QBs hands, etc, etc.

    The media want to annoint and tear down great QBs like Flacco, Ryan, and give up on young guys like Bradford, Sanchez, and Gabbert (although Gabbert isn’t off to a promising start) before they have been given a fair shake.

    QBs, unless total liabilities shouldn’t be judged to harshly until they’re on their second contract. The QB debate is just tired.

  2. Phil Simms wouldn’t know a QB if it it stared him in the face. He’s still defending his sons as great QBs. If he didn’t have Parcells coaching the Giants, no one would ever have remembered his name.

  3. Joe flacco isn’t just the best thing that’s happen to Baltimore not because hes a very confident leader and he is capable of putting up high stat numbers every year, but he’s not out for the stats, just for the wins. This will be his best passing year hands down an they will be in the Super Bowl against the eagles

  4. I understand where Phil is coming from, he had a run first offense all those years with the Giants, no way he takes a shot at Flacco.

    To go further Phil is basically saying he thinks of himself as a hall of famer, which he is pretty close to being.

  5. Does Simms actually watch the games? Every game where flacco is the focal point of the offense the ravens are miserable. Rice is the cog that drives that team. Without him they are a 6-7 win team.

  6. Until Rice settles his contract you won’t see any movement for Flacco. That being said, I do think both deals will get done, hopefully Rice’s deal ASAP before time runs out. Joe may not have the stats to back it up but he’s a damn fine QB stuck in a run happy offense with a top 3 RB. I’d take Joe over about 24 other starting qb’s out there.

  7. Joe Flacco is Mark Sanchez without the scrutiny. Both inconsistent passers who can win games but benefit from top end defensive play to boost their records.

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