Reggie Wayne likes Bruce Arians: “He’s not going to BS you”


New Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians has made a good impression on veteran receiver Reggie Wayne by not taking it easy on him.

Instead, Wayne says, Arians has impressed Wayne by getting on his case and calling him out in meetings if necessary, posting lists of mistakes players have made in practices and sparing no one.

He’s not going to BS you,” Wayne told the Indianapolis Star. “I’ve been on there quite a few times. You know when meetings start, he’s going to put that paper up. And sometimes you’ll be afraid to look up and see how many times your number’s on there. He doesn’t care who you are. He’ll put your number up there and he’s going to correct you.”

Arians says his practice of listing players’ mistakes isn’t about embarrassing players, it’s about giving them a sense of ownership over the offense.

“It’s not my offense, it’s theirs,” Arians said. “They have to be accountable to each other. If it’s one of those young guys on that sheet a lot in September and October, you need to check into what he’s doing off the field and get him straightened out. We are collective and one guy can tear it all apart.”

Wayne is one veteran who likes to see a coach who’s going to hold him, and his teammates, accountable.

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  1. @raideryan88 Reggie Wayne had 75 catches last year when Curtis Painter was throwing him the ball. Andrew Luck will be much better than Painter. Pretty much a guarantee he’ll catch more that 40 balls in 2012.

  2. Me too!!! The coordinator behind one of the most overcriticized offenses is an underrated one!!!

    Pittsburgh will be sorry for letting him go!!!

  3. There’s no doubt that he’s a great coach, a great teacher… The issue is on game day, and specifically with his stubborn/arrogant refusal to acknowledge reality and the game as it unfolds.

    If he learns to let go of his favorite plays – especially when they don’t work – and crafts a game plan that actually takes his existing roster’s strengths and weaknesses into account, then you folks got yourself a great offensive coordinator.

    What I’ve seen in Pittsburgh is a guy that comes up with really creative strategies, and is willing to take a gamble.. But he forgets to look at his roster to see if his strategies will work, and he certainly forgets to watch the game to see if he needs to adjust.

    Part of the reason he was such an enabler of Ben’s “scramble, scramble, scramble, chuck it deep to Wallace” approach was that his play calling on game day just didn’t adapt to what the defense was giving them, or to the roster he had available. So Ben was happy to go through the motions, because he was always counting to break outside containment just long enough to heave-ho another bomb.

    It will be very interesting to see how Luck develops under his tutelage; and equally interesting to see how the Colts offense evolves (and performs on game day).

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