Second incident could land Dumervil in Goodell’s doghouse


Despite the proclamation from the Broncos’ version of Saul Goodman that defensive end Elvis Dumervil ultimately won’t be charged with aggravated assault despite being arrested for aggravated assault, Dumervil should be worried about a different kind of judge.

And jury.

And executioner.

The arrest constitutes Dumervil’s second incident, and that’s typically when a guy lands on Commissioner Roger Goodell’s radar screen.

Dumervil was cited for assault and disturbing the peace during the 2010 season, after allegedly getting into an argument with a parking lot attendant at Invesco Field.  The charges eventually were dropped.

This time, they could again be dropped.  They may not even be filed.  But that may not stop Goodell from lowering the boom on Dumervil.

In 2010, Goodell suspended Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger after two allegations of sexual misconduct, even though he never was arrested once.

Goodell regards multiple incidents as a sign of an inability to steer clear of trouble.  Thus, even if a guy ultimately is able to hire a lawyer who can finagle the player away from the pokey, Goodell may still decide to take matters into his own hands, especially if the league’s investigation indicates that Dumervil did something he shouldn’t have done.

17 responses to “Second incident could land Dumervil in Goodell’s doghouse

  1. I totally agreed with the suspension of roethlisberger when it was handed down by goodell. I believe the same type of punishment should apply here. Dumerville is a beast on the field but if Ben gets four games for no arrest or charges than this guy should get the same for repeat offenses

  2. Raj is in his basement workshop as we speak, finishing off a semi-circular sign that spells “DOOM”, to be attached over the entranceway to Elvis new home.

  3. Goodell, make sure to check on whether or not his teammates like him and if he signs autographs or not, before you decide to suspend him.

  4. I would guess 16 games for a big reason. Let him appeal, get half of that if not more taken off and goodell shows he’s fair. Ending the bountygate trials now and get on to football

  5. Im gonna agree with stealmeats, 4 game suspension for dumervil would be appropriate. As a fan, it will hurt our team defensively but as for any player, you screw up, theres consequences to pay. 61 million dollars and you can’t stay out of trouble, don’t get it.

  6. Being convicted in the court of public opinion isn’t the same as being convicted by a judge or a jury of ones own peers.

  7. In the upcoming opener in Denver, the Steelers will be without Ryan Clark, whose sickle-cell trait prohibits him from playing in high altitudes. If Doom also takes a seat for this tilt, I say “Even, Steven.” Todd Haley is already putting in a game plan for Big Ben (who also sat four games, even though, like Dumervil, no charges ever came about) and those guys he throws to — namely Wallace, Brown, Sanders, Cotchery and Miller. Good time to keep the chains moving and to keep Peyton on the sidelines.

  8. I happen to be a long time Raider fan. I also happen to be a long time supporter of the Second Amendment.

    I do not know what crime Elvis Dumervil committed. However I have followed this stuff for years and realize that if I did what Elvis did I would still be sitting in a cell. Throw the book at him.

    As a long time Raiders fan all I have to ask is…..

    Rolando McClain …. Are you paying attention and listening?

  9. It would be more productive to force Dumervil into counseling under threat of suspension. He likely has anger issues that he needs to deal with.

  10. Denver Defense is going to be slightly damaged come week one, without Doom and DJ, their depth players are going to need to step up.

    Im hoping Jason Hunter and Wesley Woodyard ar eprepped come weeks 1-4 because thats what Doom is gonna get suspended for and thats how long DJ is suspended for.

    VM58 better step up because his partners in havok are gonna be out.

  11. Hopefully the league investigation will use a different team of security guys than the ones who looked into the Saints. Otherwise Dumervil is about to get hosed.

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