Team-by-team cap space as of July 15

[Editor’s note:  Periodically, we post the available cap space for every team.  And that’s what we’re doing right now.  As of July 15.  Without the Drew Brees and Tyvon Branch deals reflected.]

Jaguars:  $25.11 million.

Titans:  $19.97 million.

Browns:  $17.77 million.

Chiefs:  $16.54 million.

Bengals:  $16.30 million.

Eagles:  $15.74 million.

Buccaneers:  $15.74 million.

Colts:  $14.59 million.

Broncos:  $11.71 million.

Packers:  $11.25 million.

Patriots:  $10.87 million.

Vikings:  $10.52 million.

Panthers:  $8.76 million.

Seahawks:  $8.47 million.

Bills:  $7.36 million.

Cowboys:  $7.18 million.

Redskins:  $6.97 million.

Jets:  $5.86 million.

Cardinals:  $4.55 million.

Dolphins:  $4.45 million.

Texans:  $4.05 million.

Bears:  $3.82 million.

Lions:  $3.77 million.

Steelers:  $3.73 million.

Rams:  $3.60 million.

49ers:  $3.39 million.

Giants:  $3.11 million.

Chargers:  $2.86 million.

Falcons:  $2.75 million.

Saints:  $2.12 million.

Raiders:  $1.34 million.

Ravens:  $606,000.

3 responses to “Team-by-team cap space as of July 15

  1. Eagles: $15.74 million

    Ill bet Maclin gets re-upped before the end of this season. No reason not to have the core of our team all on 3-5 year deals with that much extra sitting around.

    Get a new QB, McCoy, Jackson, Maclin, Celek all signed for 3+ seasons. Thats a good, solid core on offense to build around. Just replace Vick in the next 2 years, and the Eagles are set to compete for some time.

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