Terrell Thomas is fully cleared for training camp

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The Giants won the Super Bowl without starting cornerback Terrell Thomas, but their title defense will get underway with Thomas on the field.

Thomas tore his ACL in training camp last season, one of a slew of injuries that the Giants had to deal with at cornerback last season. His rehab has gone well, though, and he took to his personal website on Saturday to announce that he will be all systems go when the team gathers in Albany later this month.

“I just left the doctor’s office; I am all cleared for camp.  I have no limitations entering camp; obviously they will be monitoring me throughout camp.  It will be in the hands of Ronnie Barnes who has been protecting me thus far.  I just want to thank the Giants organization, Dr. Arthur Ting, John Meyer, my agent, my family and everyone who got me to this point.”

Thomas vowed to reclaim his starting job back in May and there doesn’t seem to be much chance he’ll be proven incorrect. Aaron Ross’ departure leaves Prince Amukamara, who missed most of his rookie season with a foot injury, as the only other real option at corner. Unless Thomas has lost a good bit of his game, he’ll be in the starting lineup in Week One against the Cowboys.

7 responses to “Terrell Thomas is fully cleared for training camp

  1. He’s one of my favorite Giants and a pretty underrated corner in my opinion (but of course I have my bias). It’s great to hear he’s ready to go.

  2. Great news for Giants fans. Giants had a ton of injuries last year, so if they can stay relatively healthy this year (knock on wood), they will be in a good position for a title defense. Sure they got a few lucky bounces last year (over the course of a year, every team does), but many people forget how many things went bad for them, ESPECIALLY the injuries.

  3. “Thomas vowed to reclaim his starting job back in May and there doesn’t seem to be much chance he’ll be proven incorrect.”

    Sure about that?

    First of all, there’s the risk of lingering effects from Thomas’s injured knee. Beyond that, if HE is fully healthy, Prince Amukamara is possibly a clearly superior athlete to even a healthy Thomas, and this year Amukamara isn’t coming into camp as the raw rookie he was a year ago.

  4. @sictransitchris
    I’m pretty sure every Giants CB is underrated. I could sit here all day and talk about how Corey Webster is a top 5 corner, but most people outside of the Giants fanbase don’t even know who he is.

    That said, assuming Thomas doesn’t miss a beat, he’s a terrific corner and an even better tackler. He definitely upgrades the secondary. Glad to have him back.

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