Titans come in 20th in PFT’s Preseason Power Rankings


The tricky part about our Preseason Power Rankings comes when you get to the middle of the field. Sifting out the chaff is easy enough, the bottom feeders identify themselves fairly easily.

But the Titans finished 9-7 last year, and Matt Hasselbeck looked like a young man again. They have a solid core of young talent, and played smart football under first-year coach Mike Munchak.

But where things get confsuing is trying to figure which direction they’re pointing for the future. Do they ride with Hasselbeck until he falls over? Or is it time to start the Jake Locker era. Coaches have thrown the most important position on the field up for competition, and that’s rarely a sign of good things.

So take a look at our full preview here, and tell us whether you agree with our placement of the Titans.