Wes Welker not expecting a new contract

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The Patriots and receiver Wes Welker have until Monday afternoon to reach an agreement on a long-term contract extension. Welker doesn’t think it’s going to happen.

A source close to Welker told Mike Reiss of ESPNBoston.com that the two sides weren’t engaged in active dialogue, and it would be a surprise if an extension was reached.

Welker signed the franchise tender and will play the 2012 season for the franchise salary of $9.5 million barring an unexpected agreement today or tomorrow. So for the Patriots and Welker, these negotiations (or lack thereof) are all about 2013 and beyond.

If Welker stays healthy and effective and has another 120-catch season, the Patriots would likely franchise Welker again in March, at a salary of $11.4 million. But if the 31-year-old Welker starts to show signs of age this season, the Patriots will probably let him hit the free agent market next year.

So it’s entirely possible that when Welker signed the franchise tender, he was signing the last contract he’ll ever have with the Patriots.

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  1. When Wes was with the Miami Dolphins he was a first down machine. The Dolphins were to dumb at the time to keep him but it’s obvious that he should get at least a two year deal for some security. Giving a guy who has been second only to Tom Brady in helping the Patriots win every year some security is the right thing to do.

  2. Brady lost that play – not weaker.
    It was a Horrible throw from Brady coming out of the Forrest.
    Any other receiver on the pats tream wouldn’t have got there hand on it at all.

  3. Do Yous think I should retain see welker in my keeper league?? It would cost me a 3rd.. which is good considering its ppr, but I’m worried Tom Bomb has too many other options this year.

  4. Welker is a great example of what happens when you take the blame for something. I heard a guy on sports talk radio yesterday say that Brady was “throwing darts all day” and that if it hadn’t been for Welker Brady would have had his fourth ring.

    That’s bull. For one thing the interception he threw was more of a jump ball than a “dart” and people still gave him credit by saying it wouldn’t have been an interception is Gronk didn’t have a bad ankle. A pass like that should only be thrown on the last play of the game, if ever.

    The throw to Welker was a BAD THROW. The fact that he got both hands on it was remarkable. The fact that he feels he SHOULD have caught it is commendable.

    If football was scored like baseball the error would have been charged to the QB not the WR.

  5. stew48

    In my best Al Bundy, Polk High speech…..my high school coach says….if you can touch it, you can catch it.

    He should have caught it.

    FYI, Im a die hard Pats fan. I would not pay him more than offered. 5’9″, reconstructed knee, slot reciever, 30 something.

  6. I wouldn’t complain either if his age. 9.5 million is a pretty good deal considering after football he most likely won’t sniff that ever again.

  7. It’s an interesting situation and to be honest as long as Welker remains healthy this year and productive, he’ll get what he’s looking for with the franchise tag next year.

    He’s not looking for long-term deals, nor is he looking for increased value. He just wants 2013′s money to be guaranteed regardless of health. And while his past performance certainly deserves that money, paying for the past can put teams into tight financial problems in the future. So, I can certainly understand both sides of the argument on this one.

    And as a Pats fan, I don’t blame Welker for missing the catch, it was a slightly off target throw, Brady’s fault, not Welker’s. An inch or two lower and that would’ve been hauled in.

  8. Not Welker’s fault, that’s all on Brady. “If you touch it, you should catch it” is a true statement, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t an absolutely terrible throw.

    All kinds of time in the pocket, throwing lane was wide open, the receiver was wide open, and it was a 20 yard throw = put it in the bread basket.

    Brady alone cost them that game:

    1. stupid safety = a high school qb mistake
    2. under threw Gronk when he had a LB beat 40 yards downfield
    3. the Welker pass

  9. I wouldn’t take this personally if I were Welker. The Patriots specialize in improving young players and using them before the big contract is due then releasing them. They also excel at signing aging veterans to league minimum deals and wringing what they can out of them. Welker falls in the middle of this range of players so he is up a creek. They will franchise him again next year then release him onto the free market knowing he will be too old for the contract he deserves now. It’s the Patriots, that’s how they roll.

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