40-year-old broadcast lands on YouTube

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Since I’m on vacation (i.e., working somewhere other than my house), the rest of the crew is keeping up with the bulk of the “news.”  Which allows me to look around for some other interesting stuff.

Thanks to Kevin Cusick of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, I found something that should be very interesting to the old farts in the crowd, like me.

Someone has posted on YouTube the entire 1972 regular-season game between the Vikings and the Steelers, from Three Rivers Stadium.  The reproduced CBS broadcast includes even the commercials and, unlike most regular-season broadcasts today, the entire National Anthem.

Among the commercials is a Ford Torino spot that features a guy walking on a tightrope over a moving car driving on a bumpy road.  (Without a tether attached to his ankle, a caveat that changes “death-defying” to “bruise-defying.”)

The Steelers would go on to secure a playoff berth and beat the Raiders for the first postseason win in franchise history.  The Vikings would miss the playoffs for one of the only times they didn’t qualify for the Super Bowl tournament during the 1970s.

Two years later, the Vikings and Steelers met in the Super Bowl, with the Steelers winning the game, 16-6.

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  1. I’m surprised the No Fun League lets these old game broadcast videos stay up (same guy has uploaded plenty more, so I’m sure they are aware of them). They could easily file a complaint with YouTube. Glad they let them be!

  2. Too bad we can’t see vintage games like this one on the NFL Network channel during the offseason.

    Instead, we get endless reruns of NFL Access, Football Follies, and Hard Knocks. The NFL has a treasure chest of vintage games that we never see.

    Too bad, because a lot of younger fans could actually get a chance to see great players like Bart Star, Johnny Unitas, Bubba Smith, Alan Page, Paul Warfield, Lee Roy Jordan, Bob Lily, Mean Joe Greene, and countless other players that made previous eras in the NFL great.

  3. benh999 says:Jul 16, 2012 4:36 PM

    Nothing is sadder than Vikings’ fans.
    We’re not sad, just paranoid (1998 and 2009 NFCCGs will do that to a person). Thanks for your concern for our well being though!

  4. This is cool – really fun.

    The expressed written consent of the NFL? Fight the Power!

  5. Absolute classic. I had forgotten that WRs used to take a three-point stance at the line. Even seeing the commercials was great. At the 15 minute mark they show a commercial for the NFL player stamps that Sunoco gave for filling up at their stations. Living here in Philly where Sunoco is based, I remember collecting those stamps in my album. Thanks for posting.

  6. Real humdinger of a Gunsmoke episode on later tonight…. wow that Kitty can send a smoke signal…

    The audio is also great.

  7. I wish the NFL would show some real classic games more often. (Not ones from last year) Showing some classic games from the 70s, 80s and 90s would give some of the newer fans of the game a chance to see what a defense is. Getting another chance to see guys like Payton, Dorsett, Montana, LT, Butkis, etc. would get more viewers. Like one commenter already said, the NFLN programming is either redundant or made up of lame “filler” shows.

  8. Anybody know the background of the color commentator George Conner? Play-by-play man Jack Drees has a nice Wikipedia entry, but George Conner is a mystery to Google and Wikipedia.

  9. You can find this and other classic games on-line to purchase if you look around. SB III, 1970 Cowboys playoffs (except SB), etc. There are several 70s MNF games available including a late November game in 1970 between Giants & Eagles where Cosell got so drunk he couldn’t finish the game. It was so cold in Philly that night, they were drinking hard booze to keep warm. Great stuff.

  10. The NFL network won’t air any of the old games for fear that the current fans will see how the league has hacked up this great game with their stupid rule changes.

  11. See that ship over there? They’re re-broadcasting Major League Baseball with implied oral consent, not express written consent—or so the legend goes.
    -Homer Simpson

  12. I called Sirius NFL Radio and asked why NFL Network won’t play old games. I mean, old regular season games maybe between Earl Campbell’s Oilers and the Steelers. NFL Network is failing on this front and they need to get it done. We want to see it.

  13. I wish they didn’t crop the video so I could see the score and the clock at the top and the ticker at the bottom.

  14. They never once mentioned the time remaining in the half until there were 28 second left. I loved the commercials and remembered a few of them. Is it live or is it Memorex? “You can pay me now, or you can pay me later.” When I saw six cars in a row with their lights on, I knew immediately it was Sears Diehard.

  15. Thanks for posting! This is great! I love to watch old games. Most of the time they are pretty cut up. It’s a rarity to see one in it’s entirety. Wonder if the courts ever ruled on the Super Bowl I video found a couple year ago. The NFL was fighting for possession of it. Thanks God for NFL films, and there foresight to posterity. It’s important to have these around. So many people don’t understand how different the rules and the game were then. How slighted the rules are to the offense now. Back in 1972 it was still rare to have a QB throw more TDs, than INTs. The game may be played way faster now, but it was played way crazier then, with a lot more abandon.

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