As Redskins rookies report, Griffin a no-show

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The pitchers and catchers of pro football, rookies are typically the first to show up for training camp.  In D.C., they’re showing up, with one fairly major exception.

According to WJLA, Robert Griffin III isn’t there.

Griffin has said that he wants to have a deal in place by Monday.  One of the impediments has been the inclusion of offset language, which would reduce his guaranteed money in the unlikely event he gets released at some point in the next four years and signs with another NFL team.

There’s no reason for the Redskins to refuse to guarantee the full amount of the contract.  Given what Griffin means to the team, they’re highly unlikely to dump him without giving him four years to become the best quarterback they’ve had in at least 27.

Some are starting to wonder whether the teams are colluding on this point.  If they are, the Carolina Panthers didn’t get the memo.  Or, perhaps more accurately, they signed No. 9 pick Luke Kuechly before the memo went out.

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  1. Apparently this is a pissing contest between the agent (same agent as Kuechly) and Bruce Allen. The skins front office doesn’t want to be considered weak and have no offset language and the agent wants to prove to other players that he can get a deal done with no offset language.It’s really stupid to everyone else except for those two . I think what will probably happen is that after a couple of days sitting around RGIII is going to call his agent an say just finalize it..

  2. the idea of owners colluding on something like this after they already got the out of control rookie contracts cut significantly is pretty sad.

  3. I just don’t get this latest trend with teams.

    Look, this is your franchise guy. You gave up the boat and the extra car for him.

    Stop being cheap and guarantee the money. You’ve given up everything else. Seriously. Get a clue. The Redskins are only hurting themselves. You finally make a good move and now you’re gonna screw it up? Really?

  4. With so many quarterbacks taken in the first round, (AT LEAST) one of them is bound to be a bust.

  5. I don’t understand the delay. Rookie contracts are sooooo much cheaper than they used to be, and there’s no realistic scenario in which RG3 gets cut in the next four years.

    Just pay the man.

  6. I’ve been confused about this point for a while now: is RG3 a no-show because he doesn’t have a contract or is he a no-show because league rules won’t allow him to attend? Can RG3 report before he signs his deal or not? I’ve been confused on that point for a while now.

  7. Why don’t we stop trying to be fortune tellers in labeling whether or not he’s going to be a bust. What are you going to do? Celebrate the fact that you were right with a big “I told you so”?? Let’s see the kid play and see how he does before you get your Mike Mayock on. Jesus…

  8. If you start making concessions now it will eventually lead to rookie contracts owners are not happy with, as next year the agents will push for fully guaranteed money and something else. A big part of the new labor agreement was fixing rookie contracts.

  9. This has nothing to do with RG3 or the Skins for that matter. Picks 2 – 8 will not sign until Luck does, period. So Indy is holding things up.

  10. Can’t blame him for wanting to cross the t’s and dot the i’s. Any intelligent businessman would do the same thing. However, the fans, being fans are emotional because it’s football. They wouldn’t be so emotional about their own salary and benefits and the lifelong financial security of their families. Griffin IS a standup guy, but he isn’t going to leave money on the table to make you fans happy. Who would do that?

  11. Oh that crafty ‘Skins front office! Your franchise QB is at home watching “The Price is Right” while you’re quibbling over useless garbage like this? 3 years ago this guy would’ve signed for more in 1 season than it would currently cost you for 4! Stop being so cheap! If this dude was a 25 year veteran you’d have already opened the vault doors! Sheesh!

  12. First, Luck hasn’t signed so all of the top 5 picks, nothing to go off by what the terms of that contract entails, before they sign. This year money is not the issue, but the actual language of the contract and the offset clause.

    Second, Griffin has the same agency that negotiated the Kuechly deal so they want the same thing. As Florio knows the agents involved will want to be able to say that they were able to negotiate keeping offset language off their clients deals. The new CBA won’t allow any draft pick to participate in any Training Camp activities until their deal is done.

    Third, the Skins third round pick Josh LeRibus, has not reported as well. The current CBA kind of keep 3rd rounders in a purgatory where those deals aren’t as defined as they are in the 1st and 2nd rounds.

    Bottom line, real training camp doesn’t start until the last week of this month. Luck will have his deal done by then, RG3, then Richardson, then Kalil, etc.

  13. reppster says: Jul 16, 2012 1:11 PM

    I thought this guy was a stand up guy?

    So Drew Brees, Andrew Luck, Wes Welker, Darrelle Revis, Matt Forte, Morris Claiborne, Trent Richardson, and every other player who has been held out of camp momentarily by contract squabbles are all secretly the next Terrell Owens(es)? The fact is Griffin came early and stayed late at every optional minicamp earlier this Summer, held his own passing camp with Washington receivers at Baylor the next week, and will be on the field as soon as the ink dries on the contract. The Third has shown himself 100 percent committed to turning things around in DC, and should not be faulted for legal shenanigans he has virtually no say in.

  14. Does Griffin work for the agent or does the agent work for Griffin? Griffin has told anyone who will listen that he wanted to be in camp on time. So tell us Robert, are you in charge of your situation? If so, then tell your agent to get it done. You will not be cut before your deal is up so why are you letting this self serving clown agent hold you up to make better deals for his other clients. Starting to wonder about your sincerity in your many statements…

  15. This is about setting a precedent for the remainder of the CBA. Im sure the Skins don’t have a problem not having offset language for RG3’s contract. The problem is that the Skins ,and all the other clubs, do not want to provide it to picks 1-10 for the next 10 years of the CBA. Im sure the owners are colluding about this in the same manner they colluded about the salary cap in 2010 and Snyder learned his lesson already about breaking the unspoken rules of the owners club.

  16. the teams are looking to screw the players financially when ever and where ever they can. The players have to look out for themselves. That’s why they hire agents.

  17. RgIII has shown the redskins respect he has publicly said he wanted to b a skin instead of a colt..he’s shown loyalty and he’s suppose yto be the future. With that said, PAY THE KID!! most exciting draft pick by the redskins probably ever fans are finally behind the team. Your gna piss him off and make him leave 1st chance he gets!! …#RAIDERNATION

  18. No need to “wonder” if the teams are colluding — John Mara has confirmed that they are…

  19. None of the first 8 players taken in the draft have been signed including the number one pick Andrew Luck. They are all sitting at home waiting for owners and agents to come to an agreement. Carolina already has their franchise player, so you would expect them to sign their first round pick this year without any issues because he is not the franchise player, but another player to build their team. It is too early to label players as being problems, especially since none of them played a game yet. If that is the point here, then the first 8 players are problems already. I really cannot see that. I can see owners trying not to pay too much and agents trying to get too much, but that is expected. I just want the season to start already 🙂

  20. To all of you idiots out there blaming RG3 for this, please just shut up. RG3 is now in business for himself and his business wants to be sure that its income will be guaranteed for the next 4 years. If a guy that got drafted 7 spots after you has his money fully guaranteed, why not him?

    Do what you have to do RG3, don’t let those who don’t know the business side of football, get to you. I mean damn, this Redskins franchise is worth $1.56 BILLION. I’m sure they can afford to guarantee your small rookie contract.

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