Chargers will let fans pick next member of Hall of Fame

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Whenever a debate emerges regarding the process for determining membership in a Hall of Fame, one important constituency rarely receives significant consideration.

The fans.

The Chargers, for the first time in team history, will give fans the keys to the HOF car, allowing visitors to the team’s website to vote on the former player to be inducted.  Voting is open through September 17, and the induction will occur during the team’s November 25 home game against the Ravens.

The choices for the 36th member of the franchise’s Hall of Fame are punter Darren Bennett, running back Natrone Means, and receiver Anthony Miller.

With all due respect to the trio of finalists, if those are the three possible choices for the team’s all-time Hall of Fame, maybe the Chargers should stand pat on 35.

9 responses to “Chargers will let fans pick next member of Hall of Fame

  1. Means was a beast when healthy!! Not sure if that means he should be in a HOF though. He definitely was not a “scrub” though!

  2. The very first thing the chargers organization has ever done right. They have just made nfl history. Just keep selling your home tickets to chiefs and raider fans. We will fill your seats when your just too ashamed. Saddest organization ever, to be worse than the browns is really low man.

  3. I don’t know, Miller was a very talented receiver who just wasn’t teamed with really great QB’ing often enough in his career. Had his most explosive season (1000+ yards, 18+ yards average, 14 TDs) near the end of his career catching passes from John Elway in Denver … which probably will hurt his h.o.f. chances with the Chargers, though.

  4. I don’t see why this is a difficult decision…

    Darren Bennett changed the way his position is played for every single punter who came after him.

    He invented the end-over-end kick, and perfected the back spin kick. The man could pin the ball sideways between the 1 yard line and the pain on the end zone.

    How is this even up for debate??

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