Cowboys’ value estimated at $1.85 billion, tops in NFL


Jerry Jones has 1,850,000,000 reasons to be happy he’s the owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

According to estimates from Forbes magazine, the Cowboys are worth $1.85 billion, making them the highest-valued franchise in the NFL and tying them with the New York Yankees as the most valuable franchise in all of American sports. Jones, who spent an estimated $140 million to buy the Cowboys in 1989, has seen its value skyrocket over the last 23 years, and the team is expected to continue to thrive going forward thanks in large part to the Cowboys’ state-of-the-art new stadium. Not that Jones is hurting for money, but Forbes estimates that he’ll be able to make another $15 million a year or so in annual revenue if he sells the naming rights to Cowboys Stadium.

But it’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers owner Malcolm Glazer who owns the most valuable franchise in all of sports: Forbes says the English soccer team Manchester United, owned by Glazer, is worth $2.23 billion.

The 10 most valuable sports franchises in the world include four NFL teams: The Cowboys, Redskins ($1.56 billion), Patriots ($1.4 billion) and Giants ($1.3 billion). The other teams in the Top 10 are European soccer teams Real Madrid, Barcelona and Arsenal, and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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  1. If the NFL starts putting advertising on their game jerseys like soccer, I would imagine the would destroy soccer clubs in franchise value.

  2. Haven’t had a winning season in some time now & we’re still in the running. Steady playoff appearances and we’ll be back on top. #HTTR

  3. And they have still have won one playoff game in the 15 years since Jerry Jones starting making personnel decisions.

  4. WHAT the WHAT?!?!?! The Bills are not at the top of this list? Shocking, just shocking. aaaaaahahahahahahahahaha

  5. Like anything it’s really only worth what someone’s willing to pay for it. Absent a check in hand, any value is a guess – at best.

    I suspect tho that much like their perennial pre-season “super bowl contender” hype – I suspect this number is a touch over valued as well.

  6. The Jaguars would probably be worth almost as much if the NFL gave them 14 primetime/national doubleader broadcasts a season.

  7. whitecastleisafoodgroup says: Jul 16, 2012 9:10 PM

    But I thought the Packers sale of fake stock would make them the most valuable sports team … LOL


    You should think more critically.

  8. Wow, as they claimed during the lock-out, the owners really are losing money after all. With an average annual return of only 53%, the banks and all other creditors are ready to file suit to seize Jones’s assets. See, the players really did win in the lock-out because they didn’t give up nearly enough. Let me know when the Cowboys are up for auction to pay off the creditors.

  9. whitecastleisafoodgroup says:
    Jul 16, 2012 9:10 PM
    But I thought the Packers sale of fake stock would make them the most valuable sports team … LOL
    Packer fans love calling themselves Americas Team hahaha. Seriously? That’s the Cowboys’ title. Not even top 10 in valuation so go take your self entitlement and fake stock elsewhere. If anything this whole “I own a part of an nfl team” is a cute joke that got old years ago.

  10. This means absolutely nothing to me, and any Cowboys fan who boasts this fact ought to be put of their misery. I’m sick of reading about the business end of the game – the new CBA, revenue sharing, etc. – all that matters is the product on the field. And in that category the Cowboys have been lacking recently.

  11. congrats to those teams & their fanbases, but the truth is that their is is only a handful of teams that have true historic importance to the NFL that are the backbone of the league!! sorry to all the fanbases i do not mention but, too me personally these are the teams that are truly important

    and thats all i can think of right now, nothing personal but those teams are the fabric of the league!!! im sure i missed 1 or 2 THATS IT!!!!!

  12. It reminds me of a story:
    St Peter needed a break from the Pearly Gates of Heaven and asked Albert Einstein to take over for him for a while. A man comes to the Gates and asks Einstein if he can enter. Albert looks at the mans life and sees that he was a good and holy man and says “Sure, enter the Gates of Heaven.” Einstein sees that the man has a great IQ of 165 and says to him “I look forward to discussing my theories with you.” Next guy comes up and the same thing happens. Einstein again says welcome to Heaven. Again Einstein sees this man also has a high IQ and tells the man “I look forward to talk to you about my theories. Welcome to Heaven”. A third guy shows up and again Einstein sees he was a good man and he welcomes him into Heaven. Einstein sees that the mans IQ is only 72. Einstein scratches his head trying to think of something to say to welcome this illiterate but good man into Heaven. Einsteins eyes light up and he says to the man “How about them Cowboys”.

  13. Dodgers not worth that…yet. they got to generate some revenue first. They will eventually get there but not for some time.

  14. People still have more than the cowgirls owner and don’t have to deal with the bs and just chill

  15. It’s only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it….How much debt are they still in for that new stadium?…..

  16. eastsideballa says:

    Take away the stadium and the cowboys are worth a bag of chips.


    Cowboys have been consistently been one of the most valuable franchise in NFL, at least under Jerry Jones. That statement is 100% false and 200% stupid.

    Ex: Cowboys were #1 franchise (1.5 billion worth) back in 2007.

    Haven’t been worth less then a billion since 2004 and 923 million was still good enough for 2nd!

    The fact that post got 70 likes shows how much PFT has an irrational hatred of the Cowboys.

  17. Compound interest always surprises me. The return rate of 140 million to 1.85 billion seems like a huge return, right? Well, really, over 23 years, it’s actually only 11.75%, which is about a percentage point or two better than the stock market on average. Crazy, but important lesson here folks. Save as much as you can, and over time it will really add up. Pay yourself first, put money in an account you’ll never touch. Acquiring wealth has little to do with your yearly salary, it has to do with the little decisions to save and invest where you can.

  18. Do the Redskins have a lot of fans or something?

    Not hating or anything serious question. I live in Chicago so obviously its mostly Bears fans, then Packers. But as far as teams not from the area you will see Cowboys, Giants/Jets, occasional Eagles or Patriots. It just doesn’t seem, like their would be nearly as many Redskins fans nation wide.

  19. weswelkerspornstash says: Jul 16, 2012 9:16 PM

    It hit its peak time to sell Jerry. Roger us going to ruin the game


    I gave this a thumbs down because it just sounded like another one of these “the world is ending, America is going to hell, the NFL ain’t what it used to be, were all gonna die” comments.

    Then I saw the username and wish I would have gave it a thumbs up

  20. So America’s Team is built on marketing. The Dallas Cowboys are an NFL team trying to live up to the hype. I doubt that makes life easy for the players as say… playing in Buffalo or Charlotte where fans just aren’t all that intrigued with the drama of the NFL.

    Players are drafted. They come from everywhere. Fans are homers. Jerry has reached out to more fans around the map than any of his colleagues. He’s a bidness man.

  21. Isnt somethings value the most obvious when its sold? The dodgers sold for 2B…does that just mean the new ownership group overpaid? But even if they did, isnt your value what someone will pay, not necessarily what youre “worth?”

  22. whitecastleisafoodgroup says:Jul 16, 2012 9:10 PM
    “But I thought the Packers sale of fake stock would make them the most valuable sports team … LOL”

    Stock is there so the local population can keep an NFL franchise in the smallest market in the league… not sure it was ever intended to make the money Jerry Jones types swim in when taking a bath.

  23. Skins #2 in the NFL with a POS stadium. Go figure.

    Oh wait, LiL Danny owns his stadium outright. Besides PigFace does Kraft and Mara/Drunk co-owner own their stadiums?

  24. The more important statistic is how much is the debt of the Cowboys?

    If the team is worth $1.85 billion, but has a debt of $1.5 billion, it’s only worth $300 million to Jones.

    The Glazers are typical of this. They put United so far in debt buying the team, the actual worth of the team minus its debt is very small.

  25. you can get arrested to even just yell at a family member. I’m not going to go crazy before further details comes up..

    but I will admit, that I had hoped for a year without any Dez Bryat troubles.. But ofcourse, the other ones was all media hype only! come on, how can you make baggy pants a big deal? he just left the mall after they told him to.. with no complaining at all.

  26. The Eagles are left out again from the NFC East? Aren’t they left out in another category regarding the NFC East?

    It’s slipping my memory at this time.

  27. lots of dough …. but no playoffs again this year. Tony the Turnover will see to that !

  28. Whatever you think about theoretical values prepared by Forbes or any other “valuation specialist”, the simple fact remains that a team is worth what someone will actually pay for them which means the $2.175b just paid for the Dodgers makes them the most valuable franchise in North America. Until the Yankees sell this year or next.

  29. Packer fans love calling themselves Americas Team hahaha. Seriously? That’s the Cowboys’ title. Not even top 10 in valuation so go take your self entitlement and fake stock elsewhere.


    No kidding, hahaha. You’re not America’s Team unless you’re lining some billionaire’s pockets! Stupid Packers are a non profit so they don’t have some rich guy messing with personnel. I’d rather root for the #1 team in monetary value that hasn’t even been to a Super Bowl in 17 years. America loves Jerry Jones!

  30. A lot of people don’t realize, the reason some of these teams are worth so much is because they OWN their stadiums. The Jerty Jones owns his billion dollar ego house. Bob Kraft own Gillette. Dan Snyder owns Fedex Field. You know all those sponsors that pay to have naming rights? Yea, all that money goes to the owners pockets. All that parking you pay to park in stadium lots? Goes into the owners pockets. On the flip side, many teams like the Steelers, etc do not own their own stadiums so their values are less.

  31. How much more would it be worth with a QB and a GM
    Oh and a #1 WR who is not hitting his mom

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