Doubt grows that Darrelle Revis will show up to Jets’ training camp

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When we last heard from Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis, he was refusing to answer whether he would show up to the start of training camp. With the Jets’ veterans set to report in ten days, we still don’t know whether Revis will be there.

But there seems to be plenty of doubt around the NFL about whether Revis is willing to show up to camp on time without a raise, with Chris Mortensen saying on ESPN Radio that it will be a surprise if Revis is there on Day One.

Revis’s status for 2012 has been a question almost from the day he ended his previous holdout and signed his current contract in 2010. That four-year contract was structured to pay Revis most of the money over the first two years of the deal, and Revis said that if he kept playing like one of the top cornerbacks in football for the first two years of the deal, he’d expect the Jets to give him a raise. Now Revis has held up his end of it by continuing to play like one of the top cornerbacks in football.

The Jets, however, are probably going to be a lot less willing to re-do Revis’s deal than they were two years ago. There reaches a point when a team simply has to tell a player that he’s going to have to play under the contract he agreed to, and the Jets may have decided that that point with Revis is now.

And if that’s the case, this could be a protracted problem for a team that has insisted it needs to eliminate off-field distractions.

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  1. Unless this fool is the difference in winning a super bowl or not, let him hold out. When his babys momma doesnt get her check, he’ll report. When will these owners learn ? The players need football more than football needs them. Just another egotistical prima donna.

  2. Revis would be a fool to sit out again. Look what happened last time. He pulled a hammy after he got burned ny Moss.. Plus isnt there a clause in his contract now that if he holdsout hes locked in till 2016 or something like that?

  3. Paying homage to Revis’ ill-fated comment about Randy Moss (before Moss burned him for an easy touchdown in response), Revis is acting like a “sloutch.”

  4. I hope the Jets don’t give in to his demands again. If they do it will show other players on the team that management will cave under pressure. If he refuses to show up it will cost him 30K a day. That alone should pressure Revis to show up to training camp.

  5. This guys act is getting old. They just redid his deal in 2010 and he had no problem taking the front end money but now he wants another deal (and big signing bonus) with two years left on his current contract? I would tell him to get lost or put him on the trading block.

  6. I seriously hope the Jets dont cave. I hope they stick to the fines, and make him pay them.

    He signed a 4 year contract with money up front for cap reasons, and now that he has the majority of the money, he doesnt want to work anymore.

    Granted, its the teams fault for signing this contract in the first place, but that doesnt make his reasoning for not going to work any better.

    You signed a contract, honor it.

  7. Prediction made several weeks back when Revis started making waves about the reporting issue:

    Revis will report on time for camp, collect his $1 million reporting bonus and depart camp the next day.

    We’ll find out shortly whether the prediction is correct. 😉

  8. Did anyone NOT see this coming? Paying him the bulk of the money over the first two years of a four year deal pretty much guarantees he’s going to feel the way he does. Why play just as hard this year for less money than you did last year?

    It’s kind of like having a 4-year lease on a car where you’re paying $349/month. The first two years they give you a BMW. The last two years they give you a Kia. You’ll probably still end up driving to work every day and picking up groceries, but you’re not going to enjoy it and you’d probably try to keep the Bimmer.

  9. The jets can’t give in to revis AGAIN. If he gets his wish & receives a long term deal, you KNOW he will hold out again when some young guy down the road gets paid more or worse, he will hold out as soon as the guaranteed money runs out! I understand that revis is worth more than 6.5 mil a year but 1) he got 32 mil over the first 2 years (including 25 mil last year which I didn’t see the jets complaining about) and 2) if every player were to get every year what he’s worth then Demarcus Ware should ask for a new deal after what super Mario got, Andre Johnson should ask for one after what Fitzgerald, megaton got and the same with every superstar. Bottom line is, you sign a deal & you usually dont get an extension untill there’s a year left!

  10. If you wanna dance.. you gotta pay the band.. an if the Jets wanna win they gotta pay the man,.. Revis is worth the money an they should have gave him a better long term deal 2 years ago.

  11. 30K

    Who gets the money-the Jets or the league?
    With the new CBA, can it be waived like it has been done in the past?

    Anyone know?

  12. The Jets were 8-8 with MEvis$ playing the entire year. Elite CBs are a luxury, they don’t win you championships…

  13. i am so sick of hearing about the JETS they are most hyped up team in the league…fat rex will be out of job next year and Revis seriously you hold out every year its OLD.

  14. Player holdouts have no meaning for veterans anymore. They can’t hold out very long. If they aren’t there pretty early (I forget the exact date), the year does not count towards their current contract. That is why DeSean Jackson didn’t really hold out last year. He came in the last day he possibly could, and it was well before week 1 of pre-season.

    Again, I forget the exact date, and I guess it’s possible it was a 1 time thing with the new CBA since time was of the essence, but unless it has changed since last year, veterans can not have a meaningful holdout without taking a major hit if the teams holds firm.

    Rookies would be different, since the bullet doesn’t exist (can’t not count a year of a contract that doesn’t exist), and they need the OTA’s and training camp much more than the vets

  15. I’m a Dolphins fan, so it goes without saying I hate the Jets. You’d think I would love it for Revis to hold out so my Fins don’t have to play against someone on his skill level, being Revis is the top 1 or 2 CB in football today. But the truth is, I don’t want him to hold out. I love football and if guys like Revis hold out every time they feel like it, the game suffers. If he holds out, there is no doubt that he is a man of little integrity. Maybe that doesn’t matter to him and if so fine, but I would love for the Jets to man-up and say “no, sorry. If you don’t want to play for the millions we’ve agreed to, then don’t play.”. Revis will realize he just lost a year of his career and the Jets still control his rights. Good luck Jets!

  16. Players will start honoring contracts when teams do. Oh wait they don’t either if he gets hurt or stops performing he gets cut. Stop making this about greedy player when the owners are much more greedy.

  17. Revis is ridiculous!! He is basically trying to punish the Jets for paying him in advance. That is like your job giving you a requested 2 week advance on your salary and then you refuse to work because they don’t pay you again on your regular pay day.

    This guy is over rated anyway. QB’s don’t even throw his way anymore so he is living off of a reputation now!

  18. If he wants to hold out again, good for him.

    The “players should play under the contract that they agreed to” defense is stale and frankly, a weak position. Management has the right to terminate contracts at nearly any time, as they often do – and the fact that most contracts are back-ended greatly favors owners in this regard. We’ve seen through examples like Welker, Forte, Rice, Ed Reed, etc, that teams have the incentive to milk talent out of players, paying them as little as possible, until the wheels fall off. Steve McNair, for instance, deferred salary so that the Titans could free up cap space, and I believe had trouble recouping this money when his contract ended.

    If a player feels that he’s not being compensated properly for the work that he’s doing, he has the right to tell management “pay me more or I will not work”. Management then has the right to pay him more, or force him to sit unpaid for the remainder of his contract.

    Management will act in their best interest with little to no regard for the personal welfare of the player, the player has the legal and moral right to do exactly the same.

  19. Send him the 5-day letter the second he fails to report and start the fines (and actually make them stick). I would think that the team may have a case if he shows up, collects his bonus and then leaves. This guy obviously has very little integrity or ethics. The shame of it all is that there is some team willing to pay him after his antics…and if not then the NFLPA would certainly cry “collusion”

  20. “Unless this fool is the difference in winning a super bowl or not, let him hold out.”

    That’s the problem for the Jets: for them, he is. He is their best and most important player. They need him, but on the other hand, he’s got to man up and play to the contract that he signed.

  21. Didn’t the same thing happen 2 years ago with Revis? Is he just going to hold out every two years or what?

    Let Kyle Wilson go through the refiner’s fire and see if he can be a starting CB in this league. You might be surprised if you give the young man a chance to show you.

  22. I’m sure the Jets saw this coming. I don’t know what their plan is, but there’s no way they should renegotiate under these conditions. Two years is a long time. I would at least make him play the third year or let him sit out.

    They could easily make him play out both years then franchise him for one at which point he’ll be over 30 if not already out of the game for good with injuries…

  23. Classic case of overplaying your hand. Revis has let the press clippings go to his head. If he’s the best corner in the game I’d remind him of the last guy who was best corner in the game, Nnamdi. One mediocre year and he goes from hero to goat. He may be the best today, but he probably won’t be tomorrow. The second coming of Deion he’s not.

  24. Save the money, and buy some players who can scheme better and not try to play for highlight reels.

  25. Usually, my first reaction to a player getting blasted for “not honoring his contract” is to point out that owners chose not to honor contracts all the time. They just cut the guy when they want to stop paying him. There’s really no difference. But Revis had to have seen this coming when he signed the deal in 2010. I would not even consider a new deal if I was the Jets.

  26. The Jets tended to this cry babies needs once, he wasnt any better last year than the average corner last year. He made his money up front in first 2 years. I would offer him nothing, let him sit for 2 years and rot.

  27. They wont cut Revis but if the Jets are reasonable they could trade him… Revis is still known to be the Best corner in the league an IF I was REVIS I would want to get out of that Clown outfit anyway cause the Jets are not going to win.. The coach is a Clown running a circus an all the Animals are loose. I feel bad for TEBOW

  28. The Jets are in a bad spot here: if they cave in to Revis’ demands and give him a new contract when there’s still 2 years left on the contract they gave him after he held out, it sets a bad precedent. If they refuse and Revis holds out, their defense suffers. And with the Sanchez/Tebow show, the Jets REALLY need their defense to step up. If it were me, I’d let him hold out the entire season (and fine him the maximum allowed amount). Then trade this greedy player with an over-inflated ego.

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