Elvis Dumervil’s camp claims the gun wasn’t his

Elvis Dumervil’s defense after his recent arrest in Miami for felony aggravated assault with a firearm will apparently be that the gun found in the car he was driving didn’t belong to him.

The Denver Post reports sources close to Dumervil, a Pro Bowl defensive end for the Broncos, say Dumervil isn’t the owner of the car he was driving, and isn’t the owner of the gun found in that car, either.

Dumervil is accused of getting out of his car during a road rage incident, walking up to another car that was stuck in traffic, yelling at the driver and lifting his shirt to show that he was carrying a gun. An employee at a nearby store witnessed the incident and called police, apparently confirming most of what the victim in the case told police.

Dumervil’s problems on the road aren’t limited to offseason visits to his hometown of Miami. He has pleaded guilty in at least six traffic incidents in Colorado since he was drafted by the Broncos, ranging from speeding at more than 20 mph over the speed limit to driving on a suspended license.

56 responses to “Elvis Dumervil’s camp claims the gun wasn’t his

  1. Oh, I just don’t have a clue how that gun got in there. After waving it around and threatening people, the cop planted it. Honest…..

  2. Of course it’s not his… he was just holding it for a friend. What do you think? He’s stupid or something?

  3. It’s just a coincidence that several eyewitnesses saw him and his friend each with a gun, and then they found two guns in the car. It’s a shame that being a liar isn’t also a crime.

  4. I am a diehard broncos fan, and I desperately wish this story wasn’t real.. But I don’t buy this story for a second.

    C’mon Doom. I don’t think he’s a bad guy, just sounds like some serious anger issues. Grow up

  5. Any Denver Sports writer, radio host, fan, or media person will tell you this isn’t what Elvis Dumervil exhibits on and off the field.

    But hang out with some better dudes, dude.

  6. So the handgun he had sticking down his pants which he threatened another motorist with during a road rage fight wasn’t his? Well, if that’s the case he’s clearly innocent.

  7. So will he still at least be charged for the road rage incident? Why is this guy ” borrowing” a car? Your Toyota was in the shop?

  8. I think it’s obvious that he’s trying to get his homeboy to copp to possessing the pistols in exchange for some canteen money/financial compensation when he gets out the Bing.

  9. Yeesh. Not sure what happens there, but this kind of thing will land you in the clink for some time in some court rooms.

  10. Two guys, two guns in the car; witnesses say they both had guns in their belts that they showed. Don’t think it matters who was the owner of the gun, he’s toast.

  11. walking up to another car that was stuck in traffic, yelling at the driver and lifting his shirt to show that he was carrying a gun.

    Why would you do that?

  12. What blows my mind is how Dumervil brandished a firearm over a run-of-the-mill traffic situation – – – yet didn’t react at all when Marcus Vick (Mike Vick’s brother) stomped on his back while in college.

  13. I’m no legal expert by any means, but wouldn’t that information be a bad thing for Dumervil?

    If a witness corroborates the drivers story, wouldn’t that add unlawful possession of a firearm to the list?

  14. This also just in ….

    Elvis Dumervil has recently hired Adam “Pacman” Jones as the newest member of the brain trust to his camp.

    Pacman’s first issued advice, “It was not me” defense. If there is a question as to the validity of this defense our first expert witness will be Tank Johnson.

    At this exact moment in time: Rolando McClain just slapped his fore head in wonderment as to why he did not think of this. Then the realization set in the he should have attended the NFL rookie symposium.

  15. Wasn’t his car……wasn’t his gun , so what the hell was the gun doing in his pants. Guilty

  16. HEY………….IT WASN’T HIS GUN!!!!

    and that BABY AIN’T MINE!!!!

    – signed every guests on the maury povich show

  17. Does it matter that both of those things aren’t his? If he still used the gun to threaten someone, that’s still a crime.

  18. This is more serious than a 16 game suspension. This is jail time we’re talking about here. You can’t threaten people like that, especially with a rap sheet of any kind even minor offenses.

    If the driver or a passenger in the vehicle had a firearm, they may have been in their right to shoot both of them right then and there.

    dumb dumb dumb

  19. Being an NFL player doesn’t give you the right to wave a gun in the face of person under any circumstance. Why isn’t he treated like everyone else? Throw him in jail.

  20. Did any of the previous posters read the actual police report? Evidently not. “several eye witnesses”, “waving guns around”. I guess reading headlines and drawing unfounded conclusions are easier… much easier.

  21. Shouldnt matter if its his or not.. If witnesses say he was brandishing it, to threaten, case closed.

    Goodell make an example of this guy please!
    8 games minimum.

  22. Let the fingerprints decide. If he took it out of his pants and put it away, he has his prints on it. Doubt he was smart enough to wipe them.

    But why did police only find one gun, if both guys raised their shirts to show one gun each?

  23. From now on if I do anything stupid, I’m just going to have people talk to my camp.

  24. Ahhh… The old Michael Irvin defense. “It’s not mine, someone asked me to hold on to that for them, I borrowed this car, I’m trying to help a friend out, did I mention that I am famous?”
    If the gun don’t fit, you must acquit.

  25. He needs a serious talk with Plaxico. Wonder if the league has something like that? There is a clear problem with the lifestyles of some of these players. The league should look into player-to-player counseling. Tired of reading the same crap. Such a waste…

  26. while this a serious incident who are we kidding when you start talking about jail time? this is not you or me who would be sitting jail had we been accused of this. no after months of plea bargaining and him missing no games he will end up with a misdemeanor at worse pay his fine and be put on double secret probation until the next time he gets pulled over and the process repeats itself. face it until these animals are treated the same as the average joe and do the time for the crime nothing will change their behavior. they need to be suspended as soon as they are arrested until the legal issues are taken care of.want to play then stop dragging the case thru court with postponements and delays. if you are innocent then you should be able to prove it without all the run around trying to find loopholes to get you off.

  27. If I’m as big as this guy, I don’t need a gun to threat someone. What a coward. Wait till they get his butt in the shower in the can, he’ll cry like a baby.

  28. Crockett and Tubbs would have never let him get away with it. Castillo would have thrown the book at him!

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