Greg Hardy apparently didn’t learn his lesson about speed

Well, at least Greg Hardy has four doors and fenders this time.

The Panthers defensive end was apparently feeling good after his workout this morning, good enough to go speeding away from whatever weight room he was in.

Hardy posted a picture on Twitter of a Bentley speedometer registering over 100 mph Monday morning, with the caption “Ride n in the big B.”


The Panthers knew he was a little bit of a flake when they drafted him in 2010, but were desperate enough for pass-rush to take a flier on him in the sixth-round.

Let’s just hope he’s not flying down a crowded street at the moment. I don’t know if he’s driving or riding (and I certainly hope he’s not tweeting and driving), but I live in Charlotte, and there aren’t many places where 100 mph luxury cars are a good idea.

Last year, a pre-training camp motorcycle wreck cost him most of the preseason, and he responded with an underwhelming 4.0 sacks in 16 starts.

You’d think he’d make better decisions this close to training camp.

15 responses to “Greg Hardy apparently didn’t learn his lesson about speed

  1. 6th round draft pick, wrecked a motorcycle last year and now he’s rolling in a Bentley…obviously he’s not too bright…

  2. I’m not sure what is dumber, taking a picture while driving 100mph or tweeting that picture to the world to demonstrate his dumbness.

  3. I get the rush of driving fast, but you would think he would learn what reckless driving can cost you.

    Tweeting for the whole world to see, plus the Coach and Commissioner is beyond stupid.

  4. Considering the amount of his contract, his poor performance, his previous accident, and the chances of getting cut – the last type of car he should be driving is a Bentley. He will be broke in a year after he is out of the NFL. Or sooner.

  5. I live in the Charlotte area too. Do we need to remind the Panthers of Bobby Phills? Sad story there, and he was going around 75. Hard to believe it’s been 12 years now. Every athlete in Charlotte, everyone really, should know this story and learn from it.

  6. @ppc50

    Hardy’s contract pays about $575,000 a year. A used Bentley Continental can be had for $70,000. So the car isn’t out of his means necessarily.

    The chances of Hardy being cut are ZERO. Okay, maybe 3%.

    He actually increased his sack total from ’10 to ’11. Granted, he may have had more opportunities in ’11.

    Doing this and proudly broadcasting it to the world is still stupid. He will definitely hear it from his coaches and the defensive unit leaders.

  7. The guy is in the NASCAR capital for god’s sake and plays for the local NFL team. Surely they’d open up the motor speedway for him to drive fast in a controlled environment.

  8. Chubbs, I know that used Continentals are approx 70k. Hardy still has to pay taxes and his agent on his salary. If paid in cash, around 20% of his salary would go to this car.

  9. ppc50 says:
    Jul 16, 2012 5:03 PM
    Chubbs, I know that used Continentals are approx 70k. Hardy still has to pay taxes and his agent on his salary. If paid in cash, around 20% of his salary would go to this car.

    Which is about right. The average joe, making about $50,000 a year, probably spends about 20% of his salary ($10,000) on his ride, if not more. Or am I off base with that?

    I only pointed it out because people hear “Bentley” and think $200,000.

  10. First off, used bentleys arent a crazy purchase for a professional athlete, they are under 100k. More importantly though, Hardy didnt buy this bentley out right. He leases it. The large majority of NFL players lease cars.

  11. why make better decisions closer to training camp? he’s still there after a stupid decision and a motorcycle wreck. he’ll surely still be there after domestic violence charges. why change? he’s still making the same or better $$$ with or without the drama. drama queens LOVE drama!

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