Ray Rice gets long-term deal minutes before the deadline

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Ravens running back Ray Rice will probably be the last of the 21 franchise-tagged players to get a long-term deal.

Per multiple reports (the first tweet I saw was from Sports Illustrated’s Peter King), Rice agreed to a multi-year contract minutes before the 4 p.m. deadline.

Aaron Wilson of the Carroll County Times then chimed in with the fact Rice received a five-year, $40 million deal, with $25 million in the first two years.

Unless something happens in the next two minutes, that means 12 of the 21 tagged players reached long-term deals.

15 responses to “Ray Rice gets long-term deal minutes before the deadline

  1. Good for Ray…he deserves it. Not a fan of the Ravens but like several Ravens players, including Rice. Seems like a hard worker, so i don’t expect him to drop off one bit. Instead he’ll go out there and prove management was right to treat him well.

  2. Great Deal for the Ravens.

    Wonder how the Titans/Vikes feel about their recent RB contracts now that see what McCoy, Forte and Rice have signed for.

    Love being a fan of a well ran organization.

  3. As a Steeler fan, still have to say this is a good move for the Ravens. Rice is a real solid player and a key figure on the offense. You needed to sign him.

    $8M a year average seems to be the pay for top running backs, based on some recent signings, Lynch and Forte. Will be interested though to see how Rice’s is structured, considering the comment about $25M for first 2 years.

    Looking forward to at least 2 spectacular games against the Ravens this year!

  4. all these backs signing deal makes me happy about the upcoming fantasy year…no chris johnson style hold outs and then pull a hammy when you come back because all you did during the off season was carry guns and eat pork sandwiches

  5. i Feel like Rice Bully his way into a new contract…. cuz of that thing he was apart of over the weekend… Ravens fans will get it.

    Good Deal

  6. Tier 1:
    Adrian Peterson (7 years, $100 million, $36 million guaranteed)
    Chris Johnson (4 years, $53.5 million, $30 million guaranteed)
    Tier 2:
    Ray Rice (5 years, $40 million, $25 million guaranteed)
    LeSean McCoy (5 years, $45.6 million, $20.8 million guaranteed)
    Arian Foster (5 years, $43.5 million, $20.8 million guaranteed)
    Tier 3:
    Matt Forte (4 years, $32 million, $18 million guaranteed)

    Was it the injury that caused Forte to get less guaranteed $$? Production-wise he’s up there with the rest of these guys but he didn’t get the $$ to show it.

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