Report: T.J. Ward involved in nightclub fracas

Getty Images

For NFL coaches, training camp can’t start soon enough.  Not simply because it marks the start of football season, but because it gets players back under the watchful eye and potent influence of the coaching staff.

Left to their own devices, plenty of players find trouble in the offseason.  The latest player to dance close to the line of the long arm of the law is Brown safety T.J. Ward.

According to TMZ, Ward was involved in a nightclub scuffle that resulted in the deployment of pepper spray.

Ward was spotted leaving Greystone Manor in Hollywood early Monday, while being restrained by friends.  Another group held back the guy with whom Ward was arguing/fighting/whatever.

Private security officers followed the men out, and broke out the pepper spray.

Fortunately for Ward, cops weren’t called to the club, and thus no arrests were made.