Revamped UFL could hold press conference this week

With the USFL officially unveiling a logo last week and planning to launch an eight-team, 14-game, March-to-June season in 2013, it’s easy to conclude that the UFL has faded into Tysonesque bolivion.

But the UFL may be making a comeback.

There’s talk that the upstart league that never has really gotten started will conduct a press conference this week to announce plans for a four-team or five-team venture in 2012.

The new-look UFL may include escape clauses for all players, allowing them to jump to the NFL or CFL without penalty.  In the past, a six-figure transfer fee created much criticism for the UFL — and likely caused some talented players to avoid joining the minor league that has had from its inception major money problems.

If the UFL allows players to come and go as they please, the UFL could become a true minor league, with players getting live reps and staying in shape and potentially improving their skills at the UFL level, allowing them to be ready to slide onto an NFL roster before the end of the UFL season.

It could be a last-ditch effort by the UFL to persuade the NFL to buy the corpus of the league, before it becomes a carcass.

7 responses to “Revamped UFL could hold press conference this week

  1. March-June is the way to go because that is the football vacuum. The UFL should try to roll their teams into the USFL and make that league as strong as possible. Spring football would be great and the season would be over just in time for some players to get an NFL shot in training camp somewhere.

  2. God. After the NBA finals there is nothing to watch on TV unless you like these boring ESPN baseball highlights. A half decent league with teams in non NFL markets could make a killing if these guys would do it correctly. There is absolutely money to be made here. I’m shocked no one has been shrewd enough to pull it off.

  3. the league should have minor league teams for all nfl teams which showcase their practice squad players and some ufa’s during the off months

  4. I like the spring football of the USFL. The UFL needs to change its ways to survive. I like these leagues to give players who can’t make NFL rosters hope….Now if these leagues can only get a TV contract then maybe they can make it. And they can’t penalize players for jumping to the NFL because most good players won’t want to sign only the desperate players will. They need good teams names and uniforms and to use NFL rules…

  5. Of course… Because the NFL will pay top dollar for what amounts to a pile of used helmets….

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