Saints finish up draft class with deal for Nick Toon

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While it didn’t come with the drama of a $100 million contract like the one Drew Brees signed Sunday, or any of Monday’s deadline deals for franchise players, there was other business.

The Saints announced Monday they had agreed to terms with fourth-round pick Nick Toon, completing their draft class.

The Saints were the last team to sign a draft pick this year, but wrapped their business up quickly. Toon, a wide receiver from Wisconsin and the son of former Jets wideout Al Toon, will get a four-year deal worth $2.5 million with a maximum signing bonus of $407,612.

Late-round rookie deals are nearly finished, league-wide.

There are only 30 unsigned draft picks left, with 14 first-rounders and 12 third-rounders, along with three second-rounders and one fifth-rounder.