Santonio Holmes: Two-quarterback systems can’t work in the NFL


If the Jets are alternating between Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow at quarterback this season, their No. 1 receiver thinks that’s a recipe for failure.

Santonio Holmes, who was an unhappy camper with Sanchez last season, suggested in an interview on NFL Network that he won’t be happy this season if he’s going back and forth between catching passes from Sanchez and catching passes from Tebow. Asked by Andrew Siciliano whether a two-quarterback system can work in the NFL, Holmes answered, “No.”

“I don’t think so,” Holmes continued. “Because you have to allow one quarterback to get in the rhythm of a game. And it starts from the preparation of practice.

Holmes said Sanchez needs to know he’s the man, and it would be bad for Sanchez’s development as a player to put him in a position where he’s looking over his shoulder and wondering whether he’s going to get benched in favor of Tebow if he throws an interception.

“Making mistakes early in the game to finishing the game at the end, you don’t change a guy out just because he has a few mistakes early in a game,” Holmes said. “So I think coming into the season we have a lot to expect from Sanchez.”

Holmes was benched in the final game of the 2011 season when he complained bitterly about the offense, but he suggested in the interview today that if anything, he showed commendable patience in holding his tongue until the end of last season. Holmes indicated that his frustrations had been mounting all year, and that he refrained from complaining early in the season even though he had just 22 catches in the Jets’ seven games before their bye week.

“I didn’t say anything about last season until Week 17,” Holmes said. “It hurt to play seven games and only have 20 catches.”

This year, Holmes said, he and Sanchez have worked well together in the offseason, and he expects to get more than three catches a game. But if it doesn’t work that way, it may be tough to keep Holmes happy. No matter who’s playing quarterback.

17 responses to “Santonio Holmes: Two-quarterback systems can’t work in the NFL

  1. Never knew receivers placed quotas on QB & the team.
    The leagues best receivers play week in week out on Revis and at time don’t even have 3 catches for the game.
    Get open, protect your QB and then comes the catch.
    If he complains send him to Cleveland.

  2. He is correct. I don’t even want Tebow running the wildcat. Give Sanchez this year with a new OC. If he doesn’t show improvement, draft or trade for a qb next off season.

  3. Oh good, the ny trainwreck is already warming up before training camp even starts. This is going to be a glorious year for everyone thats not a jets fan.

  4. Mark Sanchez is NOT an NFL quarterback. It’s a joke that the front office actually thinks ge’s going to lead them to a championship. Possible championship defense… Good peices on offense… And not quarterback to get them the ball. He’s a joke.

  5. He’s right!

    Especially when one is mentally fragile and the other only plays because of a popularity contest!!!

  6. This guy is an idiot, plain & simple. He’s not a top 10 WR in the NFL & was the beneficiary of Ben Roethlisburger being one of the best deep passers in the NFL. I will give it to Holmes that his game winning TD v. Arizona in the Super Bowl was an amazing catch & probably the 3rd best in SB history behind Manningham last year (#2) and Tyree in SB XLII, but what has he done since signing that monster, cap killing contract with the Jets? Nothing! If he wants more touches, he should have never signed with the Jets, and as a result, he has no one to blame but himself. Top NFL receivers get their touches regardless of who is throwing them the ball & they make their QB better. Obviously Holmes doesn’t have that ability & needs a table-setter, a good QB, in order for him to be successful; Mark Sanchez is a bad QB & throwing the ball, Tebow is worse, so Holmes doesn’t have his table-setter. Holmes has a skill package that is easily replaceable in the draft, just ask the Steelers, Mike Wallace & Antonio Brown. Speed guys with good hands can be found in rounds 3-6. Holmes doesn’t have size or strength & isn’t a redzone threat on fades or toss-ups. He needs to shut his trap before he finds himself begging for a job at league minimum because NO ONE besides the Jets would put up with a WR that has a replaceable skill set with tons of baggage.

  7. Sounds like someone is still hurting over the Florida Gators total dismantling of supposed great team Ohio State in the National Championship when Troy Smith threw for , what, 37 yards and was sacked 100 times??? 41-14?

  8. His opinion is probably accurate. Unfortunately, he’s not the coach. He’s got a big mouth and is not a team player. Just because you have an accurate opinion doesn’t mean you have a responsibility to spread it to the world. The Jets need to cut out this cancer… If he’s shooting his mouth off before training camp he’ll be hell on wheels by mid-season.

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