Talks between Patriots, Welker described as “nonexistent”

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Wes Welker and other franchise players have until 4 p.m. Eastern today to sign a long-term contract, or else they can only play the 2012 season on a one-year deal. We may see a team or two sign its franchise player to a long-term contract today, but the Patriots and Welker appear to be done talking about a contract extension.

Tom Curran of put it like this: “Talks remain stagnant and by stagnant I mean nonexistent.”

When Welker signed his franchise tender and agreed to play out the year for a $9.5 million salary, he said he was holding out hope that he’d reach an agreement on a long-term contract with the team. But all indications have been that the Patriots aren’t particularly interested in committing a lot of money over a lot of years to the 31-year-old Welker.

So Welker’s contract with the Patriots will go until March, when they’ll either franchise him again and guarantee him a 2013 salary of $11.4 million, or let him become an unrestricted free agent.

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  1. I’m going to turn in my Patriots plates and as far as I’m concerned, they just bought space next to the Red Sox in my loyalty parking lot.

    I know it’s a business, but c’mon, man.

  2. Not surprising. The Patriots set their price and stick to it. Its not what you have done in the past – its what you will do in the future. Wes is at that age where players seem to get nicked up a bit more, and usually lose a step.

  3. This is a miserable situation for both sides. Welker is right in feeling that at least statistically, he has been the most productive receiver in the league as of late, and would like some security in the form of guaranteed money. He has been a good little soldier, and expects to be taken care of to an extent. The Pats front office sees an aging, albeit gracefully, slot receiver who may not be nearly as productive on another system, in whom they cannot afford to tie up big $ with so many other big # players to retain in the next several years. As a Pats fan, I want to show Welker some love, but wonder if I can afford to. The business side of the NFL rears it’s ugly head once again.

  4. While I think it would be nice for the Pats to take care of Welker, who has been a good soldier and great player for them, I can see both sides of this.

    Welker is undersized and many think more a product of the system rather that an elite talent like Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson, etc… The bottom line is worst case he signs the tender and gets $9.5 this year guaranteed, even if he gets hurt in camp. In the end that isn’t too bad and will buy him time to work out a new deal.

  5. Come on now do you blame the Patriots? Welker is 31 years old…..I’m actually amazed they tagged him to begin with and are paying him $9.9 MILLION DOLLARS FOR ONE YEAR! That is a lot a money for a 31 year old receiver who has had a major injury already in his career. No “smart”team would commit long term.

  6. As much as I would love the Patriots to sign Welker long term, they have always stuck to their business model where they put a price on the player as to what they feel is fair market value. From what I have read it seems the tie up is in the amount guaranteed,not the total $ value.

    The Patriots do not make alot of mistakes in contract negotiations so I’ll see how this turns out.

    The journey to New Orleans has begun and continues July 25

  7. valentino8100.
    Well said. Love Welker, but love the Patriots more. He plays on a team the truly has a chance every year bc they don’t make bad finacial moves that prevent them from being flexible.
    Strong middle class and it has worked 5 SB a perfect season.

  8. Hey dvdman123 yes he had a major injury but with technology is the way it is these days a torn ACL isn’t that bad of an injury anymore.. At least to a workhorse like Welker who can get injured in the last game of the season and come back and start the season.. He has also so led the league in receptions AFTER that major injury and had the best year of his career. I am a huge Patriots fan and yes it is the system but that offense would not run nearly as effective if Welker isn’t there they need to pay the man he has earned it!!! GO Pats

  9. If the Pats get a willing trade partner, Welker is gone. I think getting Lloyd, Gaffney and Stallworth is writing on the wall. His numbers won’t be so great this year, so why not trade him before his value goes down?

  10. “Good soldier”? Seriously?

    “Business side”? Also – Seriously?

    It’s ALWAYS business with the Pats. More so than most any other team. The very second they see a slip, or even potential slip, in production you are out the door and they are onto the next walking meatloaf.

    This last 9.5 million he’s making from the Pats this year is his severence package.

  11. To those saying that Welker is a product of the system, I say Welker is part of what makes that system possible for Brady.

    As we learned from the misadventures of Ochocinco, it takes more than just athleticism to play in the Patriots offense – it requires the receivers to be intelligent, have a high football IQ and be able to make the right reads and adjustments before and after the ball is snapped.

    I wouldn’t under-value Welker’s vital role in that offense – he is easily the best slot receiver in the league and Brady’s best safety valve and a master of killing defenses by death of a thousand cuts, 6, 7 yards at a time, keeping those chains moving in a big situation (except the Superbowl)

  12. I think if he had hit the open market he’d be surprised at how little (considering his #’s) he’d be able to get in a long term deal.

    And, if he had left to take more money elsewhere, I think it would end up being a Deion Branch situation (he would not be as productive and would want to come back… for less.)

    That being said, I hope they sign him to a 3 year deal and find some middle ground.

  13. Just insert another able body and the machine will keep going. Let some other team overpay and find out it was the system and not the player, meanwhile Edelman will pick up where Welker left off.

  14. The Patriots got billions of dollars they just went to there 5th Superbowl in 7 years. They can pay Wes Welker. Another greedy billionare football team trying to

    get something for nothing. Get out now welker an you might get a fair deal somewhere else

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