Vick, Brees $100 million deals are very different

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Last year, Eagles quarterback Mike Vick signed a $100 million contract.  Last week, Saints quarterback Drew Brees signed a $100 million contract.

And that’s where the similarities end.

Vick signed a six-year, $100 million deal.  Brees’ covers five years.  Thus, even if Vick were to earn every penny, his average is $16.67 million.  Brees’ deal averages $20 million annually.

We already know Vick won’t earn every penny.  With the last year at $20 million voiding if he takes at least 35 percent of the snaps in any given season, it’s already a five-year, $80 million contract — maximum, dropping the average to $16 million.

Also, Vick made $20 million in 2011.  Brees will make $40 million in 2012.

Then there’s the fact that Brees’ contact contains at the back end triggers that force the Saints to make a decision early in the offseason.  With more than half of his salaries guaranteed in 2015 and 2016 if the team doesn’t cut him three days after the Super Bowl, Brees will either know he’s getting his $19 million in 2015 or $20 million in 2016, or he’ll get a crack at free agency weeks before free agency even starts.

So Brees got the much better deal.  Which makes sense, since in all fairness he’s a much better player.

20 responses to “Vick, Brees $100 million deals are very different

  1. “So Brees got the much better deal. Which makes sense, since in all fairness he’s a much better player.”

    I can’t stand either one of them for different reasons but ya, Brees is heads and tails better than Vick, no comparison.

  2. true story,,

    the case can be made (undeniably to me) that Drew is the single most important player for a particular city. Especially given the events of the bounty scandal.

    Drew handle this whole situation very professionally. No media blast , no whining.. even when he was given the platform to speak about his contract situation,, he diverted the talk to the supporting his teamates, coaches and city.

    Drew is the best thing to happen to NO in a very long time.

  3. as an Eagles fan 1) Brees is a much better QB 2) Vick’s image problem helped him sign quick 3) Vick has the injury concerns. Both contracts make sense for both players.

  4. He’s not a much better player. They have different talents that make them unique to their style of play. I bet if you switched them…on each other’s team…you’d get them same results.

  5. Brees is more solid and dependable than Vick…I want the ball in Brees hands with less than 2min left in the game to close out than Vick

  6. stoptrippn says:
    Jul 16, 2012 10:39 AM
    He’s not a much better player. They have different talents that make them unique to their style of play. I bet if you switched them…on each other’s team…you’d get them same results.


    You should take your screenname as advice.

    Vick isn’t even in the same discussion as Brees, Rodgers, Mannings, etc.

  7. Brees is a better player, not always injured as Vick frequently is, and has no personal baggage. For all these reasons, especially the superior quality of Brees’ play, he deserves a much better contract.

  8. @stoptrippin so drew brees on the eagles roster would lead to an 8-8 season. Get off vicks jock strap man, they do have different talents. Bree’s got a ring and then he surpassed marinos record. The only thing vick has surpassed is jail time bankruptcy and doctors visits… Just sayin.

  9. @stoptrippin

    Not even close. Not only is Brees the better passer, he is a much better leader and even more importantly a much better person. Brees has a superbowl ring and proved he can win in the playoffs…Vick’s last win in the playoffs was 2004, 2w 3l for his career in the playoffs.

    one QB is worth his 100 million dollar contract, the other not so much.

  10. I’m a fan of both quarterbacks. That said, you’d have to be blind not to notice that Brees has been consistently and significantly better than Vick (and 95% of all QBs) for several years now.

  11. Breed is way better and more dependable.Vick also from too to bottom has more weapons at his disposal and
    Brees still will put better numbers up

  12. Brees set the bar for QB contracts, and Vick set the bar for running back contracts.

  13. brees is the better quarterback by a mile, but vick is the better athlete.

    either way i’d much rather have the ball in brees hands with the game winding down.

  14. Vick is no where close to the player that Brees is. Brees thinks, uses precesion and is more professional than spur of the moment Vick.

  15. It’s tickling to read so many “knowledgable” fans frame this conversation. 

    Someone stated that if you swapped the players team they would achieve the same results.  Another poster not so gently responded with Brees would not go 8-8. 

    Just in case latter poster didn’t know, an NFL roster has 53 players and a dozen coaches. If your Defense is coached by the offensive line coach that could be a problem. 

    Also I truly wonder what Vick’s record would be if he had to play the Panthers and Bucs 4 times a year. 

    Not taking anything from Brees, he’s a top 3 QB in the NFL. But folks round here need some perspective to say the least. 

  16. Brees is the ultimate system QB…it is a very good system. (even his boss believes this)

    If one person/players character took a hit this off-season in my eyes…it’s Drew Brees. (Has he denied signing the contract yet? Has he claimed he had nothing to do with the negotiations? He has come across as “Big Fat Liar” this off-season.)

    As an Iggles fan…

    Brees has been the better QB, w/o question…I have a feeling the scales may start to tip the other way a bit…as the “system QB” won’t have his playcaller…and Vick is afforded more time to acclimate into the Eagles “system”…wich is pretty good it’s own right.

    I will admit…anything related to the Saints these days is tainted…

    I have never been able to stomach looking at S. Peyton…G. Williams is a now proven dirtbag…I’ve been calling the ‘Aints “dirty” for a few years…Glad to see they are finally “getting theirs.”

  17. For the record…

    Yes….Eagles fan.

    No…M. Vick fan.

    This season is “Make or break” …does he have what it takes? This is the season the Eagles find out.

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