Bengals bag spot No. 15 on the preseason power poll


Yes, I’m supposed to be on vacation.  But since what I do isn’t really work, it’s easy while otherwise on vacation to bang out a 1,500-word preview for one of the surprise teams in the league last season.

The Bengals overcame all expectations last season, making it to the playoffs despite finishing third in their division.  This year, the enter the campaign at No. 15 on the PFT Preseason Power Rankings.

This year, they start in the lower reaches of the top half of the league.  Chances are they’ll move up or down.  For now, it’s up to you to let us know whether No. 15 is too low or too high of a place to start.

6 responses to “Bengals bag spot No. 15 on the preseason power poll

  1. Really??? 15th??? No decent RB… One good WR. Average defense… I bet they win 2 games in conference this year.

  2. I think this is about right. Right in the middle. The Bengals could easily win 10 or 11 games but at the same time could only win 6-7 games.

    This year is the year to show if the Bengals are contenders or pretenders

  3. Not mentioned in this great article is the Bengals drafted Zeitler who will help the running game a ton. He’s a huge upgrade for the Bengals.

    Green Ellis may not be a huge upgrade over Benson, but he certainly can’t be worse.

    They also have Boom Herron and Peerman after Scott.

    They have depth at RB and I’m looking forward to that competition in camp.

    Agree with bballpat… this is the year they are contenders or pretenders. I’m leaning on contender.

  4. This is a very young team that is on the way up. 15 is about right for them this year. They could get lucky and go 11-5, but most likely they end up at 9-7.

    Marvin has done a great job rebuilding the team (thanks to MFB stepping back), and has finally focused on the key spots that will take this team to the next level: OG & DT. They will have a dominant OL again by the end of the year (once they gel and the rookie develops) and the same goes for the DL. The LG & RG were significant weak spots the past two years that caused Benson ypc to drop. BGE should have some nice holes to run through & Dalton should have more time to make his reads. This will help Dalton develop.

    At WR, they have a bunch of no-names but loads of talent. Bimms, Sanu & Shipley will be nice compliments to Green. My money is on Bimms to be the #2 WR, and could be a sleeper in fantasy if he develops.

    Their only major weakness is their secondary, but that can be overcompensated with a strong DL, which they should have now.

    If they can stay healthy and upgrade the safety, CB, and LB spots next offseason, this team could be a legit contender heading into 2013.

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