Browns opt out of new blackout policy, too

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Count the Browns among the teams that won’t reduce their minimum count of tickets to be sold in order to lift the local blackout of home games.

According to Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal, the Browns have decided not to take advantage of a new rule that allows teams to reduce the requisite percentage of non-premium tickets from 100 to as low as 85.

It’s a non-issue for us,” Browns V.P. of media relations Neal Gulkis told Ulrich.  “Our fan support has been tremendous, and we fully expect that all of our games will be sold out and televised locally.”

The Browns avoided several blackouts in 2009 via the purchase, with sponsorship help, of the remaining non-premium tickets.  Presumably, they’ll do the same thing if the Browns struggle to sell tickets in 2012.

So far, only the Buccaneers have embraced the change, reducing their minimum all the way to 85 percent.

5 responses to “Browns opt out of new blackout policy, too

  1. Did anybody happen to tell Mr. Gulkis how bad their team is? Is it really fair to blame the fans when they don’t show up when the people running the organization don’t seem to have a clue?

  2. Yeah, you came off as really classy when you cheered Derek Anderson’s and Tim Couch’s injuries and threw bottles onto the field during that JAX game in 2002.

    Most delusional fans in the NFL, that’s what you should have said.

  3. We have one of the largest fan bases IN THE WORLD. We are considered the number 1 snake bitten team in the NFL and we the fans still and always will LOVE OUR BROWNS!!! (Yes i used alot of CAPS!) Even though we our team has stunk we will always support our team because we know what its like to lose more then a game, we have lost our team.

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