Bryant’s arrest leads to call for Cowboys to suspend him

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We’ve only found out some of the details about Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant’s arrest, but there’s already a call to suspend him from a longtime Dallas football writer.

Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News wants the Cowboys to avail themselves of the rule in the CBA that allows teams to suspend players for up to four games for conduct detrimental to the team. Gosselin thinks the Cowboys should suspend Bryant for the maximum four games “for the sake of the team and, frankly, for his own sake.”

“It’s time the Cowboys let Bryant know this type of behavior will no longer be tolerated. Suspend him and let him have a month to experience life without football and a paycheck. Maybe he’ll understand what a privilege it is playing in the NFL. If not, cut him. Let him take his baggage elsewhere. Goodbye and good riddance.”

While Bryant’s previous behavior has raised red flags, this feels like a rush to judgment from Gosselin. The other incidents in Bryant’s past haven’t resulted in arrests and Sundays are going to look very different if we’re going to start suspending every NFL player who mishandles his money. The legal process hasn’t even played out in this arrest and Bryant, like all the rest of us, deserves a chance for that to happen before he’s sentenced in legal or public courtrooms.

This isn’t an attempt to sweep everything that’s happened with Bryant under the rug. Immaturity and poor decision making are not helping Bryant lay the foundation for a long, fruitful NFL career and the Cowboys have every reason to be concerned about the future of their talented wide receiver. The team needs to find a way to keep Bryant out of trouble and on the field for both sides to make the most of their relationship.

A suspension might be the right way to do that, but that call can’t be made as a knee-jerk reaction. Let all the chips fall and then come up with an appropriate disciplinary response.

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  1. There’s no excuse for this behavior — there are probably thousands of individuals who were raised in lousy home environments that have grown up without the need to assault the person that did a lousy job raising them.

  2. This sounds like the proper strategy. It’s apparent that Dez is a ticking timebomb. The Cowboys need to do the right thing here, which will serve to help Dez in the long run.

  3. The fact he is young and immature gives hope to the idea he can indeed grow up and act appropriately. But he needs a wake-up call.

    It would be wise at this point to suspend him AND have the team assign a “life coach” or ex player to work with him during the suspension. If he has all this potential to be top 5 receiver then it’s a small cost to pay for the Cowboys.

  4. if they do suspend him (which i doubt will happen) i’d bet it’s only for a preseason game or 2. they’re brutally thin at WR after him and Miles Austin.

  5. Roger Goodell should keep with his strict and harsh punishments and the league should come up with a policy that states if you are arrested in the off-season or doing the year then you are suspended for the whole season without pay. This will teach players to get there act together and be smarter. Plus I think they forget that they are the role models that kids look up to. NFL=New Felon League

  6. Tired of hearing about a person in their 20s and them being immature as the reason for their actions. This isn’t a young teenager were talking about, this is a grown man people. Just accept the fact that without football this guy would most likely be just another individual bringing drugs and crime to the streets.

  7. He was a problem child at Oklahoma I was rooting for him. Now I see the only thing thats changed in his bank account. He still the same fool he was in school.

  8. From what I’ve seen him and his brother were getting into it and his mother somehow got in the middle of it and somehow got knocked over or pushed (or something).

    Brother fight, mothers get in the way…non story.

    I’ve been suggesting that Gosselin get suspended from his job but that hasn’t happened either.

  9. Since Irvin is a diehard Cowboy and is seemingly determined to become a “life coach”, hire Mike to babysit Dez. If it works, win-win. Your old WR picks up a paycheck and great publicity and your young WR straightens up. If it doesn’t, well, maybe Dez can’t be turned around.

  10. I know his mother made mistakes, but if the police report is true nobody after serving his or her time should be treated that way.

  11. Since his mother is the essence of truth an purity, everything she’s reporting has to be the truth, right?

    So many stories, from him arguing with his brother and her getting pushed/knocked over to now slapping and pulling her hair. No marks when police arrived, only to show up days later (ie when she slapped her self after the fact to make marks).

    Dez likely wasn’t going to hand her a bunch of money so she “got even” with him.

  12. Seeing how he has acted so far in his career, does anyone think he would stay squeaky-clean during a suspension-even with a life coach?

  13. More like: Cowboy Player Gives Reporter Excuse To Write Sensational Article.

    Bryant is a mess, but when you look at his upbringing it is, to a degree, understandable. Suspending him isn’t going to help… but it did give a reporter ammo for a story.

  14. Won’t happen!! Jerry wants revenge against the Giants via the season opener.

    He won’t sit Dez or take away any competitive edge that will interfere with his “win”.

    Dez will continue to be Dez because he has no structure. Send him to the NYG, GB, Pats, or any other well structured teams and watch how quickly he learns.

    This is what makes Jerry Jones the NFL’s worst owner/GM.

  15. DEZ: you might consider making a call to Victor Cruz, you know, the UDFA WR who put up record numbers last year including some on your team.
    He makes $490,000 this year, yet acts like he’s much older, having a girlfriend, a baby, and grew up in a drug invested area of NJ.
    So what’s your excuse bro?

  16. Who cares? Dez Bryant is the most overrated player in the NFL. Here’s a fun fact. Jabar Gaffney has more yards AND catches than Dez over the past two years. And his QBs were Ordinary Orton and Sexy Rexy. That’s pathetic, Dez.

  17. LOL, suspending someone for a domestic dispute in which someone got shoved?

    All these dudes getting DUI’s and gun violations but a Cowboy shoved someone.. not HIT, shoved… and its ” his head on a platter!!!”

    I’m waiting for Mara’s opinion on this. Probably a 3 year suspension and loss of all draft picks for 5 years.

  18. ““It’s time the Cowboys let Bryant know this type of behavior will no longer be tolerated. Suspend him and let him have a month to experience life without football and a paycheck. ”

    Yeah, that makes sense. Suspend the guy who only seems to get into trouble when he’s away from the football team. Might as well give him a few kilos of coke and number of the closest brothel.

    Gosselin is an idiot.

  19. I really don’t know what they should do here (the Cowboys), suspending him doesn’t seem like a good idea because if he’s out of football for a month who knows what other trouble he’ll get in to

  20. No one even knows the details of this alleged assault on his mother who is a convicted drug dealer. It is his first arrest so idiots are calling for a suspension without even knowing what really happened. I’m sure his half-brother and no good mother were wanting something and probably wouldn’t let it go.

    Cowboys haters never cease to amaze me. If he did assault his mother not just hit her with a cap then I will be the first to condemn him. I will be shocked if he wasn’t being asked for money or something else.

    NFL network is killing him on the radio and you didn’t hear squat about David Diehl plowing his car into a row of parked cars. It was mentioned maybe twice by the media.

  21. Professional athletes think for some reason they are above the law, what would happen to the general public if we did some of this , usually jail then you lose your job, they have it made and still try to self- destruct,i don’t get it.

  22. Agree that a suspension is a rush to judgement at this point and I just don’t see how missing four games is all of a sudden going to straighten Dez’s head/life out.
    It’s more complicated than that I’m afraid. This is why other teams passed on him but Jerry rolled the dice. Ultimately they will probably just have to part ways with Dez. Or he will self destruct and be serving time and unable to play.

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