Butch Davis wants to be a head coach again


Butch Davis has been a head coach with the Cleveland Browns, Miami Hurricanes and North Carolina Tar Heels, but he’s currently a consultant with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, having been fired from coaching at North Carolina, and choosing not to take an assistant coaching job anywhere else because he wants to keep his full North Carolina buyout, which he only gets if he doesn’t make a living coaching somewhere else.

That does not, however, mean Davis’s coaching career is over. At least not according to Davis, who still wants to be a head coach.

“I would love to think that the things we’ve accomplished over 37 years, that this one particular deal will not define me as a man nor as a coach,” Davis said in an interview with the Associated Press.

The one particular deal Davis refers to is the series of events that led to him being fired from North Carolina amid a scandal involving a wide variety of NCAA rules violations inside the Tar Heels’ football program. Given the way his tenure at North Carolina ended, it seems unlikely that another NCAA program would trust him again. And given that Davis went 24-34 and was fired during his fourth season with the Browns, it seems unlikely that another NFL team would give him a shot as a head coach. So while the Associated Press story paints Davis as a man who burns to be a head coach and deserves the opportunity, that doesn’t seem like an opportunity Davis will get.

The Associated Press story generally puts a pro-Davis slant on things, noting, for instance, that Davis takes pride in the fact that he had high graduation rates as a head coach. What the Associated Press story doesn’t point out is that it’s easy for a football player to graduate when the school looks the other way when he commits academic misconduct, which is one of the accusations in the ongoing investigation at North Carolina.

North Carolina should be rooting for Davis to get another job, because if he doesn’t, the school will be on the hook for paying him another $2.7 million over the next four years — his salary was guaranteed even if he was fired. But if he plans to remain a Buccaneers consultant until another team offers him a head coaching job, then he’s probably going to be a Buccaneers consultant for a long time.

17 responses to “Butch Davis wants to be a head coach again

  1. Because, it worked out so well here in Cleveland.

    What NFL team wouldn’t want to step right up and sign on to the years of success that comes with having Butch lead your team?

  2. I want Kate Upton to be my next wife, but I’m not talking to the Associated Press about it, which is odd, considering the odds of that happening are greater than Butch Davis being a NFL head coach again.

  3. He led the Browns to the playoffs with Tim Couch and Kelly Holcomb at QB. That has to count for something.

  4. Some perennial losimg junior varsitty high school program out in the middle of nowhere in Missouri or Wyoming might give ole’ Butch another shot at a head coaching gig, if it’s about coaching and not about money for him.

  5. To be fair, can you REALLY judge a coach who didn’t win in Cleveland? Who was the last coach to consistently win there?

    Belichek failed in Cleveland and how many people can honestly say they wouldn’t want him coaching their team after the last decade plus of success in Boston?

  6. I like how people point to his time with the Browns as a reason for him not getting another shot in the NFL.
    Who has done well in the NFL wastelad that is Cleveland?
    At least he managed to get them to the playoffs which no other head coach has done since the franchise returned to the league.
    BTW were the Pats stupid for giving Belichick a 2nd chance as head coach after he took the Browns 4 losing seasons in 5 years on the way to a 36-34 record? Those 3 Super Bowl wins mean nothing right, nobody talks about those, just his time as a failure in Cleveland, right, RIGHT?

  7. He wan’t fired by the Browns, He Quit! He then went on to NC and cheated! Not a good resume for this guy.

  8. Actually Davis had some kind of a meltdown. His problem at Cleveland was his power (too much of it) I thought he coached ok, but he couldn’t draft. Big money and so on. Cleveland bought him out of his contract to the tune of 12 million or close to that.

  9. Butch Davis is garbage. He only took a full buyout from The Browns too. He is a power hog who plays favorites and his players soon lose respect for him. He is a joke and if he thinks he’s going to get another head coaching NFL job, he’s begging. You don’t “job” one owner without the others remembering.
    Jimmy Johnson made him what he was and he’s been milking it ever since.

  10. The late, Jim “Mad-dog” Mandich , never liked Butch Davis…In all my years of listening to Mandich, he seldom spoke poorly of people. Mandich had Davis pegged as a phony even while Davis was still coaching the Hurricanes. Good enough for me.

  11. The reason Butch isnt going to get another NFL Head Coaching job is he had a melt down and quit the Browns with 4 games left in the season. He was replaced by Terry Robiskie.

    Butchy couldnt stand the heat or the pressure. He took the buy out and ran.

  12. Butch took a roster of talent and destroyed it with some of the worst drafts ever, certainly the worst in the salary cap era. That said, as a Steeler fan, I would most certainly welcome Butch back into the AFC North.

  13. lol Butch is like the weather man of football eveyone likes him on tv and gets paid to be wrong 70% of the time

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