Cedric Benson gets emotional during radio interview

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Being unsigned so close to training camp seems to be taking its toll on Cedric Benson.

The veteran running back was on Sirius XM NFL Radio Tuesday with Adam Schein and Rich Gannon and things took a turn toward the emotional as he talked about not having a place to play in 2012. Benson got choked up and admitted to tearing up while talking about how much he wants to continue his career. When the hosts asked why he thought he was unsigned, Benson wasn’t able to come up with an answer.

“I have no idea. I’m at a loss for words,” Benson said.

He seemed to hit the nail on the head later in the interview, though. Benson strongly intimated that he wasn’t willing to sign a one-year contract for the veteran minimum because he feels his production warrants a bigger payday. A market system doesn’t work like that, though, and the market for Benson obviously isn’t strong enough for him to find a job with those specifications.

Benson said Tuesday that the Packers, Raiders and Jets have all checked in at different points this offseason and all three teams would appear to be a decent fit if Benson is willing to come in on their terms. With training camps opening up very soon, other terms probably aren’t worth thinking about.

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  1. Maybe it has to do with his multiple arrests, or maybe how he pulled himself out of the Super Bowl for an injury that he never sought medical help for,…take your pick. I wouldn’t sign this piece of trash if my life depended on it.

  2. This really speaks to how different the Raiders are operating under McKenzie. In years past if they wanted a player they would throw ridiculous sums of cash at them (i.e. Javon Walker, Gibril Wilson). Benson will have to accept a vet minimum deal and when he is ready to accept that, Reggie will bring him in.

  3. I’d love to see Benson in a GB uniform. He’d bring a nice punch to the backfield, especially since Starks can’t stay healthy. He’d be a good option for a year.

  4. Im not a Jets fan, but Benson would seem to be a great fit for the ground and pound they are looking to get back to using. A nice fit for 10 carries to spell the starter.

    But he would have to take the reduced role and salary, which is what seems to be the problem.

  5. If he could have kept his mouth shut, accepted his role, and not pouted he would still be in Cincinnati.
    He made his bed…now he is laying in it.

  6. I think it’s something else….Where is that pic of him and his gir….err guy roommate holding Industrial size bottles of Moscato?? Come on Florio did he have his attorney send a “Take it down” letter to the media?? LOL

    At the sportsbar every Sunday during the season last year…He was titled “Young Moscato” AKA Tip Toe Benson…every time he touched the ball….LOL

  7. I wouldn’t mind a nice veteran who has run for over 1,000 yards in each of the last 3 seasons to join the Jets. Heck, they gave Plax a good amount of money, and he was coming out of jail. Might depend upon what they see out of McKnight, but so far I have not been impressed.

    Benson shouldn’t have to play for the veteran minimum, but that seems the way that older running backs are getting dealt with these days.

  8. You’re always welcome back in Chica…. Just kidding we all hate you here! Wish Bears would have just kept T Jones. You see the size of that dudes arms??

  9. He’ll turn 30 during the season and he has only averaged 3.8 YPC over his career.

    Basically he can get a 1 or 2 year deal a little bit above league minimum, or gamble that a team gets decimated by injury and needs to sign a guy that can make 250 carries for them.

  10. There are maybe a handful of players that could demand a deal on there terms in the NFL..and that very shot list excludes Cedric…he might still play…but not at his price….

  11. If also love to see Ced Benson in Green Bay! He has seemed to mature the last couple years and his production speaks for itself! I’d even be willing to give him a better deal them vet minimum, something that would work for him and the team!!

  12. The fact that a guy with his production (though it dropped off last season) was cut and remains unsigned while the likes of Larenzo Booker are getting jobs is a pretty clear sign the rest of the league knows something we don’t. My guess is he’l eventually sign a one year vet min deal some time in August (once he realizes that it’s his only option) and will end up a short yardage RB getting about 75 carries.

  13. He deserves better. The Jets, Packers, Cowboys, Seahawks (with the possibility of having Marshawn Lynch suspended), Lions, Raiders, Steelers, and Lions (maybe) could all use him.

    He has changed ever since he came to Cincinnati. He arguably may have been the most underpaid running back among veteran players.

  14. for now I am a believer in Reggie. If he want’s Benson, he will get him, at a fair deal for both. No more giving away the farm

    I do not think has had made a mistake yet. He made tough decision like releaseing some over payed under producing vets, (guys like Routt, Boss, and Wimbley. Tagging guys like Branch, and Reece. Brought in some blue collar hard working productiveTEAM players free agents like Bartell, Briesel,Spencer, and Wheeler. In the draft he managed to get value in a draft where he hardly had any picks. Guys like Buress, Criner , and Bergstrom will all be contributing this year. That’s on the field.

    Getting the first defensive coach since the great John Madden, adding guys to the staff like Tarver, and Knapp, while retaining guys like Wiz, and Saunders will pay the most dividends. Biggest props probably have to go to Mark Davis for getting a guy like Reggie, and letting go. Trust me chapter 2 is being written, and so far it reads pretty good.

  15. Being a Packer fan, I was disappointed to see Reggie leave but now I have a favorite AFL team. He knows his stuff and will have the Raiders in contention in no time. In regards to Benson, any aged running back will have a harder time signing any long term deals. 1 year tender is what he’ll see and it may not be in Oakland. IMO, instead of a 30 year old back looking for an extended contract, GMs would rather have a younger, fresh legged RB to develop at the same time not having to worry about contract issues.

  16. It’s sucky that the running back position has become so disposable especially considering the punishment they take and how relatively short their careers are, but I understand it. I think Cedric would be smart to take the one-year deal and get on the field.

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