Chargers rank 16th in preseason power poll

The San Diego Chargers ranked 16th in PFT’s preseason power poll, due largely to the fact that we’ve grown tired of their perennially underachieving act. It seems like every year the Chargers are a popular Super Bowl pick, and it never fails that they come up short.

But they certainly are a talented squad on both sides of the football, and play in a wide-open division.

Tell us how you feel about our preseason ranking of the 2012 “Bolts.”

14 responses to “Chargers rank 16th in preseason power poll

  1. This team is overrated every year. The entire roster is aging and injury prone, they have no pass rush, no wideouts, the wins have declined each of the past two seasons, and they still have Norv Turner as their head coach. The window has closed. Ranking is too high.

  2. This is where I thought the Chargers would be, though I was hoping they would rated lower to keep this team flying under the radar.

  3. Hyping another team in sports is the same as psychological terrorism…. So yea, san diego has been the victim of a lot of media sponsered psychological terrorism over the years….. Probably because ESPN is owned by north easterners and they support their own teams more. Its a huge pain in the ass for players to get jobs working in espn after retirement unless they played for a north eastern franchise….big reason LT spent a few years in a Jets uniform…. The whole thing stinks…

  4. I would take Malcolm Floyd, Robert Meachem, Eddie Royal & Vincent Brown over any other WR corps in the AFC West. Melvin Ingram is going to be another Shawn Merriman circa 2005-2007.

    Preseason rankings are worth about as much as hope & change but the AFC West is ripe for the taking. KC & Oakland won’t be a factor and the Bolts have owned Manning his entire career.

  5. lanjoith learn football dude how do they have best wide out core you lost your only big time receiver, I’m not saying my broncos wide outs are better which DT, decker,codwell,stokley all better then your four but hands down in the west open your eyes cheifs wide outs are nothing to mess with. bolts sit at third best.

  6. Definitely too low. Chargers upgraded every position of need this offseason. They got Meachem and Floyd for the outside and Royal and Brown for the slot and they still have one of the best tight ends in football Antonio Gates. Shaun Philips comes back healthy next year and even if he does get hurt, we have 1st round pick Melvin Ingram and/or Antwan Barnes who led the team in sacks last year with 11. Chiefs wont win the division because while their defense is good, it was very inconsistent last year and they have a bad offense. Chargers are always able to beat Peyton Manning so i am not worried about the Broncos games. Chargers 11-5, Chiefs 10-6, Broncos 8-8, Raiders 3-13

  7. Chargers might win 9 games this year….. I like the comments that they have always owned Payton… As if he is the only guy on the team….. I say everyone in the division will beat the chargers at least once….. If you can’t beat T-bow and the raiders what makes you think your going to beat Payton……….

  8. Whenever you are evaluating the Bolts’ pass-catching corps, you have to include Antonio Gates. When you factor in Gates, the Bolts have the best group of receivers in the AFC West. The Bolts also drafted phenom Ladarius Green, 6-6, 238 lbs, 4.47 40. Is he a TE or a WR? Who knows, but Norv will figure out how to use him, and he’s going to make some plays for the Bolts this year.

    And for you Denver fans, the Bolts have Melvin Ingram and the Donks have Elvis ‘no officer, there aint no gun in my car’ Dumbervil. ‘Nuf said.

  9. Sandy Eggo!their super bowl rings clang against each other! There’s no space in the trophy case fer all their preseason super bowl trophies! All bow unto the greatest July football franchise. Move to L.A. Already

  10. funny how there’s so much hate towards people thinking the Chargers are talented. They ARE but it’s hard to rank them in the top 15 with 2 years without a playoff birth. I totally see the Chargers ranked 16th but I would LOVE to hear where other people would rank them. Can you possibly put teams that finished WORST than the Chargers ahead of them? probably not, especially since the Chargers had a rather impressive offseason and draft. Their biggest loss was a wide out that disappears in big games and is one DUI away from being suspended for an entire year. Dielman will hurt but Rivers has always played great with a subpar OL in front of him.
    If people want to point to why the Chargers have always underachieved, then you should look at the fake commitment to the OL. They commit to players to get stability, but the problem with that is you leave little room to improve and you close the door to drafting people like DeCastro. Mathews needs to stay healthy but how is going to stay protected? Lets be realistic, he is not LT and he can not create a running lane like LT did early in his career. Chargers need an OL in order to get over that hump.

  11. Middle of the pack sounds about right to me. They’ve got a lot of talent, but can they put it all together? Got my tickets in the mail yesterday. Let’s get this season started already!

  12. humb0lt says: Jul 17, 2012 2:22 PM

    And for you Denver fans, the Bolts have Melvin Ingram and the Donks have Elvis ‘no officer, there aint no gun in my car’ Dumbervil. ‘Nuf said.
    Dumervil may be an idiot, but Ingram hasn’t played a down. For all we know he could turn out to be another Larry English. The Donks also have Von Miller. For some reason hump didn’t mention him.

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