Convention host committee says it hasn’t dropped “Bank of America” name

Getty Images

When the folks at Bank of America decided to apply the name of the business to the NFL stadium in Charlotte, the company likely never envisioned that it would get so much publicity from the question of whether the name will be used when the stadium hosts a non-football event.

In response to reports from the New York Daily News and elsewhere that Democratic party dropped the corporate moniker deliberately due to the potentially negative association with a for-profit financial behemoth, the local host committee that referred to the venue as “Panthers Stadium” in fundraising emails claims that the oversight wasn’t intentional.

“Bank of America has been a great local partner and supportive of Charlotte’s efforts to host the 2012 Convention,” Charlotte in 2012 Convention Host Committee Don Murrey said in an email sent to PFT.  “Anyone who takes the time to visit our website will see that we have no problem referring to Bank of America Stadium.  We also refer to it as Panthers Stadium from time to time, the more informal local nickname of the stadium.”

We now return you to coverage of the teams that play at, for instance, Steelers Stadium.  And Saints Stadium.  And Packers Stadium.