Democratic convention drops “Bank of America” from Panthers stadium

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When President Barack Obama accepts the Democratic nomination on September 6 at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, the Democratic National Committee apparently will be pretending that Bank of America Stadium isn’t called Bank of America Stadium.

According to the New York Daily News, fundraising emails suggest that the venue will be known simply as “Panther Stadium” that night.

As Kristen Lee of the Daily News explains it, the change has nothing to with, for example, a side deal with some other bank:  “The link to Bank of America may have been an awkward reminder for Democrats of the financial crisis and the still-struggling U.S. economy.  The bank sparked accusations of Wall Street greed just last year when it announced a plan to nickel and dime its customers by charging a $5 monthly fee to use its debit cards.  The plan was scrapped after a massive uproar.”

Although we take no position on whether Obama should be re-elected or whether Mitt Romney should be the president (indeed, now that I no longer practice law I have become completely apolitical), the move seems goofy.  The stadium has a name, as evidenced by the big sign that can be seen from I-77 in Charlotte.  Would acknowledging the name of the stadium cause folks inclined to vote for Obama to flip to Romney?

Bank of America paid good money to attach its name to the stadium.  If the name on the local football stadium is a problem, the convention should have been held in another city.

UPDATE 7:52 p.m. ET:  The local host committee tells PFT that the “Bank of America” name has not been dropped, despite the fact that it has been dropped from fundraising emails.

19 responses to “Democratic convention drops “Bank of America” from Panthers stadium

  1. Typical politicians. They think that because they package something a certain way that we’re all ignorant enough to gobble up their idiocy. The stadium has a name! They PAID for that privilege! We are socialists yet. Still capitalists so just embrace the name or pick a different venue.

  2. they really better hope it doesn’t rain
    Panther’s stadium has a nice ring but it doesn’t have a roof so if it rains it will be a wild show

  3. This is a remarkably petty thing to do. Why stick it to the Bank of America? Very symbolic. Besides, didn’t they bail that company out?

  4. Well said. If I’m B of A, I’m expecting ether an extended lease or some of my money back if my name is struck from something I paid good (taxpayer) money for.

  5. Obama wants no vestige of Capitalism because his agenda is Socialism. Simple as that.

  6. Nothing like an Obama post to incite the trailer park fans out from their rolling homes to demonstrate their sheer ignorance.

    Fact – Job growth has increased more under him than since 1995. When your dopey Bush, Jr. was cutting taxes on the rich to (let me laugh) spur the economy, he still added less jobs than Obama.

    If Mitt wants to accept his nomination in a football stadium that exemplifies who he is, he’ll have to do it in a futbol stadium in Switzerland.

  7. Doing this just brings attention to the whole thing. The average person wouldn’t have even thought to read that deep into things. Now, you have their attention that “We know something is wrong, so we’re going to try and hide it”.

  8. Not only did they receive a massive bailout on taxpayer dime, they laid off 30,000 workers three years later and started outsourcing jobs to the Philippines.

  9. More people will be able to afford going to NFL games if Obama doesn’t make the team. He’s been calling too many bad plays.

  10. dealer009 says:
    Jul 17, 2012 6:48 PM
    Did Bank of America pay good bail-out money to attach its name to the stadium?

    Bank of America bought naming rights years before the financial wipeout and bailout.

    But regardless of when they bought naming rights, shouldn’t you people be directing your contrived outrage at companies who took bailout money that have not paid it back? At least B of A has paid back its bailout money, plus interest. Why not get all mad at companies like GM, who haven’t paid the bailout money back?

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