Dexter Manley sues, blames NFL for brain cyst

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The latest well-known former NFL player to sue the league over brain damage that he says he suffered on the field is former Redskins defensive end Dexter Manley, who says he needed brain surgery because of a condition caused by football.

Manley, who had brain surgery six years ago to remove a cyst, says he’s convinced that the cyst was caused by hits to the head he took on the field.

“I had a 12 and a half hour brain surgery in 2006, and I’m recovering . . . and that’s related to football,” Manley told the Washington Times.

It’s somewhat surprising that Manley would say his brain surgery is related to football, as previous reports had indicated that his cysts were caused by a hereditary condition, and that his mother also had brain surgery. But at a time when more than 2,700 former players are suing the NFL, it’s really not surprising when anyone steps forward to file a lawsuit. And now Manley has decided to join in.

12 responses to “Dexter Manley sues, blames NFL for brain cyst

  1. With few exceptions, there is no way to prove when a tumor begins. Manley is going to have a really hard time convincing anyone that his mental problems began because of football. His drug problems and illiteracy began well before he reached the NFL.

  2. I am completely disgusted with these money-grab schemes by former players. I bet if they were forced to pay the lawyer fees (both sides) if they lose, there would be far fewer blatantly bogus lawsuits.

  3. I couldn’t say either way that football caused your brain issues, but hey, Dexter, I do know that football did give you something – fame and riches that many of us could can only dream about. Just shut up already.

  4. I actually met and shook hands with Dexter Manley once. I met him in early 2006, actually, in a car dealership in Bethesda, Maryland. Having watched him through his many years of substance abuse, I thought he looked great.

    I think that his drug problem somewhat takes away from his ability to prove that football caused whatever medical conditions he has suffered from. He has lived a hard life and most of his difficulties seem to have come from his actions off of the football field instead of his play while on it.

  5. I’m appreciative of what Manley brought to the Redskins on the field in his prime but I’ve never seen someone sponge off on his career more than Dexter Manley. The man is the ultimate freeloader and what’s worse is he blows through all the cash given to him everytime. I always hear he has fianancial troubles and sadly it’s gotten to a point where enough is enough brother.

  6. Maybe it was all the drugs that caused his cyst. What a bogus case….he doesn’t have a shot in hell lol

  7. It’s hard to take seriously a man who managed to get through high school and college and WAS ILLITERATE. We’re not talking LSU’s Morris Claiborne illiterate here. Dexter Manley actually could not read or write. That is just stunning and says a lot about Oklahoma St where he attended. This alone should have given OSU the death penalty.

  8. Manley was a rookie in 1983 or 1984 so, by 1986 he had only put in a couple of years in the nfl. I’m sure he was dishing out way more punishment then he was receiving being he was a DE. I don’t think the mountains of coke he did between 1983-1986 had anything to do with his health problems, right? And… I’m a huge Skins fan and loved Manley as a player. He sacked Danny White in the 1983 NFC championship game and gave him a game ending concussion. Plus he tipped the pass that lead to Darryl Grant’s game sealing int for a TD in that game that sent the Skins to their first SuperBowl win.

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