Dez Bryant accused of grabbing his mom by the hair and hitting her

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Police in DeSoto, Texas, said today that Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant grabbed his mother’s hair and hit her before he was arrested and charged with misdemeanor family violence.

“It’s pretty straightforward,” DeSoto Police Captain Ron Smith said, via the Star-Telegram. “He and his mom got in an argument. It’s physical. She got some injuries. We made the arrest.”

It is not clear to what extent Bryant’s mother was injured, although she did not need to be taken to the hospital. The police report says Bryant slapped his mother’s face with a baseball cap and pulled her hair. Some reports have said the incident between Bryant and his mother began as a fight between Bryant and his half brother, but Smith said he doesn’t know why Bryant and his family were fighting.

“Whatever led to it is really not an issue for us,” Smith said. “We have an injured person. We have a suspect. We’re going to move forward.”

If convicted Bryant could serve up to a year in jail. He could also be facing discipline for violating the NFL’s personal-conduct policy.

87 responses to “Dez Bryant accused of grabbing his mom by the hair and hitting her

  1. Man.. Reading all about this story makes me feel pretty grateful for being brought up the way that I did.

  2. OK 1 2 3, pile on everybody!!!

    Why does everyone convict this guy before all the facts come out, people forget Dez has not been arrested before and has not been prone to violence. His mother is an ex crackhead prostitute, perhaps the whole truth has not come out. I certainly would condemn him for violence against any women, however everyone needs to hold judgement before we demonize this young man.

  3. Even if he isn’t in the pokey for a year can you imagine that Goodell is going to give him anything less then a year suspension? Time to find a new #1 receiver Dallas.

  4. And all the anti-Dolphin national media want to do is criticize Jeff Ireland for the questions he asked Bryant in his pre-draft interview.

  5. Sound of Phone Ringing.

    T.O. – Hello???

    J.J. – Ter-rell, Jerry Jones here. Got a minute to talk???

  6. But she complained that her hands and wrists were swollen on Monday when contacted by the Police. If he slapped her face and it made her hands and wrists swell up, he has gotten ridiculously strong over the offseason.

  7. I hate to say it, but I’m not the least. It surprised. He is a idiot delux. This makes everything he says he’s not, in fact true,x 10!!!

  8. Look, you don’t hit ANY woman, but your own Mom? Wow! That’s just beyond the pale. That’s your Mom, Dez.

    Cut him.

  9. What a lovely young man treating his mom like that..i hope this arrogant waste of skin is out of the league and flat broke sooner than later..hes well on his way.

  10. I cannot in good conscience draft this guy…for my fantasy team…until at least the 6th round.

  11. OK, all of you athlete apologists out there — are you OK with Goodell coming down on this guy like a ton of bricks?

  12. What kind of animal grabs his mother by the hair and then hits her? Glad that the Patriots traded the pick to Dallas.

  13. His momma is no saint. Read about her. Not condoning it, just wouldnt be surprised if it was self defense. Everyone is quick with the “i whipped my moms ass” jokes. Lets get the facts. They said he swatted her with a baseball cap and pulled her hair. Maybe he was defending himself. You thnk there arent woman out ther who think they can just go at a man cause they know they wont get hit back? Or maybe he is totally guilty and a scumbag. Ill wait for the truth before passing jusgement.

  14. This is still America right? Innocent until proven guilty. Right? I wonder how many of us would have compassion if we were accused of a crime that we didn’t committ. You think as society we would have more trepidation towards judgement after the Duke scandal. I’ll admit his mother and him have questionable character. So i’ll just wait for this to be resolved in court before I jump to conclusions.

  15. There’s two “winners” in this situation: one is the guy who wrote the column in Dallas about suspending Bryant; the writer probably knew the details and hitting a woman would constitute a suspension in most people’s book. And two, Jeff Ireland, who can now say “I told you so”. Who wants to draft a guy who’s own family are the worst influences in his life. Can’t get away from your own family as easily as you can get away from your old friends.

  16. Not a Cowboy Fan and everyone has said everything I am thinking on Dez. Wondering if Jerry would consider reaching out to TO or Plaxico? What is the lesser of 3 evils? Perhaps Cowboys trade for James Jones of Packers?

  17. Why is everyone convicting him prior to hearing any of the facts….

    What we know:

    Dez and half brother were having an argument about an unknown topic (money?)

    Momma Dez tried to break it up – alleged Dez ‘shoved her’

    Police called to the scene and left WITHOUT making an arrest

    TWO days later she recants her story and is now claiming that Dez “pulled her hair and hit her with a basebal CAP” – not a bat, not a fist, not a hand – a hat….

    women can be very devious… especially when money is involved – his momma may not be book smart but she sure knows how to get PAID –

    How bout we explore another angle – after the cops left the first time it should have been a dead issue – but instead Momma Dez and Dez’s HALF-brother figured out that they may be able to sue Dez for some money – so they change their stories and file charges… cha-ching…..

    I feel bad for this kid – he’s got a bad rep for stuff that isnt really all that bad when compared with some other stuff guys in the NFL have done – but because he’s a cowboy it gets blown out of proportion….

    really, lets look at it- whats he’s been in trouble for?
    An argument outside a nightclub
    Sagging his pants in a mall
    A monetary dispute over some earings and a chain

    He’s never been arrested prior to this… FACT

    Dont be so quick to judge… hear the facts first

  18. Wait.. Now she is injured? This morning she wasn’t and was just upset at him. Maybe she needs to move out of his bank account and go get some more crack. I’d slap that bitch with my hat too!

  19. A person with this kind of track record will surely let his team mates down in day to day ways and certainly at crucial times when he is needed to respond. It will be most interesting to see how the Cowboys address this ugly turn in the development of Dez.

  20. Swatted with baseball cap and grabbed hair, sounds like self defense a guy that big if he truly was the attacker could do so much more damage

  21. no matter how big his career, or what the legal resolution is to this particular case, or what punishment goodell puts down, or how much of a pill this woman really is… dez bryant will now and forever be remembered as that guy who hit his mother. yuck.

  22. Hey at least the Saints weren’t accused of beating up their own mothers. Ok Goodell let’s see you come down hard on the Bryant like you did the Saints. Why not suspend Jerry Jones too since he drafted the guy?

  23. How much cash does Mom want to drop the charges? He needs to pay her off then file a restraining order and completely cut her out of his life. I don’t even like Dez Bryant but this looks pretty fishy to me. His Mom only called the cops to backmail this kid and the officers went to it hook, line, and sinker….

  24. Wasn’t there big news around draft time about teams asking him if his mom was a prostitute and if his dad was a pimp? Sounds like he was just doing what daddy taught him and kept a ho in line…

  25. To me this just doesn’t seem right. Too often your site posts stories relating to Africans and their troubles with the law. Why aren’t you posting stories about white players and their issues with violence and arrests? I’m tired of this one sided reporting.

    We all need to come together and realize that this is an issue involving all races, but to pick on the Africans is wrong.

    I’m sure it was a misunderstanding and the facts will come out. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that this particular police department is racist.

  26. Stop with the he need to be gone for a year stuff. Players have had DUIs and way worse charges and been suspended less. Donte Stallworth only got a single season for killing someone. Smacking someone with a hat is the same as killing them?? Don’t let your hate for the Cowboys and Dez or maybe something else cloud things.

  27. tell me why big D would rather have his joke of a human over TO and his popcorn antics.

  28. A lot of women get away with assaulting males. Even is the male tries to run away to prevent from being kicked in the rear end, if he tries to keep from being kicked or hit in the back of the head as he flees, he goes to jail. Talking from experience.

  29. This really sucks. As a Cowboys fan this is the last thing I could ever want to hear. BUT ( and pardon my obvious Cowboys bias) why is everyone using the terms “beating his mom”? There is absolutely no report of him “striking” his mom. Apparently he hit her with a hat. And I SERIOUSLY doubt he was “pulling” her hair. He probably grabbed her by the hair at most. (Just going by the story) I’m obviously hoping for the best here, but it sounds like he was in a situation where he was trying to stop something and did as much as he could without actually hurting her. Bc at his size putting any hands on her would have almost certainly put him in jail without anyone believing his story and would have really put him in a much worse situation.

  30. “Whatever led to it is really not an issue for us,” Smith said. “We have an injured person. We have a suspect. We’re going to move forward.”

  31. “Whatever led to it is really not an issue for us,” Smith said. “We have an injured person. We have a suspect. We’re going to move forward.”

    So there not looking at the whole situation, just the fact she was injured? Shouldn’t they be getting all the facts?

  32. Ok, so I just heard the 911 call and my first opinion is that this entire thing will end up being nothing. Well, maybe not “nothing”, but this whole situation sounds fishy. First off, if you listen to the 911 call, his mother can’t even focus enough to talk to the dispatcher. She feels shes in danger enough that she should call the police, but then continue to have a conversation with those around her?? Then when asked if he (Dez) had a weapon, she says “Huh? Oh, no…but he could get one. He has a ball” Are you kidding me?? A ball? You’re afraid he’ll beat you to death with a football (or whatever)? Are you high?? Then asked if shes injured she clearly says no and that she doesn’t need a paramedic. So…. Dez had no weapons, he didn’t actually punch or kick you, there were no drugs or alcohol (supposedly), you’re not injured, and you can’t even describe what happened to you other than “You’ll see how I look when you get here” then add at the end “He hit me with a hat, pulled my hair, and ripped my clothes” none of which can actually be proven. Oh well. I hope I’m right.

  33. The quietest off season for Dallas just turned into the worst one in a long time.

    Look for the Giants to double Austin, with Terrel Thomas on Robinson.

    Rolle and Blackburn on Witten.

    Good luck Dallas, you will need it.

  34. While my first reaction, as a Cowboys fan, was naturally to think “what an idiot” after taking the headlines at face value, as more of the story is brought to light it’s starting to paint an interesting picture about what may have happened.

    Looking at the facts:
    Mrs. Bryant calls 911 and claims that he “tried to kill” her and that she was putting and end to it right now. She claims that he smacked her in the face with a hat, pushed her, and pulled at her hair. Police arrive and do not make an arrest because they see zero evidence of assault. Injuries appear the next day that are not consistent with what she claims happened.

    Given her track record and the fact she’s been arrested for supplying false information in the past, I don’t think the real story is the one that’s being painted by her and by the press. I could speculate about any number of possibilities for what went down but the fact of the matter is I doubt we’ll get to the bottom of what happened whether Dez actually committed what he was accused of or not.

  35. For all you fans crying for everyone to wait for the facts to come out before determining his punishment/guilt, why weren’t you saying that when the NFL did the same thing to the Saints recently? So you only care about the facts when it’s YOUR team?

  36. I gotta laugh at (or feel sorry for) the people saying “well, he didn’t really hit her, he used a hat”. What’s wrong with you? That’s like saying he didn’t really hit her because he used a bat, or a crow bar, or a hammer. While a hat may not be as dangersous, it is still an extension of his body doing the striking. The hat didn’t hit her by itself.
    And while I agree idiot Dez is innocent until proven guilty, and has never been arrested before, it’s not like he hasn’t been in trouble before. He’s shown himself to be a pretty despicable human, and as such this event really didn’t surprise too many people. There were serious question marks about him before the draft. He’s only affirmed those suspicions.

  37. That’s an idiotic Statement you can’t compare a hammer and a crowbar to a hat..that’s like comparing me throwing socks at you as to get outta here

  38. First, wasn’t this boy taught not to hit a female? Hitting the woman who brought you into this world and carried your sorry ass for 9 months, now thats pretty rotten. If I was Jerry Jones, I’d make an example out of Bryant, If not you know Goodell will. I’m sure there will be a few opposing players that will say something or punish Bryant in some way on the field.

  39. Big deal!!! Getting knocked up doesn’t make you anything special. There are many “mothers” in this world that had no business giving birth, and deserve to be slugged for doing so.

    Maybe Bryant’s mother is one of them.

  40. I don’t really have an opinion, but to whomever was analyzing the 911 tapes, let’s not judge someone’s demeanor during a 911 call. You have no idea what the situation was or how someone would react to it.

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