Dez Bryant’s arrest came after pushing his mother


Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant pushed his mother on Saturday in an incident that wound up with Bryant arrested for misdemeanor family violence.

A source told that Bryant and his half brother had been in an argument before Bryant ended up pushing his mother. Police were called at that time, although the police didn’t arrest Bryant until Monday. Bryant’s mother did not need to be taken to the hospital for injuries.

Bryant’s mother, Angela Bryant, has had a number of run-ins with the law, including spending 18 months in prison during Dez’s childhood for selling crack cocaine. Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland caused a stir at the 2010 NFL Scouting Combine for asking Bryant if his mother was a prostitute.

Although Bryant has never been arrested before, he has had other incidents with police, including being detained early this year after an alleged altercation at a nightclub in Miami, and having off-duty police working security at a Dallas-area mall telling him he was banned from the premises. The family violence arrest could lead to Bryant facing discipline from the league office.

67 responses to “Dez Bryant’s arrest came after pushing his mother

  1. According to lawyers calling in on sports talk radio here in Dallas a class A offense means there was bodily harm visible on victim. That must have been a heck of a shove.

  2. Mr. Bryant and his mother were practicing a dance routine that they were planning to perform for a charity event. At no time did Mr. Bryant shove, push, or otherwise attempt to harm Angela Bryant and any attempts to characterize this as domestic violence is totally unfounded.

    Rusty Hardin

  3. arrested, for a push??? please.. I feel sad for Dez now. to have a mother like that, getting him arrested when he is preparing to what could be his break out season..

    I thought it was bad enough with those “friends” he hangs around with, but now I see his own family even gets him in trouble.. sad.

    and i’m sure that this is going to sound more violent then it is, when the media really starts. I mean, look how they succeeded to blow up the baggy pants “scandal”..

  4. Sounds like he has a messed up family. It’s just all very sad really. If she lived up to her reputation, maybe he showed restraint in pushing her.

  5. Jeff Ireland wants to know if he also called her a “ho”

  6. iluvbears, evidently you have no idea what the 2nd coming of satan would involve. Unless you experienced the terror of being reared in a home (I’m using the word loosely) where your parent(s) has/have a serious addiction to drugs/alcohol, you have no real idea what madness exists! This has absolutely nothing to do with football. This is the result of family problems that no one outside of young Mr. Bryant’s family can come close to judging.

  7. People wanna blame the athletes, blah-blah-blah… But it starts with the people they have around them, I wish these players would understand that and tighten-up…

  8. Let’s see…I’m 6’+ 200lbs+…let me prove I’m a man by pushing my mother…what an absolute loser.

  9. He’s one of those kids that needs to just get out of his family situation and put it behind him. Cut ties.

    A lot of these athletes do because they have family members that will always bring them down, and Ms. Dez is clearly no saint. Of course, he has no business pushing her, either.

    These kids are usually a product of their environment and, sadly, it turns out for the worst. When your mother is a frequent troublemaker and your only real parental figure growing up, that can bring about a very rough childhood.

  10. Do you know why people would beat your face in if you insult their mother? Because she is one of the most important people in the world to you. She sacrificed so much just to raise you and let you have a good future. I don’t care if she has a troubled history with drugs, nobody’s perfect, but there is one golden rule of society: NEVER assault your mother.

    What a lowlife scumbag, I hope he gets some time to reflect upon the evil acts he’s done in jail.

  11. People need to chill they said he was arguing with a male cousin I could see them getting into it and mom probably got in the middle and was shoved most likely unintentionally which happens all the time when people argue and someone’s trying to break it up!!!!

  12. Having an aggressive personality or personalities couple with unhealthy relationships and boundaties can lead to a scene that might look or sound like this: Dez and step brother are about to mix it up, mom gets involved either to break it up (hopeful thinking) or simply creates more chaos, Dez, attempting to go after step brother pushes mom out of the way. Dez, now having money is a target either way it goes…. again, add to that the unhealthy relationship that might exist in the family and…. bullseye!
    But if this man just simply pushed his mom…. I guess therapy should be included in whatever happens with him. JJ might want to protect
    his investment. It’s a very sad story as the younger kids learn from this. THE NFL NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING!! This is not ok Rodge.
    Some of these younger guys have no idea of the influence they have on our children.

  13. They should have a reality TV series with them and the Adam Jones family. Can you imagine? Would be riveting.

    But seriously, how does someone push their mother, no matter how obnoxious she might be? Just leave, just walk away man.

    One other thing, please raise thy children with values people.

  14. Somewhere Jeff Ireland Smiles. Remember all the heat he took for asking a question that now looks like it needed to be answered.

  15. I am not a Cowboys OR Dez Bryant fan, but listen, everyone that wants to call this guy a “turd” or a “loser”, “lowlife”, etc. seems to be missing the obvious fact in this story: The guy’s mother went to jail for selling crack-cocaine (and no telling what else she did).

    Well, when I was growing up, my mom was working a legit job for eight hours and then made it home to make us all dinner. My guess is most people posting—IF not all—had better mother’s than Dez. Give the guy a break.

  16. I see it’s easy for some of you guys living in your little protective, perfect-family-reared bubbles (Jimi48270, lebrack27, herlies, Iluvbears, joetoronto) to toss out judgmental, condescending insults as if you’ve dealt with even a 10th of what Dez has been through. The utter lack of understanding the human condition is strong with you 5. Considering the rough cards Dez was dealt early on, he’s actually turned out quite admirably and will likely mature into a man who spends a lot of time and money giving back to youths of the community.

  17. I hate the Cowboys! But these guys have leaches around them. This maybe made up. No one thought, some will never, to believe Joe Pa was a scum bag.

    I’m defending Cowboy Dez?? … I feel dirty….

  18. Glad Miami didn’t draft this dude. Ireland may have fumbled the interview, but he came to the right conclusion.

  19. I am no fan of Dez Bryant but these charges sound a bit fishy to me. Charging him with a Class A offense is excessive based on the reports and I have a feeling if he was a construction worker instead of a high profile NFL player, no arrest would have been made.

  20. I remember the day after the draft all the talk was “How can all these teams pass on Dez Bryant!?”. Like he was gonna win the Super Bowl for the Cowboys.

  21. While I certainly find violence towards woman (particularly mom!) utterly repugnant, let’s wait for all the facts. It would be prudent for us to remember that this alleged victim has a history of crack abuse and drug dealing. This could be a cash grab attempt. Looking at Dez, I wouldn’t put it past his mother. She did raise him after all…

  22. Everyone bashing dez is an idiot. I’m so sick of people trashing young African American athletes for low character. Would love to see these how most of the people commenting would turn out when raised in situations like many of these athletes.

  23. To the “product of their environment” apologists above, there are plenty of people who grew up in lousy home environments (yours truly included) who have seen no need to assault the parent who did a lousy job raising them.

  24. I think a lot of people need to actually read the article and think about the situation. His mother isn’t Carol Brady in any light. I wouldn’t judge Bryant until all the facts come out especially in a situation like this where mom has a wrap sheet as long as her son is tall and is a drug addict. Bryant is 6’2″ and 218lbs of solid muscle. He could have done a lot more damage than “push” her if he intended to hurt her.

    Another thing to keep in mind is if the push was so bad why didn’t the police arrest him when they were called to the house on Saturday instead of the following Monday two days after the incident? Did Bryant flee and was on the run for two days or did mom and half bro let the whole thing blow over until someone told them they could probably sue and get drug habit money out of it? If she had any physical damage the police would want to take him in right away.

    Just saying, in a situation like this the morals and values of a “normal family” doesn’t work. When you come from an upbringing like Bryant, the fact that you made something of yourself makes you a target of extortion from jealous family members.

  25. purpleguy says:
    Jul 17, 2012 10:14 AM
    To the “product of their environment” apologists above, there are plenty of people who grew up in lousy home environments (yours truly included) who have seen no need to assault the parent who did a lousy job raising them.
    Unless your circumstances include raising yourself from a lousy childhood and then becoming a multi-millionaire who can’t seem to shake the leeches in his family, it’s really hard to compare.

  26. i think it’s funny there are actually people hired by nbc sports who go through and read all the comments, and delete the ones they think are “offensive.”
    oh wait. none of you will see this because it probably made florio or his tadpoles cry.

  27. This one doesn’t pass the smell test. No injuries, and he is not arrested for two days? Sounds like they could not come to terms on a money issue.

    Also, I am going to depart from my usual conservative leanings on this because I just spent the weekend building a fence with my two boys as part of a Scout project. Great time after they crested their video game withdrawal time which I estimated was about 1 hour and a break of sweat on their brow. The next 4 hours were some of the best, and I’ve been feeling great as a father since.

    Now I sit down to read this little snippet and can’t help trying to imagine what it is like to grow up with in this household. I know, many grow up and bad situations and are successful, however I wouldn’t characterize Bryant as a failure either. Don’t forget the countless throngs who are flat out abused by their parents and spend their lives trying to sort it out and even seeking the love of the one who abused them. Can’t imagine the pain and so long as he hasn’t pulled a gun on someone or cracked ’em on the head I have to give him a pass.

    Hopefully he can use this as a wake up call to get some help dealing with his family. Hard as it is I would say stay away.

  28. Please cry me a river about him growing up in a broken home. How many players in the NFL grew up in the same or worse situations and don’t go around being as big of a screw up as this guy…well kid. The sad thing is if not for the NFL he’d have been put in jail and be the typical low life for pushing people around and not paying his bills as you’ve already seen. But hey lets pat him on the butt and give him another chance cause his mom was a screw up too right? Isn’t that the new American way?

  29. This is why the Rookie Symposium is a complete waste brother. No matter what warning former players give an individual who is young will always think it won’t happen to them until lo and behold…you are either a good person or a scumbag in this life. Dez is a scumbag.

  30. Lets just stick with the facts then. The facts are, she had a problem earlier in her life but that also doesnt give people here a reason to judge her like she’s the bad guy for getting shoved around. Is this the first time this guy has gotten into trouble? Hell no! Have the Cowboys had multiple, multiple talks with the kid? Sure have! Is he staying out of trouble. Nope! Could he probably be taking ‘enhancers’ that build testosterone and enhance anger issues? Most likely. The guy should be punished because he’s not getting paid to cause issues, he’s getting paid to get in shape.

  31. Let’s take a look at this…

    * Age 23 and making 23 year old mistakes (the ones that are semi-immature)

    * Family has serious issues…but he still moves them from Lufkin to Dallas for support (wrong move)

    * Instead of surrounding himself with smart and intelligent leaders…he believes he can still figure it out on his own (wrong move)

    As much as we would want these athletes to act and behave in a noteworthy manner, we must realize they are human and mistakes will be made. No matter how “Boneheaded” they behave.

  32. I’ve seen 3 DUI’s and a couple of other things like this in the past month or so of guys that ARE IN THE LEAGUE. All the while, Terrell Owens is jobless because “He talks too much”.

    Geez T.O. you should have been beating your mother or driving drunk instead of getting animated about the game of football and wanting to win SOOOO much.

    The double standards of the NFL Ladies and Gentlemen.

  33. If my Mom spent the money I gave her on drugs and alcohol and ran around town like a Ho, I may want to shake the crap out of her and hit her with my baseball cap too.

    I wouldn’t, but I would want to.

  34. Again read the whole story before you start talking and judging Dez. My nephew play for the Texans and every time you turn around someody needs something from him until he stop dealing with them and changed his number. If you have anything of value people will try and get it from you because their to sorry to go get a job and work. Yes it’s alot wrong with this picture, I saw his mama she looks like she could bet the hell out of Ulacker and bigger then him to. Just saying and to try and stop to grow men from fighting, she should have done something different. Stay out the way, but she wants to sue her own son ok, pay Dez and put her out the house you bought, take back the cars you bought, and cut off her cell phone and allowance you give her she can pay it. Tina

  35. They say he pushed his mama, and hit her with a cap, no visible marks on her. And you people have hanging him out to dry already, he’s better then me.

    I would have treated her just like a stranger on the street, because right now that’s what she is, Now for all you GOD FEARING FOLKS read your Bible God word say parents SHOULDN’T Provoke your children and like wise children. So what if his mom intended to start this fight all alone to get more money out of Dez? He’s family wants MONEY, that’s all.

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