Dez Bryant’s mom tells 911 dispatcher he “tried to kill me”


As if the news couldn’t get worse for Dez Bryant, the 911 call from his mother, which was released Tuesday, adds another disturbing element to an already disturbing case.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Angela Bryant said during her call to authorities her son “tried to kill me,” and that she was going to “put an end to it today.”

Angela D. Bryant told police that her son hit her across the face with a ball cap, pulled her hair, tore her shirt and bra, and repeatedly struck her, according to records released by the DeSoto Police Department.

“Babe, I can’t keep letting him do this. . . . I can’t let him do me like this. I’m tired. I’m going to put an end to it today,” the 37–year-old woman could be heard saying during the call.

Dez Bryant was arrested for misdemeanor family violence, after he allegedly grabbed his mother’s hair and hit her.

According to the report, the assault started at Angela Bryant’s home, but she called from a friend’s house nearby before he arrived there.

“He won’t go home. I keep telling him to go home. He won’t go,” she told the dispatcher.

She told the dispatcher no one was using drugs or alcohol, and when asked if anyone was armed, said “not yet” but that her son had picked up a ball and tried to hit her with it.

“And then he grabbed me. You’ll see when you get here how my clothes look,” she told the dispatcher.

This has been described as Bryant’s quietest offseason to date, but the last 24 hours have been anything but.

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  1. Come on man, not your mother of all people. Dez i have to say you are a loser, this speaks directly to his character and the type of person he really is. From her statement it doesn’t sound like this is the first time, and this is not the end of it, theirs more to come. Sorry Big “D” some how you keep picking up these losers! Ask your self Mr. Jones, is he really worth it, sounds to me you don’t need T.O. you have a new and improved model.

  2. I wonder what she did, trade the Escalade and big chrome rims he bought her for crack? Bought a solid gold toilet?

  3. @elohim7ks
    For the record T.O. has never been arrested for slapping his mother, or anything else. Also, T.O.’s production is something Dex will never even come near. So to call him a “new and improved” version is a little off base and further shows that if a man simply speaks his mind he is put on the same level as a criminal. And for the record, I am not a fan of the Cowboys, Eagles, Bills Bengals or Niners and have been a life long T.O. hater, but only because he has played for my favorite team’s rivals.

  4. one could say Dez’s character (or lack thereof) is a direct product of his upbringing with this woman. has to be tough being brought up by a woman in and out of jail, whom was arrested for selling crack as recently as 2009.

    some kids just dont stand a chance.

    also worth noting that he ‘swiped at her face with a ball cap’ and threatened to throw a football at her.

    let’s lock him up for 20 years.

  5. It’s funny…Dez Bryant has been kicked out of a mall for sagging pants, not paid a huge bill, and got into a scuffle at a club. Not exactly a role model, but not exactly a hardened criminal either.

    This lady had a child at 15, spent a year and a half in prison for selling crack, is an admitted prostitute, sounded agitated on the 911 call but not distraught by any means…and every one just assumes she’s telling the truth.

    This is all coming from one person. No other witnesses have came out, I haven’t seen a police report saying she was obviously battered.

    Maybe he did do it, and if so, he deserves to punished, absolutely. It’s a shame this guys is being labeled as a piece of crap “who beats his mother” when he never really had a mother to being with. His home like was a wreck, as far enought to have scouts saying “We wont say his family life, we’ll say his upbringing….he didn’t have a family life”

    Regardless, if he did it he needs to be held responsible, fully.

    I’m just reserving judgement, and yes i’m a Cowboys fan, and yes you’re going to call me bias but this isn’t anything absolute. It’s not “we caught him drunk driving” or “he had drugs on him” Those are absolute.

  6. How about we allow the criminal justice system to run its course before we rush to judgment. Not all mothers are good people (drew Brees hated his mother and never reconciled with her even up to her death) remember that a woman scorned is vengeful by nature and Noone knows the other side of the story yet! I am huge cowboys fan and I will be the first to say get him out of here if what’s being reported is true. Sometimes when you have money the people you need to watch out the most for is family. I’m waiting until all the facts come out and have been weighed before I throw out my jersey. God bless you all!

  7. Well I guess we can count on him not playing this year! Just like that we could be in the market for T.O. at least he can read a play book!

  8. its crzy how many of you guys are jumping the gun and assuming that the guy is guilty….if u guys sit back and think about…the whole story seems to make less and less sense the more that comes out….

  9. I am not a Dez Bryant fan but damn you people here are really jumping to conclusions. Dez’s mom doesn’t have the best track record with her troubled background and at this point its all “he said she said.”

  10. I will never understand how these guys that have what others can only dream about, are so stupid to risk losing it all with stuff like this

  11. I don’t know…

    Had Dez at 15?

    Sold Crack?


    Odds are if that was YOUR mother.. she might piss you off to hell and back as well. I’m sure she said some crazy stuff to Dez.

    Neither are right for what they did… just a disappointed situation.

  12. I’ve seen and dealt with enough disfunctional families to know that Dez probably did about 70 to 80% of what his mother reported. The fact is that the whole family is garbage and what seems like a circus to you all is perfectly normal to them. What will happen in a week or so is that mommy dearest will not go forth with any charges against Dez or she’ll flat out lie and say that he did nothing. He should still get punished, he is still scum for disrespecting his mother but we must realize that this cycle of abuse and ignorance has played itself out over the course of both their entire lives. Jail nor fines from Goodell will correct two plus decades of horrendous parenting.

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