Ed Reed’s mind is far away from the 2012 NFL season


Ravens safety Ed Reed continues to hint that he’s not so sure he’s going to play this season.

Working at a youth football camp on Monday, Reed said he hasn’t given a whole lot of thought to playing in Baltimore this year.

“This is about these kids today,” Reed said, via the Baltimore Sun. “My mind is just so far away from what’s about to happen in the fall. I’m thinking about other things.”

Reed has spent much of the offseason suggesting — without ever coming right out and saying — that if the Ravens don’t give him a raise from his $7.2 million salary for 2012, he might not show up when training camp starts, and maybe not even when the regular season starts. Reed has been criticized in some quarters for that approach, but he said that’s just part of taking care of business.

“Not everybody is going to understand,” Reed said. “You can’t please everybody. That’s just human nature. Everybody has their opinion, and that’s going to be there. You deal with it. You take it in stride. You take the good with the bad, the bad with the good. That’s part of life.”

Everyone in Baltimore seems to agree that by the time the season starts, Reed will be in the fold. But Reed is still talking like a man who’s thinking about everything other than playing for the Ravens this year.

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  1. Good thing to hear from one of your leaders, thankfully Polamalu or Clark wouldn’t be pulling this act.

  2. Yep, I would refuse to play for 7.2 million too. Really? Have you seen how your fan base is struggling during this tough economy, and the only saving grace happens to be watching their favorite team on Sunday’s. The athletes need to get real.

  3. This is why the Ravens and Raven Nation is tired of this guy. Ozzie don’t give him sh..! We can keep that $7.2 mil and move on…Thanks Ed Reed for the memories….SEE YA!

  4. I think he just likes the attention. Talk about me please. Every year in the offseason when nobody is talking about him he contemplates retirement for the past 3 years. Play or don’t play make up your mind. 7.2 million isn’t enough? Yeah “take care of business”

  5. I am so tired of these pissy attitudes of these prima donna football players. This is the worst because he is just blowing off his team. He is not even saying, this is what I want, let’s negotiate. He is acting like a petulant child. No one in any job says, I may show up, or maybe I won’t……I don’t want to think about it right now. Geesh! Maybe he will go out and get arrested and then he won’t have to worry about it!

  6. Classic training camp avoidance by a long time star. And who can blame him? What is he going to learn by running around in the heat…that he hates training camp?

    Let him get in shape on his own and come in for the last two pre season games. He’s earned the right.

  7. It’s gotten old. Either show up and help the young guys on defense, or don’t. And if you do show up, let Pollard do the tackling in the open field as you’re a liability in the area now. One of the greatest safeties of all time, but it’s hard for a working man like myself to sympathize with someone who stands to make about 4 million (after taxes) dollars this year. If you go and ball out as usual, you’ll get a nice final contract, like Ray Lewis did. But all this negativity and whining paints him as completely out of touch with the reality of society and it’s financial difficulties.

  8. cannonballdookie didn’t Ryan Clark up and leave for Arizona? Thats a great leader. he jumped ship for the money…what a terd…

    BTW Clark is nowhere near the caliber player Reed is. That said, Reed needs to stop talking to the media and give his GM a call as opposed to letting his agent brain wash him.

  9. I’m torn on this one. Precedent set in Baltimore has been play out your contract and you will get a new one (Lewis, Ngata, Suggs and now Rice) but Reed is getting old and you can fault him for thinking about himself. If the tables were turned and he wasn’t productive for the last year and a half he would have been cut already to save his 7.2 million no doubt in my mind. If he thinks he has 3 years left extend him now and save some cap money with bonuses and deferring it. You can’t have a guy like Ed Reed not end his career in Baltimore.

  10. cannonballdookie says:
    Jul 17, 2012 11:28 AM
    Good thing to hear from one of your leaders, thankfully Polamalu or Clark wouldn’t be pulling this act.

    You forget Hines Ward’s 2005 holdout. Unless you are saying he wasn’t a Steeler leader.

  11. Ed Reed doesn’t even have an agent currently in his employ, what does that even say about the whole contradictory nature of this man. Yeah, I want a new deal, I’ll be doing the negotiating myself. Hahaha, every player has an agent, ESPECIALLY one who reportedly wants a new deal. I am still one of the biggest fans in the world on this guy on the field, but he is also alienating a lot of his supporters with this flip-flopping act.

  12. So basically Ed is saying:

    I’m underpaid, but my employer gave me the largest contract ever at my position.

    Its too dangerous a game, so I don’t tackle anymore because I don’t want to get hurt.

    I need more money, so I’m going to choose to not get paid $7M this season, because I’m underpaid, and I refuse to tackle any more.

    If you paid me more money than anyone else has ever been paid at this position, then that will make the game safer, which means I’ll show up and play instead of watching $7M go down the drain.

    Ok. Makes sense to me.

  13. If there ever was a prime candidate for the 5-day letter, it is Ed Reed this year. Vague references to whether or not he will play this year have the Ravens rightfully questioning his commitment. The 5-day letter forces him to make a decision assuming the team has decided not to give him any more money. His $30k daily fines would start the 1st day of camp and if the letter were issued that day it would cost Ed ~$150,000 (+ his $7M salary) to not play this year.

  14. My question is, would he be pulling this if Suggs weren’t hurt and he didn’t think he had extra leverage? Weak move to try to hold the team hostage if so.

    I have always loved to watch Reed, but it has always rubbed me the wrong way to hear how much he thinks he’s above the coaches. Every time he’d get criticized for non-stop foolish lateraling during a runback, he would always insist he had no intention of changing the way he plays no matter what. Now the guy can’t even drop a few words about hoping to be there to get ready for the season, whether or not they’re true? Take a lesson from Ray Rice, Reed, that guy had everyone behind him and still would have even if he had held out.

  15. When a player is looking for his big payday contract at the tail end of his career instead of during his prime – then his agent has failed him.

  16. Hey Ed, Favre called. He wants his persona back.

    Last season’s performance didn’t even warrant his current salary, I don’t know WHY he think he has earned an extension and raise. Personally, I would say give him a 2 year extension, but drop his salary to $5M with escalators and bonuses that would MAX at $7M. Take it or leave it because the way I see it, if Ed skips out on the Ravens this season, he’s not making anymore than $5M next year and he won’t get an offer over 2 years. Quite frankly I’d say he’s surviving on his reputation (Qb’s won’t throw his way) more than his skill these days.

    And that’s coming from a true Ravens fan.

  17. Ed, had a thought. If you are short on cash, need some bucks, just hit Ray Rice up for a loan. He will help ya out.

    Ed will look good in a Redskins uniform next year.

  18. If Ed is not there when camp opens, this is a story. For now, it is a non-event. Truth is the guy is not like most NFL players because he seems to have a true perspective on life after football. That is why he refused to have surgery on his neck. That is why he wrestles with whether to come back every year. I am sure he recognizes that 7.5 million is a lot of money, but he is trying to determine whether it is enough to put his body through what it goes through every season. Everyone knows his body is wearing down and last year he did not make nearly the same amount of plays he usually does. So his career is coming to an end and he is just figuring out what he wants to do. Hopefully he will be there week 1 but it would not surprise me if he retired in the middle of a game. Let it play out before you write the guy off. He is one of the best players of all-time and has done a lot for Baltimore on and off the field.

  19. It has certainly been a tough offseason for the Ravens. First, they lost in a very embarrsing fashion. Then, gone are: Jared Johnson, Ben Grubbs, Corey Redding, Terrell Suggs (injury), and Pagano. Flacco and Reed are both unhappy with their contracts. Plus don’t forget the age catching up with Lewis and their o-line. Finally they kept Cam Cameron. The lone plus has been the Rice contact and an okay draft. It is gonna be interesting to see how they fare this year – I’m guessing 9-7.

  20. Ray Rice is making just a hair more per year and is entering his prime production years. Reed will be 35 this year, is on the decline and wants more? Does not compute. Baseball is the sport where players are paid based on past production. Reed chose the wrong game.

    I have been a huge Ed Reed fan, but each of the last 2 or 3 years he’s been playing more for himself than the team (when he’s healthy enough to be on the field at all).

    If he’s serious about holding out, trade him or cut him. The Ravens will be ok without him and just imagine what they could to with a total of $10M in cap space.

  21. I wouldn’t play for 7.2 million either. Who do they think they are disrespecting me with that low ball offer. Oh n/m i won’t make 30k this year.

  22. I love Ed Reed, even though he owned Carson Palmer over the years. I never saw him be a bad sport even when Hines Ward was being a douche bag. I wish he had been in cincy all these years. Pay the man!!!!

  23. getyourownname says:
    Jul 17, 2012 12:35 PM
    cannonballdookie says:
    Jul 17, 2012 11:28 AM
    Good thing to hear from one of your leaders, thankfully Polamalu or Clark wouldn’t be pulling this act.

    You forget Hines Ward’s 2005 holdout. Unless you are saying he wasn’t a Steeler leader.

    Hines didn’t ‘holdout” there were talks of him doing so but he never did. He got advice from Coach Cower to show up to camp and the Rooneys will take care of him.

    Of course, you’re so much much of a Hines hater because he spent so many years demolishing your defenders, you are blind to the facts!

  24. Every year I hear about how ‘great’ this guy is, and every year I think to myself how average he is. He’s the most overrated player at his position, and not even the best at his position in his own division!!

  25. I am not surprised, he looked like he was really injured badly (ankle, or knee) at the end of last season, yet played through it because they didn’t have anyone else who was competent in their secondary. In other words, an Ed Reed who can’t run is still better than their other safeties. If that wasn’t true, they wouldn’t have played him.

    I think that at best, he has 2 more years left. I’m sure the Ravens have considered just cutting him, but don’t want to lose the play-calling ability he brings and would like to avoid killing morale in the locker room.

  26. boothisman says:
    Jul 17, 2012 3:19 PM
    Every year I hear about how ‘great’ this guy is, and every year I think to myself how average he is. He’s the most overrated player at his position, and not even the best at his position in his own division!!
    That’s ridiculous. I’m a huge Steeler fan, but I respect the hell out of Ed Reed and how he plays the game. The whole Raven team for that matter. Reed is right up there with the best that ever played the game. I’d take Troy over him, but I’m sure it’s because I have my Steeler blinders on. Just like Ravens fans would take Ed, but we all know you couldn’t go wrong with either.

    That being said, he needs to get into camp. The Ravens took care of him when he was in his prime. And he’s getting $7.2 million this year, not like he’s out there making the league minimum.

  27. boothisman says: Jul 17, 2012 3:19 PM

    Every year I hear about how ‘great’ this guy is, and every year I think to myself how average he is. He’s the most overrated player at his position, and not even the best at his position in his own division!!

    Every year the PLAYERS have Reed as the top safety in the league. Polamalu himself said Reed was a better safety than he was, and Ronnie Lott said Reed was the best safety he’d ever seen play. No DB has kept QBs and OCs up at night more than #20 over the last decade. There’s a reason he’s a first-ballot HOF type. Off the field he’s a clown, but there’s no denying what he did and still does on it.

  28. Walter Jones stayed away from training camp for several years in a row towards the end of his career, and it didn’t seem to hinder his abilities on the field when September rolled around. Lighten up, Francis.

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