Marshawn Lynch arrest makes Bills glad they got out when they did

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It’s not that tackle Chris Hairston and linebacker Tank Carder are that good or bad.

But the Bills doubtless prefer having them this morning than Marshawn Lynch, after his DUI arrest Saturday.

As Tim Graham of the Buffalo News pointed out, Hairston and Carder are the players chosen with the 2011 fourth-round pick and 2012 fifth-rounder the Bills got in exchange for Lynch when they shipped him to Seattle in 2010.

They might have gotten more for him if they had played their cards right (such as moving him before drafting C.J. Spiller in the first round of the 2010 Draft, to pair with Fred Jackson), but at the moment, they’re simply relieved he’s somebody else’s problem.

Lynch is likely in line for another suspension since he’s officially a repeat offender.

The three-game suspension in 2009 came after a hit-and-run accident was followed by a gun arrest which led to a plea to a misdemeanor charge. After being arrested Saturday in his hometown of Oakland for driving under the influence, there’s likely another visit to Commissioner Roger Goodell’s office in his future.

There were reports the Bills could have gotten a third-rounder out of the Saints before shipping him to Seattle, but at the moment, they’ll just take solace in the face he’s John Schneider and Pete Carroll’s headache.

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  1. You mean the headache that ran all over the Saints & Eagles and made Ray Lewis look like camp fodder? That one? Yeah, the Seahawks must be crying…

  2. The only headache Marshawn is causing in Seattle is for the opposing defenses.

    Sometimes a change of venue can make all the difference. I think moving to the W coast has had a good effect on the Beast

  3. Oh yeah. A 1200+ -yd headache. Like Aldon smith is a 13+-sack headache. Only difference is, Smith’s last 2 offenses were more like 3 weeks apart, while Lynch’s were 3 years.

  4. You guys are missing the point…he WAS a good rb in Buffalo, made the pro bowl in fact, but it was pretty much a sure thing that he would get himself into a situation like this and really hurt his teammates by being a selfish, inconsiderate moron. Maybe you guys can see if Ricky Watters wants to play some rb for the first 6 games this year…

  5. seems as though marshawn is looking at a 4 game suspension at least. what a complete moron… Week 2 is their home opener vs the Cowboys and Week 3 is a monday nighter vs Green Bay. Beastmode will be watching at home just like everyone else, on a couch, with a 6 pack and a keg of skittles.

  6. As a Bills fan he was a great back and I was sad to see him go but his off the field tactics are something I am glad he is not a Bill.

    He’s not much of a headache is he is suspended and not playing football. Such wasted talent in my opinion.

  7. He had a very good season for Seattle last year but Fred Jackson is the far superior back when he’s healthy. Lynch can’t catch passes and Jackson is a dynamic back who can do everything, and they have another guy cut from the same cloth in CJ Spiller, neither of whom get in trouble with the law. Buffalo 1, Seattle 0.

  8. I’m a Bills fan. At the time, I remember questioning the return we got on both Marshawn & Lee Evans trades. Heck, some people were calling for Buddy Nix’s head…I’m quite content these days.

  9. John Schneider is one of if not the most incompetent GM’s in the league. Can anyone point to a single good move he’s made so far. Let’s take a look at his QB acquisitions: Tavaris Jackson, then he traded away a third round pick and swapped spots at the second for a back up QB that is now BACK with the Chargers…oh and the Seahwaks let him walk in FA so the Chargers got him back for free…Thanks for the free third round pick for nothing Seattle, says San Diego. Now they’ve gone and given up a decent contract to another back up who isn’t even the clear starter to begin training camp. His offensive line is terrible and if he didn’t have an OK College coach for his head coach his defense would be total crap also.

    Worst GM in the league, period.

  10. You mean the headache that ran all over the Saints & Eagles and made Ray Lewis look like camp fodder? That one? Yeah, the Seahawks must be crying…
    You know what’s really sad? All 3 of the plays you are referring to were just that…3 plays. Not to mention they weren’t even in the same season. I feel for ya if your bragging points consist of 3 plays over a 2 season stretch. Your best moment of the entire season was when Ray Lewis got shook? That’s it? Really? Think about that for a minute and you should come to the conclusion that your team is not good at all.

  11. Buffalo isn’t a huge city, and word gets around. My brother was a retired Bflo police officer. There were many instances none of you ever heard of. Right or wrong, Bills players tend to get a break from the police. For that matter, everyone does. There are many stories about Lynch that circulated before Bflo unloaded him. They read the writing on the wall. Apparantly, he was way far below the standards that will be tolerated. He was accused of stealing $20 from a Bflo policemans wife at TGIF’s. Some say “why would a millionaire do that?” EXACTLY! It was shortly after this incident he was traded. Nothing came of it, but I wonder if the Bills knew more about it than we do. There were witnesses to it. Why would the woman lie? I think in Lynch’s case, you can take the boy out of the ghetto, you just can’t take the ghetto out of the boy. Good riddance Marshawn. You aren’t missed here. You will be in Seattle, for at least 6 games.

  12. Wow never knew the saints were interested in Lynch. If they had him they wouldnt of resigned thomas & drafted ingram….lynch/sproles wouldve been scary. But ingram can prob be what lynch is or better since he doesnt get arrested once a yr….we’ll see which option wouldve been better in the next couple of yrs.

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