Marshawn Lynch arrested for DUI

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Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was arrested in his hometown of Oakland for driving under the influence on Saturday.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that Lynch was arrested on Interstate 880, taken to Santa Rita Jail, cited and released.

Police said Lynch was cooperative and agreed to a blood test, which showed his blood-alcohol level was over the .08 limit, although they have not said exactly what his blood-alcohol level was.

This isn’t the first time Lynch’s driving has caused problems. In 2008 his drivers license was revoked after he struck a pedestrian outside a bar and drove off. He was also suspended for three games in 2009 after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor weapons charge. This arrest could be cause for another suspension, as Lynch is already a repeat offender in the eyes of the league office.

Any suspension would be a tough blow to the Seahawks, as Lynch is their top offensive playmaker, with 285 carries for 1,204 yards and 12 touchdowns last season. The Seahawks have said they’re aware of the situation but have declined further comment.

31 responses to “Marshawn Lynch arrested for DUI

  1. At this point I don’t even bother to read athlete DUI stories anymore. They are so common place and frequent now they aren’t even shocking anymore. Although its still amazing that in all sports you will see DUI after DUI story , and by logic you would think other athletes would see these stories too and not be the next guy, however my friends you would be wrong.

  2. “In 2008 his drivers license was revoked after he struck a pedestrian outside a bar and drove off.”

    Sounds like a nice, responsible guy.

  3. Exactly why the Bills had to trade him. Dudes an animal, and I loved him but not worth the risk. Freddy Jax makes it well worth it, not to mention Spiller too.

  4. The NFL clearly needs a heavy hand at the top to deal with these out of control idiots.

    You can’t have the inmates running the asylum.

    It’s time to clean up this mess.

  5. This is another attempt by the Oakland police force to besmirch the reputation of my client. Mr. Lynch was spending a quiet evening at a local chess club drinking lime rickey soda. Any attempt to characterize this in any other way will result in civil proceedings.

    Rusty Hardin

  6. I think its time to start 2 game suspensions for every arrest.

    This is without a doubt the busiest offseason for NFL player legal issues I have ever seen.

    And most are alcohol or assault related issues. Its getting ridiculous.

  7. “See ya in 4 games.”

    His dope and guns trouble in 2009 got him 3 games when he was in Buffalo. He also had a hit and run incident in Buffalo (he decked a Canadian lady with his car).

    It was this type of BS that earned him the moniker “Least Mode” in Buffalo. He sat in a suite and watched the home games. He also told an autograph seeking youngster at the stadium to “get the F out of my face.”

    I think he will get 6-8 games this time. Hey Seattle, enjoy your taste of the rainbow… lol

  8. Least Mode!

    Very disappointing. I kinda thought Marshawn was figuring this thing out and with his resurgence in Seattle, had put all this crap behind him….apparently not. Selfish garbage. That team NEEDS him and he basically told em to F OFF.

  9. Man, as a Bills fan, when we drafted him I really wanted his career to take off. It sucks that he puts himself in these situations because the guy can flat out run anyone over.

    What a shame.

  10. This will likely be a 2013 issue if it is an issue. As an example in California, Nicole Richie had a DUI arrest to trial delay of 8 months. In a month he’ll probably have a plea court date and they’ll set a trial months later, likely timing it for the off season. Those making comments on a week one 2012 season suspension overestimate the speed of the U.S. court system.

  11. He was also accused of stealing tip money from a cops wife in buffalo,all the talent in the world ,bad head on his shoulders,wish he gets his act together someday,#billsmafia

  12. And the Buffalo Bills breathe a sigh of relief. Sure he was worth more than what the bills got in return for his on field capabilities. When he is allowed to play. Sorry Seattle fans but you kind of had to assume this was going to happen for the bargain you got him for.

  13. So…I wonder how a third criminal offense, one of them where he hit someone with his car, compares to grown men in a gladiator sporting league encouraging one another to hurt each other during combat?

    Surely Lynch’s combined legal troubles are more damning than anything any one of the Saints did.

  14. The theme for this offseason must be “I know what I’m doing, it’s not gonna happen to me”! So many millionaires with nothing to do, reeking of invincibility without accountability…

  15. A small fine isn’t gonna mean ANYTHING to someone who make over 7 digits on a salary.

    I think there should be much stiffer suspensions and fines for someone in the NFL or NBA.

    These people are far too young to have all this money.

    Yeah, they earned it, but they aren’t responsible with it.

  16. Again, the thing that would make me respect Roger Goodell is if he came down on player DUIs half as hard as he comes down on everything else. NFL Player DUIs which not only can kill people, but actually HAVE killed a person in just the past couple of years.

    I guarantee this: if they make a policy so that if somebody pops a DUI, regardless of whether that person is a player or a coach, they get suspended for one full NFL season – 16 games – it will stop overnight.

    What’s clear is that the current penalty – a slap on the wrist by law enforcement, a little ribbing from fans and teammates, maybe a couple of games of suspension by Goodell – is not working. At this rate, some drunk NFL player is going to kill somebody else on the road. It’s not a question of if but when.

  17. Why not hire a full-time chauffeur? Seriously, why even drive while playing in the NFL? Pay somebody a $1,000/wk to ensure you’re never behind the wheel in situations like this and you’ll save yourself lots of money, legal troubles, and negative press, (or if you’re Donte Stallworth, a lifetime of bad dreams).

  18. The number of DUI arrests by NFL players is appalling. I understand the “innocent until proven guilty” mantra but something needs to be done. It is completely out of control. I say the NFLPA and Goodell need to draft a joint policy on handling DUI/DWI cases. If a player gets arrested for DUI/DWI they should take a breathalyzer or have blood drawn. Any refusal (or results over the legal limit) should automatically result in a 2 game suspension for a first offense and progressively get worse with each new offense. Aggravating circumstances (resisting, violence, property damage, injuries, etc.) should be taken into account as well and could lead to a longer suspension. This behavior is dangerous. It is not just a young guy out having fun. This behavior often leads to destroyed lives and the NFL along with the NFLPA have the chance to be proactive on this issue. It will never happen, but it should.

  19. the hawks knew this guy was a terrible decision maker when they got him….hopefully he figures out how to remove his head from his butt

  20. Cabs must be really expensive to take in Oakland. You’d think after getting $18 mil guaranteed Marshawn could afford one.

  21. as a hawk fan I am disappointed on what are STAR player did he is the one headed monster in Seattle and we have gave him everything the contract! the money to play! why can’t he just hire a driver. it hurts the whole team and I am interested on on how Pete Carroll handle’s this situation. but you guys can go to the Police Blotter on Profootballtalk and just see how irresponsible the NFL players are. so its just really hard to knock just one guy.. a direction of change is necessary but not a direct impact and discipline to be handed down by the commish will help. look at how he has controlled the play on the field. the commish can’t help the players cause they look at him as the bad guy. Coaches need to have body guards and drivers go with almost every player who has a checkered past an the owner should pay for this… its a risk to take, paying a ton of money but you need to protect your investment

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