NFL answers Vilma, says he can work with Saints trainer during suspension

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The NFL has answered Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma’s argument that enacting his suspension would keep him from being able to rehabilitate his knee injury with the team’s medical staff.

Vilma wants an expedited restraining order blocking the suspension and argued that he needs it so that he can have daily access to Saints trainer Scottie Patton. The league responded with a motion in opposition, via the New Orleans Times-Picayune, on Tuesday that said Vilma won’t be barred from working with Patton during his suspension.

“And Mr. Vilma is incorrect about the ability of the Saints medical staff to interact with him during his suspension; while Mr. Vilma may not attend the Club facility, he can rehabilitate and condition at a private facility and Saints trainers and physicians can monitor and help guide his rehabilitation there.”

The league also argued that by waiting 11 days to file, Vilma “belies the supposed exigency of his motion.”

Given the fact that Patton and the rest of the team’s medical staff will be working with the team full-time during the season, it won’t necessarily be easy for them to find time to work with Vilma on a daily basis. It would be possible, though, and that would seem to cut through the argument that Vilma is unable to continue rehabbing with members of the Saints staff.

8 responses to “NFL answers Vilma, says he can work with Saints trainer during suspension

  1. His argument was bogus anyway. He just needed a vehicle to get the restraining order request in the court system. This response has essentially rendered his request moot and he will soon come up with another reason why he should get injunctive relief. His lawyer bill is going to be huge unless the NFLPA is footing the bill.

  2. I guess Vilma didn’t hear he could still use the trainers on ESPN when he learned of his suspension.

  3. I wonder if Goodell ever gets tired of flicking the fly that is Jonathan Vilma off his arm?? I like to hear what the retirees think of the NFLPA now! How much $$ have they thrown at this bounty issue, and how much more will the throw at it before it dies? I bet the retirees could use some of that money towards medical insurance for knee replacements and encephalitis treatment!

  4. Vilma is just doing what he has got to do after GODell unjustifiably made an ‘example’ out of him even though he didn’t do anything different than most if not all LB’s in the NFL – Hunt down the ball carrier and put a licking on him…

  5. well the NFL’s comments were contrary to what suspension letters suggested. if you take note from Payton’s suspension, Vilma is not to have any contact at all with the NFL.

  6. Believe it or not, I’d rather read about Brett Favre than Jonathan Vilma. At least Favre has contributed to making the NFL what it is whereas Vilma doesn’t care who he throws under the bus in his “it’s all about me” crusade.

  7. This is straight from Joe Vitt’s affidavit today regarding Vilma:

    “While I anxiously await being able to provide substantive and truthful testimony and information about the allegations made by Mr. Goodell regarding the so-called but non-existent Bounty Program, and to refute that the Saints ever had a Bounty Program or that any member of our Defense, including Mr. Vilma, ever placed a bounty on an opposing player and set out to injure anyone or to encourage any other Saints player to injure anyone …”

    He also stated Coach Payton’s reinstatement is conditioned on Mr. Goodell’s personal approval.

    I think we can put “the coaches admited it” argument to rest.

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