NFL Referees Association holding conference call Wednesday, featuring Ed Hochuli

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As if the NFL doesn’t have enough problems right now, they’ve apparently caused referee Ed Hochuli to go Hulk.

The men who officiate pro football games currently are locked out by the league, and their union will be holding a conference call Wednesday regarding the situation.  One of the participants will be Hochuli.

And if Hochuli will be talking, it could be wise for the reporters to pack a lunch.  And a dinner.

Other participants will be referee Scott Green, NFL Referees Association counsel Michael Arnold, and NFLRA executive director Tim Millis.

Topics are scheduled to include the current contract negotiations, the lockout, the NFL’s plan to use replacement officials, and the locked-out officials’ “preparation and training.”

The last subject suggests that the NFLRA will claim that, even though the officials currently are missing no games, they’re not getting the kind of organized work that gets them ready for football season.  Which means that, even if the lockout ends before Week One of the regular season, they won’t be as good as they usually are.

Or, as some of you would say, they’ll be worse than they usually are.

9 responses to “NFL Referees Association holding conference call Wednesday, featuring Ed Hochuli

  1. I would have to say, of the 4 major sports the NFL has the best officials. Followed by Hockey, Basketball then Baseball. I hope they settle this soon.

  2. It would be wise for those reporters to pack a couple of diapers as well. Unless they want to be the one to get up and walk out of the room while Ed is speaking.

  3. These refs who try to become bigger then the game they are suppose to be officiating make me sick. Nobody cares about the refs. Just do your job. if they don’t think they are getting paid enough, I can assure them there are hundreds of college refs dieing for the chance to take their jobs and have no problem just calling the game without all of the extra, attention seeking behavior!

  4. Are we sure this is the NFLRA and not the NRA? Because if Hochuli’s involved, it’s bound to be a gun show.

  5. Nfl refs are like limo drivers….. Way over qualified for their chosen professions… The NBA just tosses a zebra suit on anybody and hopes for the best.

  6. i have been watching pro football for 43 years. the last so many years have been trying; i.e. calls and non calls. though i have never seen such a disgusting display of incompetence, as i witnessed in 2 games today. dallas v philadelphia; and the denver v indianapolis games. the calls pertaining to both visiting teams were so lopsided. both home secondaries were literaly molesting the receivers. the refs’ hardly took notice. it was if they were colorblind. my point is, there was no consistency. that is the major problem with the new rules, as anal as they are. i know the refs’ have a tough job, i respect that; just please try and get it right!

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