Report: Steelers still optimistic about signing Wallace long-term

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Monday’s deadline for signing players with a franchise tag to a long-term contract doesn’t apply to players with restricted free agent tenders, so there’s nothing stopping the Steelers from signing wide receiver Mike Wallace.

Nothing except their inability to agree to terms with Wallace, that is. We heard earlier this month that there’s been little progress or negotiation toward a new deal, but the Steelers don’t seem to have given up hope. John Clayton of ESPN reports that people inside the organization have told him that they remain optimistic about getting a deal done in the next couple of weeks.

“So even though nothing is close at the moment, there is still time before the start of camp and people in the Steelers organization are confident they can get something done, that there will be no holdout, and Wallace will be signed to a long-term deal,” Clayton said.

If a deal does get done now, it will be on the Steelers’ terms. Wallace can hold out or he can sign the tender, but there’s no risk of losing him and, therefore, no reason for the Steelers to budge much from their preferred deal.

Avoiding a holdout would be good in terms of Wallace learning the offense being installed by new coordinator Todd Haley, but there’s not actually any deadline looming. The two sides can work out a deal through Week 10 without Wallace signing his $2.77 million tender or at any point in the year if he does sign the tender.


4 responses to “Report: Steelers still optimistic about signing Wallace long-term

  1. The name on the front of the jersey is a hell lot more important than the name on the back!

  2. No doubt mike wallace can play football. But there have been allot of one hit wonders in the league and i can not blame the steelers for sticking to there guns. Wallace is looking for money that guys get that have proven themselves yr after year. Man i wish i could make millions for getting up at 5am everyday and working construction like i do. You play football for a living man and you are gonna retire a millionare in your 30s. And your starting to look greedy to allot of us steeler fans. Sign your millions of dollar contract im sure the steelers are offering you and quit the drama. These guys are way overpaid to begin with. Us hard working people are the ones underpaid and we have to work till we are 70 to retire. To much greed in sports today……. Anyway Go Steelers!!!!

  3. We’re in an era where the name on the front doesn’t care about the name on the back. They think they’re all expendable. Wallace is wants to be paid and feel secure. One bad non-contact drill can cause him to lose out

  4. Excellent! Problems are brewing, just wait folks. They can’t afford Wallace because of all the restructured contracts they’ve paid out for aging players.

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