Schaub makes $200,000 donation to Houston hospital


Charity rarely happens without motivation, except when one man’s trash becomes another man’s treasure.

For Texans quarterback Matt Schaub, his latest act of charity is significant, and admirable.  According to the Associated Press, Schaub’s foundation donated $200,000 to Texas Children’s Hospital.

In isolation, only the crustiest cynic would wonder whether Schaub’s contribution is aimed at marshaling public support as his six-year, $48 million contract with the team comes to a conclusion.  Coupled with Schaub’s words, however, even the most naive would be unable to miss the possible link between the check Schaub is cutting now and the checks he hopes to receive in the future.

“It’s something that Laurie and I didn’t want to put together just for a flash in the pan, a one- or two-year thing,” Schaub said of the payment.  “We wanted to do this as long as we can, as long as we’re here in Houston, wherever we are after that.  It’s very important for us to be here, because we’ve developed such a great relationship with the people here.  It’s important for us to keep this thing going as long as we can.”

The Texans reportedly don’t plan to consider giving Schaub a new contract until he proves that he’s healthy.  On Monday, Schaub declined to address either his contract or his health, explaining that he’d touch on those topics next week.

It’s a smart move.  If he’d discussed the team’s reluctance to give him a new deal while also discussing his donation to Texas Children’s Hospital, the possible link between the two otherwise unrelated topics could have been even more obvious.

As it relates to Schaub’s contract, what’s obvious is that the new contract signed by Saints quarterback Drew Brees lifts all quarterback boats, putting Schaub in line for more — either from the Texans or on the open market.

In the end, it makes sense for the Texans to keep Schaub.  But apart from his ability to stay healthy, his expectations on a new deal will be a major factor.  If he’s willing to be charitable in that context, too, he likely will remain in Houston over the long haul.

8 responses to “Schaub makes $200,000 donation to Houston hospital

  1. I have never understood the tag “ability to stay healthy”. Are some guys just brittle and others are not? Or is it just pure luck?

  2. Donating to a children’s hospital won’t get you a new deal. Only the most asinine of bloggers would post that. A new deal depends on how he plays, not pays.

    Take it for what it is, a very generous donation to a great cause. Don’t twist it to something else.

  3. I would feel so awkward making a donation that is released publicly.

    (Matthew 6:2) When giving to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have their reward.

    Great action by the Schaubs but it’s a little embarrassing to actually receive recognition for it. I remember reading where Jerry West was pissed and embarrassed that WVU leaked his charitable contributions in one particular instance.

  4. What an absurd story. I bet Schaub would have preferred to not receive any attention for this act. To say there is a link between his donation and his contract renewal is ridiculous. So your theory is that Schaub may be angling to use the gesture to some how benefit him. Like the donation will show the city what a great guy he is and the people will rally around him in contract negotiations. Are you serious? To even slightly imply that he did this for personal gain is so disrespectful. You should reach out to Schaub and apologize.

  5. The fact that his contract was brought into this story is a disgrace!! This is the 2nd year for him to give to Texas Children Hospital so it isn’t new this year. Plus the money was raised back in April, he didn’t just decide to all of a sudden do this.

    One thing great about being a Texans fan and now that they are playing great is the fact that they have a lot of stand up men in the locker room!! Makes it even more fun to cheer for them.

  6. I remember when the billionaire owner of the broncos gave 50k to help with recovery from the colorado fires. Some people praised him and some people panned him for being cheap. I think this action puts that action in the latter context.

    Being a good character person both on and off the field does matter to who a team signs, the recent spate of arrests undelines that. Schaub isnt making it rain, clubbing people in nightclubs, speeding, smoking pot or hitting his mother. He is being the kind of role model every team should want to have. All other things being equal, I shoild hope that makes a difference.

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