Suspension may not be automatic for Lynch


Thanks to two prior incidents (three, counting his postgame joyride at Cal), most in the media are assuming that Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch will absorb a lengthy suspension if convicted of DUI.

But DUIs don’t fall under the personal-conduct policy.  Drunk driving gets processed under the substance-abuse policy.  And the substance-abuse policy provides that, ordinarily, a player will only be fined for a first-offense DUI.

That said, a suspension may be imposed if the league finds “aggravating circumstances,” which could in the opinion of the judge/jury/executioner include a past history of non-DUI infractions.  “Aggravating circumstances” also could arise from the contention that Lynch nearly struck a pair of cars.

Regardless, a suspension isn’t as automatic as everyone seems to believe it is.  While a suspension could indeed occur, it’s not guaranteed.

And, yes, my editorial discretion in deciding to post this item was influenced by the opportunity of adding video of Lynch driving a cart on a football field.

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  1. when he got arrested for the gun charge he was caught with weed. did that put him in the substance abuse policy making this not his first offense?

  2. Drinking excessively is a substance abuse issue; DUI/DWI is a crime. The league and the NFLPA need to revisit this particular portion of the conduct policy. These guys (collectively) are completely out of control and something PROACTIVE needs to be done. The NFLPA should willingly help the league on this. Force any player arrested for DUI/DWI to take a breathalyzer or blood test. Refusal to do so or any result over the legal limit results in an automatic 2-game suspension (regardless of the legal gymnastics of reducing charges, etc.) for a first offense. Aggravating circumstances like violence, resisting, injury or property damage could be factored in for a longer suspension. Make it 8 games for 2nd offense, 16 games for 3rd and a lifetime ban on the 4th. The behavior is dangerous to the players and everyone else unlucky enough to be near them on the roadways. This is more than young men just having fun; lives can be destroyed by their stupidity.

  3. While Lynch is an idiot for his actions……..most people (outside of saints fans), including myself enjoy watching/rooting for him….so he will get little to no suspension

  4. Gotta love the Ghostride the whip even though Mother’s Against Drunk Driving might not dig the “Ghost” reference.

  5. oh!?!?!, you cannot help yourself with the judge / jury / executioner comment. Goodell will be the judge and jury for at least 8 more years…has served the league well for “decades now”

  6. Where’s the outcry for the team to be accountable and punish him like you had for the Lions?

  7. When Lynch was in Buffalo and hit that Canadian jaywalker right outside a bar I’m willing to bet he was above .08 BAC. He also was kicked out of bars on numerous occasions for bringing in his own liquor while in Buffalo. I know other stories that my friends have experienced first hand w/ him. Bottom line is the guy has a substance abuse problem.

  8. I am a longtime NFL fan and I am growing so tired of seeing these “men” and I use tha word lightly acting like morons. It seems like everyday I come to this website and read about someone driving drunk, pulling a fire alarm while drunk or beating a woman. I don’t know about other fans but I find myself more and more disgusted with the NFL everyday to the point where for the first time since I can remember I’m not even excited about the kickoff of the season. I know a few guys getting arrested isn’t going to sink the NFL ship, but over the years I think you could see fans disgust result in empty seats and empty couches in front of the TV on Sunday.

  9. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell most likely will let these guys go free this is not a bounty issue. Until they get out there and kill someone are themselves but he thinking of players safety. He has real evidences in these cases to me rules is rules so Roger Goodell stick it to them like you did Saints with no real evidences no excuses read your CBA rules it in there so find it. Remember its all about players safety here these are serious charges with evidences so do your job are get fired.

  10. As a seattle fan I’m patiently waiting to see his punishment. Unproven backs will all get a real shot this season in all likely hood. Sutton, Turbin, lumpkin, taua.
    Don’t think seattle management will sign cedric benson just yet

  11. I am a Seahawks fan and I want them to do really well this year. With Lynch as our RB, I think we have the opportunity do something special. AND I still think he should be suspended for 4 games. His track record of offenses is really bad and the team needs to stand for something.

  12. Lynch’s hit and run in Buffalo very likely involved alcohol, although that can not be proven as he drove home and didn’t have a police interview until the following day. I believe anyone with half a brain can make that connection if not prove it and that SHOULD be weighed when punishing him, if this punk isn’t sent a serious message he WILL kill someone eventually.

  13. It’s silly that DUI is dealt with under the substance abuse policy. It’s not the drinking that’s the problem, it’s driving while your judgement is impaired. Lots of people who don’t drink that much at all are caught driving after having a few beers after work one Friday, while lots of alcoholics are at least smart enough to get a cab home.

  14. Contingency plan? Meet 4th rd draft pick Robert Turbin. Same build, same punishing style.

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