Terrell Owens reaching in efforts to reclaim image

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Terrell Owens has always loved him some him.

Now, as he tries to enlist another NFL team to share that affection, he’s enlisted some old friends.

Last night, Owens tweeted (and his agent Jordan Woy retweeted, to spread the message as far as possible) a link to a blog written by the mother of his youngest child called “The Transformation of Terrell Owens.”

The blog, apparently written by a Los Angeles-based makeup artist named Samelia (she refers to herself by one name, all caps, maybe her first name’s Cosmo) vouches for the troubled wide receiver.


“By no stretch of the imagination have I been happy with Terrell’s past actions as it relates to my son,” she wrote. “To see Terrell rise to the levels he did, yet not find it within himself to meet and develop a relationship with his son because of his so call ‘resentment toward me’ and other excuses, to me is somewhere between immature, ridiculous and inexcusable. But I did not ‘put him on blast’ in the media or go public with my story for a number of reasons. Primarily because . . . regardless of how I felt about his father’s actions, Terrell is still his father.”

She describes Owens as “now trying to be a part of my son’s life.”

“We’ve all watched the rise and now the fall of my son’s father, Terrell Owens,” she wrote. “But I believe with the new path Terrell is on he can and will rise again. I see him learning to abandon the arrogance, checking the ego at the door, and watching what comes out his mouth.

“This man wants to do right, work in a profession he has done so well in for years, and show the world he can be not only a great athlete, but also a parent and a man! It won’t be easy and there are huge obstacles in the way but I am confident he will overcome them and rise again.”

That Samelia would go out of her way to write such a heart-felt treatise speaks to his character. I guess. Unless she just wants him employed to sweeten the child support package.

But the clumsy attempts to revamp his image might also scare off any potential employers. At no point in his NFL career, at least after the first few episodes, has anyone really bought the “I’ve changed,” narrative as it pertains to Owens.

You sign him, you know what you’re getting.

Now, by trying so hard to convince people he’s not same destructive influence as in the past, Owens comes off looking, frankly, pitiable.

And when you’ve sold swagger and invincibility for more than a decade, pathetic’s just not a good look.

21 responses to “Terrell Owens reaching in efforts to reclaim image

  1. I don’t know, I think id give him a chance. He’s at the point in his career where one bad move and its officially over for him so he will be forced to stay humble. Also the fact that he had 2 very good seasons his last 2 years givin who his QB’s were.

  2. Just my two sense:
    For a society that has one of the largest Christian populations in the world, we often have a hard time forgiving people for past transgressions.

    If Randy Moss deserves another chance, so does TO.

  3. “This man wants to do right, work in a profession he has done so well in for years, and show the world he can be not only a great athlete, but also a parent and a man!”

    great parents and great men don’t need second chances.

  4. For openers, my feeling is there is at least one franchise that would welcome what Owens brings to the table, but don’t want to take that hit for being the one that ‘stepped up’ and took a shot (and I can’t say I blame them). This is a broke, older and much more desparate man who finally has no where to go. But he cannot make himself accept that reality. If Owens is not with ‘somebody’ somewhere in pro football by the season opener, I believe we will have finally heard the last of him. He’s down. As a fellow human I feel for him.

  5. It’s real simple, she’ll get a cut of his last payday for helping him get a new contract.

    If he gets one.

  6. Not sure the solution to a man not paying child support is to refuse to give him a job.

    If I’m an owner, I would certainly give this guy a one-year, veteran minimum, no signing bonus contract to come into camp and fight for a job.

    If my coach said he didn’t want him because of potential locker room problems, I would wonder if I had the right coach if he thinks he can’t control one guy.

  7. Previously, T.O. and Samelia were directly at odds.

    That was then. This is now.

    From a current financial incentive perspective, T.O.’s and Samelia’s interests are both perfectly aligned now.

    T.O. needs money, since unlike the Mark Schlereths, Dan Fouts’s and Shannon Sharpes of the world — T.O. seems to be hard-pressed to find a post-career gig.

    And Samelia can’t extract blood from a turnip. If the T.O. well runs dry, Samelia’s money pipeline goes bone dry too.

    That’s just reality.

    But having said that, it would be nice if T.O. truly did reel it back in – and could please a team and fan base during the winter phase of his career. Problem is the sun may have already set.

  8. To begin the discussion of the two diva WRs: Moss is 35 and won’t turn 36 until Feb, which is after this season. TO will turn 39 in December. In addition, Moss is healthy. TO had recent knee surgeries. Clearly the fans who lobby for TO because Randy has gotten a job are not considering Father Time and Brother Surgery. Even if TO is a person who has finally seen the light, when the above is factored into the mix, Randy is the diva to chance. I have no dog in this fight. I care for neither and I wish ill for neither.

  9. If there’s a team interested in TO then they should offer him a contract with some incentives to give him a chance to make a decent salary if he produces. As far as his conduct, it’s real simple. Play hard and act like a professional. Anything else…..here’s your apple & a bus ticket.

  10. I’m really not much of a Owens fan but here is my take on it: Was he a problem in Buffalo? No. Was he a problem in Cincinnati? No. Was he productive in Buffalo? Yes. Was he productive in Cincinnati? Yes.

  11. I like to see players who have done stupid things try to make amends, and I think these players should be given another chance under some circumstances. Michael Vick, Adam Jones, Randy Moss and even Plaxico have done so recently with various degrees of success.

    But this just feels different. With all those players you got the feeling that they had something left to offer and they just had to convince teams they were worth the risk. Some were, some weren’t, but they something left. With T.O. it just seems like an endless train of desperate initiatives to advance his case for an NFL job, to keep him relevant and to somehow push past the overriding opinion that, even if he has changed as a person, he just has nothing to offer as a receiver.

    I am a 9ers fan and was a big fan of T.O. back in the day. I would like to remember him as the guy who caught *that pass* in the final seconds against Green Bay in the playoffs. Not as this desperate shell of a man trying to squeeze the last few dollars out of a doomed career. As Darin says in the article, it just seems a bit pathetic.

  12. What exactly did TO do in Cincinatti that caused problems? The TV show and hogging the sideline cameras during games with Chad Johnson? Honest questions, I don’t recall any major issues with coaches or teammates that were made public, at least.

    That said, for trouble makers like TO, actions speak louder than words. If TO was really interested in rehabilitating his image and showing he’s matured, then his last stint in pro football, the IFL, demonstrated that he’s still a diva. He was fired from the team he partially owns. What kind of message is he trying to send if he wrote in the contract that he didn’t have to play away games?

  13. T.O. is better than most of the #1 WR’s in the NFL right now. If I was a coach I would give him a chance cause hes better than any WR the Vikings or Redskins have right now an if I was the Rams or Dolphins I would take a look at T.O. an he didnt hurt Tony Romo’s numbers in Dallas

  14. I’m iffy on this. Hopefully T.O. has changed for the better. His well is running dry so he needs his babies momma to help him out. We all need help,it’s just too bad T.O. let it get this way before doing something. I can see a team signing him to a 1 yr $1M. U gotta hand it to him. The dude is in shape. But being in shape & being in football shape are 2 dif things. Hope it goes well for him

  15. Any team would be better with the talent and experience of either Terrell Owens or Plaxico Burress. Owens isn’t looking to start locker room issues. He wants a long term tv gig. They both deserve to play at least for minimum veteran scale plus incentives.

  16. Owens is a manipulator and a master of creating news–both good and bad–for one purpose: to make everything be about Owens. A blog from one of the baby mommas? Are you sure? Could it be TO, his agent, a NEW girlfriend who still believes his rap? Give us a break.

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