Willie Parker gets into coaching, around some other NFL vets


Former Steelers running back Willie Parker’s getting into coaching, taking a job as an assistant at West Virginia Weslyan College.

Parker was a member of two Super Bowl champions in Pittsburgh, rushing for 5,378 career yards. And he’s not nearly the only NFL link at the Division II school in scenic Buckhannon.

He joins a staff that includes another former NFL running back, Anthony Thomas, who is the special teams coach there. Thomas spent seven years in the NFL with the Bears, Saints, Cowboys and Bills.

Also on the staff is Eric Brock, a safety who spent two years with the Falcons. And, then there’s Nate Montana, son of Joe, who transferred there in May.

 Maybe they all just want to hang out with Florio, who lives about a half hour away.

5 responses to “Willie Parker gets into coaching, around some other NFL vets

  1. Willie was a guy that squeezed every last drop of production out of the tools that he had. He was never a “great” running back but to be a guy that didn’t even get in the game on senior night at UNC, go undrafted, and become the starting RB for a Superbowl team is pretty awesome.

    Always seemed like a stand up guy too. Wish him luck in his coaching career.

  2. I always kept hope alive that id see Fast Willie back in a NFL uniform… hard to believe that he fell off that fast..! Saw his workouts he posted and he still had the speed… Makes u wonder how GOOD u really have to be to make it in the NFL!! Good Luck Willie!

  3. I loved Willie’s attitude. Had great speed, strong legs, but instincts maybe not what the great backs have.

    One side note: He took a hit, maybe his first year, by Shaun Taylor that was like a train hitting a sheep. Willie caught a floater down the sidelines, never had a chance to look up hardly. But Willie was tough, got up, but yowwwwwwwwww.

  4. Parker barely understood the game while he was playing. He just used his speed and, when that didn’t work, got shut down.

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