With Matt Forte taken care of, Brian Urlacher and Jay Cutler are next


Signing Matt Forte was, in a way, a fairly straightforward transaction.

The Bears running back produced, he’s at an age where production can be somewhat assumed, so he was taken care of.

Things will get more complicated for the Bears in the coming year, according to Michael C. Wright of ESPNChicago.com.

With linebacker Brian Urlacher’s contract expiring after this season and quarterback Jay Cutler’s after 2013, the Bears have a pair of big issues and no easy answers.

The 34-year-old Urlacher said in June that he was told no deal would be done until after the season. He’s still productive, but giving a long-term deal to a player his age will always be a risk.

“The Bears know I want to be here. I’ve said it publicly, and that’s not gonna change,” he said. “Whatever happens during the season or after the season, we’ll address it then. They know I want to be here, and I think they want me here.”

Cutler’s will be far more expensive, if they decide they want to invest in him long-term. The talent can’t be questioned, but he has one winning season in three years, making it fair to wonder if he deserves to be paid with the Matt Staffords and other top passers who are coming up for deals.

And besides, it’s not like Cutler’s going to threaten a singing career as leverage.

7 responses to “With Matt Forte taken care of, Brian Urlacher and Jay Cutler are next

  1. How in the world can you question Cutler by saying he has only had 1 winning season in 3 years. Then you have the nerve to follow it up questioning if he should get Stafford money?

    How many seasons has Stafford had a winning record? How many has he stayed healthy?

    Pick a better example next time.

  2. did you seriously just say you wonder if Cutler deserves to paid the same as stafford and other young qb’s? what did stafford do before throwing the ball up to megatron to catch every play last year? he was always hurt and the lions never won. but one good season throwing to one of the best receivers is the basis for a monster contract. but Cutler who has played with no o-line and no true #1 wideout and behind some of the worst playcallers ever to be o.c does not? he took them to the nfc championship game and had them headed to the playoffs last year before he got hurt. that injury was the only reason the lions got into the playoffs because the bears could not win without Cutler. so yea while Cutler may not win Mr. personality of the year he deserves to be paid like one of the top qb’s and definatly more than stafford.

  3. I don’t really see this as being all that complicated. Cutler is above average QB with mediocre stats, give him middle of the road money. They haven’t invested in a No.1 WR in Chicago until Brandon Marshall. Before Marshall, Knox, Hester, Bennet, all three are second tier WR at best.

    Urlacher is an aging LB that hasn’t hasn’t been completely healthy for a number of seasons, let him go. Give him a chance to go to a team that needs a veteran LB, that has a chance at a Championship, like New England and give him his shot at a SB ring, he deserves it.

    Pretty easy answer IMO.

  4. Stafford was probably the worst example you could have chosen if you were going for QBs with consistency, health, and a winning record. I think Cutler is only above average but come on, all Stafford had to do was throw a jump ball to the NFL’s best WR

  5. This clown seriously just used Matthew stafford as the example? Of all the bone headed moves. They’re like mirror images…if one side was made out of porcelain and rice paper.

  6. Cutler is a top 5 QB who hasnt had the weapons around him since he came to Chicago… UNTIL NOW. The Bears know what they have in Cutler an they will get him a contract that says he is the franchise an that the Bears is his team. an they wont wait long at all. Chicago knows what kind of numbers Cutler will put up this season an they wont be running any kind of risk by paying him NOW

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