Blackmon’s DUI could keep him from getting to camp on time


While two first-rounders have already signed today, the momentum created by Robert Griffin III’s contract with the Redskins and Dont’a Hightower’s deal with the Patriots might not extend all the way to Jacksonville.

According to Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union, the Jaguars may not have first-rounder Justin Blackmon for the start of training camp, because of concerns of how to structure his deal to protect themselves.

Second-overall pick Griffin and ninth-overall pick Luke Kuechly got fully guaranteed deals with no offset language (which takes the team off the hook for future salary if the player is cut and on another roster).

But in Blackmon’s case, it’s not so easy, because of his arrest this offseason on charges of aggravated DUI (when he blew a 0.24, or three times the legal limit blood alcohol content).

Jaguars General Manager Gene Smith said in June the issue “can impact” the negotiations, and it seems they’re bracing themselves for that possibility.

Ganguli cited a source familiar with the negotiations who said he “wasn’t sure sure Blackmon’s deal would get done by the start of training camp” because of the uncertainty.

The Jags also have a hold-up with unsigned third-rounder Bryan Anger. The punter’s deal is complicated by the fact he’s not eligible for a performance escalator than offensive and defensive players can earn by playing in a prescribed number of snaps. That could drag that negotiation out, though there’s more of hope he’ll get to camp on time.

8 responses to “Blackmon’s DUI could keep him from getting to camp on time

  1. I certainly couldn’t have predicted something as detrimental as a DUI for this young guy, but I felt as if he was looking like a future bust having landed in a bad spot in Jacksonville. Yes, he possesses a good amount of talent, but whenever you evaluate a WR you obviously have to also evaluate whose throwing the ball to him…and Gabbert looks like a big question mark. His offensive line didn’t do the greatest job of protecting him, but Gabbert looked very flustered on a regular basis in his first season.

  2. How could anyone with these behaviors in their resume NOT expect there to be carefully worded language that protects the employer, especially when the employer is going to be asked to provide a salary worthy of a high ( pun intended ) draft pick. If his agent demanded a contract as if there were no issues, that alone would tell me the kind of attitude Blackmon has assumed regarding the shouldering of his responsibilities. It would also influence me to tell him to pound salt until he joins us in the REAL world. No team needs this kind of player unless and until he assumes ALL responsibility for his behaviors, whether these choices are appropriate or not so appropriate.

  3. RE: Blackmon–better get his lawyer to settle this thing so he can get to camp. Just plead to whatever, dude. The NFL’s treatment of you isn’t going to be any different and the fine you’ll owe will be chump change. Move on.

    RE: Anger–HAHAHA! Gene, see how idiodic using a 3rd was on a punter? The players nor the owners nor the league figured a bonus structure for a punter would ever be necessary in the 3rd round. Hilarious! Should have never let go of Podlesh. And by the way, I have nothing but great things to say about Anger, the guy. Seems awesome.

  4. Don’t sign and go to another team blackmon. It’s a career ender before it gets started. They drafted a punter in the 3rd round for Christ sake

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