Dez Bryant mentor: “He loves his mom to death”


When we heard Angela Bryant’s voice on a 911 tape, she was telling a dispatcher her son Dez “tried to kill me.”

Now, we have one of his advisers explaining the son’s side.

He’s very remorseful,” David Wells told Rainer Sabin of the Dallas Morning News. “He loves his mom to death. And that’s about it. No one wants to be in a situation like this. No one wants to go to jail.”

Wells has been by Bryant’s side for many of the less serious trangressions, and is by his side now. Monday, Dez Bryant was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor assualt for assaulting his mother. The police report said he tore his mother’s T-shirt and bra, pulled her hair and struck with his cap.

Asked where the mother and son stood today, Wells said: “They’re always communicating. She loves him. He loves her. They’re always communicating.”

Wells has served as a mentor to Bryant for years, and asked what the 23-year-old wideout could do to avoid a future of trouble, he said: “Every day of your life you’ve got to put God first and continue to be yourself. He has to strive every day to be a better man. He came into the league and he made it a goal to play football. He is remorseful about this happening. He is.

“Right now, we’re just trying to get things cleaned up and continue to put God first and hopefully this thing can get resolved and he can get back to business.”

You know another path to staying out of trouble? Not beating up your mom.

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  1. As much I hate to say this…I think you have to cut him, Jason Garrett has been on record many times he only wants the “Right kind of Guys” on this team.

    Dez does not meet this criteria.

    It’s really sad because he is really talented, but for his sake and the cowboys, I think you have to move on.

    And yes, I am Cowboy Fan

  2. First let me say I hate the Cowboys and don’t really care for Dez Bryant either but based on the official reports that have come out so far, I have to question the validity of these charges. His mother had no real injuries when police came on the scene and she even says he “smacked her with his hat”. While that is not a nice thing to do to your own mother, it hardly constitutes “trying to kill” someone.

    My guess is that this is a final attempt to squeeze some more money out of her son and that these charges will be dropped and her story will change after the approprite pay off is made. If Bryant is smart, he’ll file a restraining order against her and cut her completely out of his life after he signs this last check. With a mother and brother like this, who needs enemies?

  3. “Wells has served as a mentor to Bryant for years…”


    He’s obviously not a very successful “mentor”. It’s time the Cowboys suspend Bryant and hire a REAL life-coach/mentor for him.

    Call Tony Dungy. He’s got the time-and the experience. And the Cowboys can afford his fee.

  4. Wasn’t Prime his mentor for a while too? Maybe it’s time to simply take responsibility for your actions and look at yourself in the mirror.

  5. Grown men needing mentors .. Pathetic .. Grow a pair u child .. Secondly why did he rip his moms shirt and bra that is just weird … This guy has talent but is too much of a head case to succeed

  6. “You know another path to staying out of trouble? Not beating up your mom.”

    “Mom” of course being used as loose as the English language will allow. Crackhead. Extortion. Irresponsible. Drug Addict. Just a few words that come to mind before Mom.

  7. The Cowboys should trade him to Chicago, then Marshall and Dez can compare notes on there woman problems, and the Cowboys can move on from a bad draft choices, now people can see why the fish passed on him. Bill p.s. they should send him to the Marines boot camp, I doubt he would survive one day, baby punks never do.

  8. If the cowboys cut him (which I hope they don’t) you got a huge line of receivers to step up but I don’t know how well they can perform because most are young.

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