Dolphins see post-draft spike in season-ticket sales

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The Dolphins’ effort to fill those ugly orange seats at Sun Life Stadium is working.

Sort of.

Team president Mike Dee tells Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald that the Dolphins have sold 6,000 new season tickets, with most of that spike coming since the draft.

Dee says that the increase in ticket sales has caused the team to re-evaluate plans to reduce the capacity of the stadium.

The fact that the sales came mainly after the draft means that the decision to draft quarterback Ryan Tannehill may have played a role in the box-office success.  Which means that fans will expect to see Tannehill on the field.  Which may not happen.

“I’m trying not to put too many grandiose expectations on the kid,” G.M. Jeff Ireland tells the team’s official website, per Jackson.  “I think the kid is our future. Obviously, I wouldn’t have drafted him with the eighth pick [otherwise].  I feel like he’s the kind of guy you want in the locker-room, the kind of athlete you want running an offense.  But we’ve got two other quarterbacks here that are very established, very good competitors, so it’s not going to be easy for him.”

We still think that the Dolphins could be setting up a phony competition, allowing Tannehill to enter Week One of his rookie season with the boost of confidence that comes from leapfrogging Matt Moore and David Garrard on the depth chart.

Of course, the flaw in that logic could be the notion that leapfrogging Moore and Garrard would actually give Tannehill confidence.  And so maybe the purpose of a potentially phony competition is to avoid Tannehill from becoming completely discouraged by his failure to overcome Moore and Garrard on the depth chart.

13 responses to “Dolphins see post-draft spike in season-ticket sales

  1. I’m not sure why the Dolphins sold 6000 new season tickets as I am not in Miami/Dade. But I don’t have to live there to know that Ryan Tannehill is NOT the reason.

    If Andrew Luck could not do it-and he hasn’t-in Indy then it isn’t logical Tannehill can do it.

    I’d say it was the general house cleaning (new coach, new QB, soon to be new uniforms) and good marketing that accounts for any increase in sales.

  2. As a fan and ticket holder I am content with Tannehill sitting for the season and learning to be a pro qb.

    Now if the team can arrange to have wife Lauren roam the sidelines in brief attire that 6,000 additional seats could mushroom to 10,000.

  3. I think the best course of action for the writer of this article is to not think too much. I’m willing to bet $100 that tannehill won’t be the starter game 1 against houston.

  4. Glad to see that the Dolphins drafting Tannehill will result in some additional box office success, because it sure won’t result in any on-field success for the franchise.

  5. Read through Ireland’s b.s. He drafted this kid #8 overall, knowing he won’t start this season, buying him another 2 years minimum as gm. Same old 6-10, or if lucky, 8-8 dolphins. I’ll spend my money elsewhere thank you.

  6. Knowledgeable Dolphin fans are not expecting Tannehill to start anytime soon. Rather, most of those fans see the the draft as a one of many positives. The overall feeling is that the team is moving in the right direction (conservatively, wisely, or both), contrary to what the talking heads and prognosticators want to espouse.

    Knowledgeable fans also realize the goal isn’t for instant success (i.e, winning the off-season), but rather, sustainable success and post season competitiveness.

    Knowledgeable Dolphins fans are also pleased the rest of the world has low expectations for the team, which then means any successes will exponentially increase positive momentum (as well as leaving the detractors with crap on their smug faces). As opposed to unrealistic expectations, which is always a recipe for a disastrous season (just ask Rex).

    And finally, most knowledgeable Dolphins fans consider the Dolphins Cheerleaders the hottest in the league, and arguably, well worth the price of admission themselves.

  7. Sorry all u football experts/fans, but the #8th draft pick plays the first yr, doesnt sit the pine getting splinters in their azz. #8 picks are franchise players, be it QB or LBs. They play, they dont have to wait on the game. This was a sorry pick by Jeffery,,,again. Opening day, the first 10 draft picks this season will be starting except #8. And all the so called knowledgable fans can wait,,,again.

  8. Maybe most quarterbacks picked in the top ten start right away, but usually they go to bad teams and they are usually the best quarterback on the roster. That is not the case with the dolphins this year. They have solid options at quarterback, so they have the luxury of letting Tannehill sit for a year or two. Tannehill has the potential to be a good quarterback. He has all the physical tools you want in your quarterback, but he needs to get acclimated to the speed of the NFL.

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