Ed Reed says he’s playing this season

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It’s been fun watching Ravens safety Ed Reed be evasive about questions concerning his plans for the coming season over the last few months, but it seems we’ll need to find another hobby.

Reed finally ended all the fun at his own golf event on Wednesday by telling the crowd that he will be in the Ravens secondary this season. There were hints that things were going to turn out that way in recent days, although Reed’s habit of alternating between his two choices kept anyone from being sure about the final decision.

Reed actually kept it going right up until the moment he announced he’s going to play. Reed told Brent Harris of CSNBaltimore.com that he “retired” this offseason and then changed his mind after missing minicamp about playing another year. He said that taking care of his family — Reed is set to make $7.2 million this season — and mentoring young Ravens helped convince him to change course.

With Reed making his intentions known for 2012, attention will now turn to the 2013 season. Reed’s contract is up after this year which means speculation about his desire to keep playing will have to make some room for speculation about what kind of deal it will take to keep him in Baltimore. And, with that, the carousel keeps on turning.

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  1. while polamalu makes a lot of “instinctive” tackles around the line of scrimmage, ed reed has the better numbers…but for a real player value, check out profootballreference’s “AV” stat (approximate value).

    Ed Reed 123 AV
    Polamalu 100 AV

    AV per game started
    Reed: 0.86
    Troy: 0.81

    Slight edge to Reed (and he stays healthier)

  2. @ Steeley McBeam: Your crazy. I am not a fan of either team. (Go Patriots) I actually dislike the Ravens more than the Steelers, but Ed Reed is easily better than Polamalu. You screen name shows your obvious bias.

  3. Ed Reed is so much better than Polamalu it’s a joke. The only reason that ever even gets brought up is because the Steelers get 10x as much media coverage. We media talks more about Ryan Clark than Ed Reed for crying out loud. Yes, the same Ryan Clark who wasn’t good enough for the Redskins.

  4. Im from Pittsburgh but a Broncos fan, I respect Troy and his play, but Ed Reed is a better all around player. He unlike Troy doesn’t play reckless. I think Troy would’ve saved himself a couple injuries if he would’ve played smarter football.

  5. Polamalu is a gambler and a haircut. When his risks pay off, he does make some spectacular plays, but when he misses, he’s a huge liability. He also has trouble staying on the field.

    Reed, by contrast, if a first-ballot HoF’er and probably the GOAT at his position — even the Grumble King has admitted as much.

    Polamalu is pretty good, above average, but Reed is acknowledged as the Greatest. There’s no argument.

  6. I highly doubt Reeds’ mind was “changed”. More likely, him floating the “retiring” word out there was a way to try to get more money, and then he had to backpedal when he realized people were ready to say SO LONG!

  7. Ed Reed is the GOAT? Not even. Troy does not play reckless? Whatever. Both are great and will be in the HOF but Ronnie Lott is the greatest of all time.

  8. Good to hear, he’s a great player. I was unaware of his offseason diva-ness prior to this year, so I did lose some respect for the man with this summer’s nonsense. However I’m glad he’s gonna be on the football field where he belongs, and I’m glad he’s going to be a Raven.

  9. You can’t even compare the two! SS and FS are completely different positions with completely different assignments. I blame the other steely up there that started this and doesnt know the difference. Troy is a great SS and Ed is a great FS.

  10. The one thing I don’t understand is why is this guy always viewed as some old grandpa? He’s 33…drafted 10 years ago. There are plenty of productive older DBs in the league.

  11. They aren’t really the same type of safety. Stats wise they are VERY close (Reed has played one more season), but Troy has 2 rings (played in a 3rd) and Ed has well…zero. Plus Troy is not a headcase who has been constantly injured.

    Verdict: Troy

  12. If it weren’t for Chris Collinsworth this wouldn’t even be a debate. That guy loves the Steelers. Ed Reed hands down.

  13. I was unaware of the fact troy has not been constantly injured. and to say reed has not won games, you obviously haven’t been paying attention.

  14. The Ed Reed/Polamalu debate is so tiresome.

    It’s not even a contest.

    Ed Reed is a better safety.

    Polamalu is a better football player.

    Reed does everything that a safety is supposed to do, while Polamalu does everything that a defender is supposed to do–and that includes lining up at corner, linebacker and d-line, which Reed does not do.

  15. Troy had 54 more takes than reed in 1 less season, obviously that makes him soooo much better. oh but wait, ed has 28 more interceptions than troy. I’m taking ed.

  16. Reed 547 tackles
    Polamalu 606 tackles

    Reed 6 sacks
    Polamalu 9 sacks

    Reed 57 interceptions
    Polamalu 29 interceptions

    Reed 6 TDs
    Polamalu 2 TDs

    I’ll take Reed based on game changing ability alone.

    And I know Troy played one less season, still does not make up for a 28 INT difference.

  17. Even though I can’t stand the Reed/ Polamalu debate, I decided to crunch some numbers.

    According to pro-football reference:

    Reed has 554 total tackles (assists and solo) in 143 games stated for an average of 3.8 per game.
    Polamalu has 614 total tackles in 107 games started, for an average of 5.7 per game.

    Advantage: Polamalu

    Reed has 57 interception in 143 games started, or about .4 ints per game vs. Polamalu who has 29 ints in 107 games or .27 per game.

    Advantage: Reed

    Reed has 6 sacks vs. Polamalu’s 9.

    Advantage: Polamalu

    Reed has 122 passes defended or about .85 per game. Polamalu has 93 passes defended or about .87 per game started.

    We’ll call it a wash.

    Reed: 11 forced fumbles or .77 per game.
    Polamalu: 8 FF or .75 per game.

    It’s a wash again.

    Ed Reed has more touchdowns on returns.

    So, Polamalu is a significantly more active tackler and pass rusher, about the same in defending passes and forcing fumbles, and worse at getting and returning interceptions than Reed is.

  18. Ed and Troy are both amazing players. The debate is old, tiresome, and silly. Both will be in the HOF and both players are the sort you poor saps who are not Steelers or Ravens fans would prolly trade your second born away for. Reed has way more interceptions and TD returns. Troy, however, changes games with certain sorts of tackles. Ravens fans keep talking about Reed’s ints. Now think about Polamalu kung fu chopping the ball out of Flacco’s hands or diving over the line of scrimmage for a QB sack. Reed couldn’t even imagine how to do that. Both are game changers in their own way.

  19. I’m a bengals fan but I really do like Ed Reed. Its fun to beat the Ravens especially when his playing. I really think Ed is having other issues in his life. I dont think the contract is the only issue. John Harbaugh and Ray52 both hinted about his family issues off the field. The only issue with the team is probably Joe Flacco. I really dont think he likes Flacco as his QB. He feels like the defense gives Flacco so much opportunity to win the big games and yet he doesnt take them to the promise land. He called him out last time.
    Just sayin

  20. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say Reed has had a better career, but to say that Troy doesn’t make tackles and / or that he’s a “liability” takes it too far. They’ll probably both go to the Hall of Fame. Reed definitely will.

  21. It’s a healthy debate but any comment that suggest that either Polamalu or Reed isn’t that good makes no sense. They are both awesome players.

  22. moagecu

    Genius, Troy was drafted in 2003. He didn’t start until 2004.

    He has almost 40 less games under his belt and way more tackles than Reed.

    Yeah Reed has more pics. But according to that stats, that’s almost all he does.

    I like complete players.

  23. Once again you can’t compare the two! You can’t use a stat like INTs and call Ed “better” when Reed plays FS and plays the deep ball more while Troy plays SS and plays up on the line of scrimmage more. Stats can’t compare them because the positions they play are very different.

  24. …and the reason Reed has less tackles, and less impact near the line of scrimmage, than Polamalu? Because Baltimore has better D-linemen and linebackers than PIT. Runners don’t get to the second level on Baltimore as easily, and Reed doesn’t NEED to play in the box like Polamalu must.

  25. Ed REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED! Ed is talking about retiring because his neck is hurt from all the HUGE hits he made when he was younger. He used to crush guys and not wrap, now he looks like he can’t tackle because his neck shoullders can’t take the impact and he’s told old to wrap like they teach you in pee wee league.

    All those folks who says he can’t tackle or rush the line see the first play of last year’s Jet’s Ravens game? kickoff, int, punt returns, punt blocks and fumble recoveries TO THE HOUSE and no one avoids tackles better in the open field when he has the ball.

    He’s crazy ,cheap, big community guy and the best Safety to play the game. Can’t wait till training camp because besides all the nonsense he’s coming back knowing he’s got himself two all-pro corners and pollard back there with him! Opposing qb’s better watch out cause ed’s gonna be ed this year!

  26. Troy has two rings and reed has ….?nenuf said. It’s a team not a one man comparison. Cry all you want rings are rings. If you don’t have them you feel the need to talk crap if you have them…….

  27. And the back tracking begins. I guess we will see how this ends up. For now its not this offseason.

  28. Well troy led his defense to 3 superbowls of which two they won and he’s a better all around player, Ya ed is the best cover safety since sharper and can end up being better but troy is great mix as he has the ability to cover and come up and make a stop. Plus without him his team loses,without ed u still have the greatest MlB to ever play commanding the D

  29. Good QB’s avoid Ed Reed, look at the Belichick special for perfect evidance. Good QB’s pick on Troy Polamalu, ala Rodgers in the SB. I’d rather have Ed.

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