Fitzgerald: Until we get a QB, Megatron is a better pick than me

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Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson are the two most talented wide receivers in the NFL. But Fitzgerald says that fantasy football players should pick Johnson ahead of him.

That has less to do with Fitzgerald and Johnson than with their quarterbacks: According to Fitzgerald, Johnson has a big edge over him because he’ll be catching passes from Matthew Stafford, while Fitzgerald will be catching passes from either Kevin Kolb or John Skelton.

Megatron and Matthew Stafford have a great connection up there in Detroit,” Fitzgerald said on SportsCenter, via “They put together a phenomenal year — 5,000 yards by Stafford — so I would definitely take Megatron and Matthew Stafford. They got it going. We have some questions right now in Arizona. We’ve got to work training camp out to figure out who our starting quarterback is going to be. So as of today, I think that’s the say choice.”

Fitzgerald’s comments don’t speak well for the Cardinals’ quarterback situation, but that’s an accurate assessment. No matter how great a wide receiver is, he’s dependent on his quarterback. And Johnson has a better quarterback than Fitzgerald.

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  1. This is why I respect Fitzgerald so much. He is arguably the best WR in the NFL yet he is very modest and humble about his accomplishments as well as realistic about his QB situation. He is also quick to praise others for their talents. He is the consummate professional and kids everywhere should aspire to be like this man.

  2. captainwisdom8888 says:
    Jul 18, 2012 6:08 PM
    Even if Larry had a top-5 QB….megatron would still be a better pick.
    Naah, Fitz has been doing as well for longer and that’s not a slight on Johnson.

  3. He didn’t throw anyone under the bus.
    He showed humility is speaking the truth –
    That it’s not all about him but rather his relationship to the QB.
    His dependence on a team mate and not his individual needs.
    Holmsy has no grace to even understand this mans stance.

    And his quarterback is undefined and unproven.
    And this is a fact.

  4. Friggin A Right!

    What a waste of talent. The Cardinal front office should be feverishly trying to get a solid Franchise QB for this guy. Since Warner left they have essentially wasted the rest of Fitzgeralds career and ability. He’s only getting older.

    For the Cardinals to think that Kolb or Skelton is the answer should not only offend Fitz, but the entire city. He’s in his 9th year… and the Cards look poised to completely waste the remaining years of his contract/career.

    Hey Cards, your GM needs to punch himself in the face for blowing it this bad. Last time I checked a franchise QB was #1 priority. Step your game up.

  5. I think he’s tired of the BS this year. He’s calling it like he sees it. Calling out slackers on his team and telling the blatant truth about the lack of QB talent on his team.

  6. Actually this isn’t the first time he’s thrown his QB under the bus. He did it last year with Kolb and, before that he was dissing Warner. Actually, he’s surpassing Holmes in the lack-of-class” dept. At least he chose his words carefully, but a diss is a diss.

  7. Fitz is an idiot and all you clowns can give me a thumbs down if you want, as a professional NFL WR, you never throw your QB’s under the bus. Before last season, most “experts” were claiming Stafford might be a bust because of his injury problems.

    Look at Kurt Warner, for example, he emerged from nothing to being considered a HOF QB, you never heard Issac Bruce or Torry Holt make comments about having to catch passes from a 3rd string Warner when he took over for Trent Green.

    Calvin Johnson is a better WR than Fitz, both are behind Andre Johnson though. 😉

  8. baaaahahahaaa throw your O-line and fellow wr’s under the bus too buddy!
    I remember when you were good when you had Boldin going up and getting it in your contract year.

  9. I wonder if the Detroit players will comment that Fitzgerald should not be making comments about their team and should stick to comments only about his own team even if he is asked about them as a guest on a media show.

  10. I am glad they didn’t ask Randy Moss this question… Actually, I am just glad Randy isn’t saying anything to anyone right now. I hope it stays this quiet on the RM #84 front. Let your play do the talking for you.

  11. If the QB’s are pissed over this – they should grow up! He speaks the truth, it should fire them up to earn his respect and get the ball in his hands more often.

  12. I like that he was honest AND threw his QB under the bus! Fact is, Kolb played like a 2nd stringer last year, and there legit doubts that he’s a legit starter in this league. Its a fact, its not open to debate.

    Maybe Kolb will improve, but its refreshing to hear a team’s franchise player like Fitz speak frankly instead of resorting to played-out platitudes.

  13. This is the guy who lobbied the Cards all last offseason to get Kolb. Then he goes and subtly says “he’s not that great”. I expected a little better from Fitz.

  14. Johnson would still be better even if Fitz had a good quarterback. But this just makes the Cardinals look worse for that ridiculous trade to get Kolb last year.

  15. You’d think by now LF woul;d have realized he plays for a team owned by the Bidwell family. Seems like every year Fitzgerald spouts off about this or that – who they should draft, who they should go after…blah, blah, blah.

    That’s why it makes me SO HAPPY when the Niners annually pummel the hapless Cards

  16. For everyone hating on Fitz…last time I checked..Fitz is a hall of famer and the 2 qbs currently on the roster are scrubs…until they prove otherwise… hurts sometimes

  17. Sounds like more players need to talk this way.

    Im tired of the old ho hum “I feel we have two great guys coming into compete and may the best man win” bravado.

    Fitz is an all around good human.

  18. That’s kinda harsh I think. I do feel like Larry’s going to waste though. It would have been fun watching him catch passes from Peyton Manning for a couple of years, but who wants to play for the Cardinals. The Bidwells have always been crummy owners. This one is better than his Dad, but still not good.

  19. He’s not throwing anyone under the bus.

    All he said was that for Fantasy Football purposes, Calvin Johnson is the better pick. Obviously, it doesn’t take mediocre QB play to tell you that.

    He’s not saying his guys won’t perform or have a solid year, either. But they’re not going to have a Matthew Stafford like year with 5,000+ yards passing and how-many-ever touch downs.

    And you don’t need Larry Fitzgerald to tell you that. This is coming from a Cardinals fan, too.

    Still the classiest guy in all of sports. Book it.

  20. Calvin is the best. Im sick of people saying fitz is better. Im not even a lions fan and i been saying calvin is better. And not for nothing but the year cards went to the superbowl calvin only had about 100 less recieving yards than fitz and tied him in tds and he didnt even make pro bowl aaannnd calvin did it with five different qbs. So larry needs to stop crying bout qbs. You want to talk about classy? How about calvin who was on an 0 and 16 team and never threw one of his qbs under the bus. And how many excuses do we need to hear about fitz being better cause hes done it longer? I mean really? Who cares what he did 5 years ago. We are in the present. And right now calvin is the best. He is faster, bigger, and could jump way higher than fitz. Period.

  21. Calvin Johnson is just so physically dominant compared to every other receiver in the game. Fitz is incredible, no doubt about it, but Megatron’s physical dominance is to the NFL what Shaq’s was to the NBA in his prime. Can’t stop him.

  22. Nice to hear a player of his caliber not dance around it for once. Makes me wonder how many times he has asked for help at the qb position and now he is just done and doesn’t care.

  23. Getting Bidwill’s name right would help your case. What where they suppose to so the last two years. They traded for what a lot of people thought was the number 1 available QB in 2010 Kolb. Then they threw out the red carpet for Manning a few months ago. Manning went with his buddy Elway(I guess he thinks he thinks Elway is the Bronco coach). Who else should they have gone after? Brady Quinn?

  24. I like Fitz and think he’s a hell of a football player, but to all the people that are saying that this is him just “telling the truth” and “he didn’t throw anyone under the bus” ask yourself this one question, what if this was Santonio Holmes or DeSean Jackson?? Completely different story right??

  25. Of course Fitz wanted Kolb. They had Derek Anderson starting two thirds of their games the year before. But Kolb has been completely underwhelming and was outplayed by Skelton. Sounds like he’s being accurate and possibly trying to light a fire under Kolb. Hope it works because it has been a monumental waste of talent by not getting him a PROVEN QB to get him the ball. And not to mention keeping Weanie Wells and letting Hightower walk….

  26. All he said was Stafford and Johnson have a special relationship, because of their time together on the field the last few years.

    Look deep enough and you’ll find controversy in anything. That’s the way it works. That what sells papers, keeps internet sights alive and cankerous fans something to talk about…

  27. I think this is a way Fitzgerald can put his QBs on notice without actually dissing them. He said “we have some questions”, and they do. Kolb has shown flashes and I think if he can stay healthy he has a decent chance of success.

    As for Fitz vs. Megatron, I’ll take Fitz every day and twice on Sunday.

  28. Throwing your quarterbacks under the bus? Come on, Larry. That sounds like something that Terrell Owens would say. You’ve got more class than that!

  29. hack19 says: Jul 18, 2012 6:25 PM

    I wonder if the Detroit players will comment that Fitzgerald should not be making comments about their team and should stick to comments only about his own team even if he is asked about them as a guest on a media show.

    What on earth are you talking about? Lmao. “I wonder if the Detroit players will comment that Fitzgerald should no be making comments about their team”

    The article is about Fitz saying Johnson is a better pick than himself this year for FF. You are just a sour dude and hate lions fans because of a handful of lions are immature punks.

    Coming from a lions fan, they both are beast. Johnson had better stats last year. Johnson had qb last year. Fitz did not. Let it go, the# 1 wr or #2. Fitz has some of the best hands the game ever seen.

  30. he’s not throwing his qb under the bus…there is no qb to throw under the bus right now. That’s what he is saying, there are questions as to who’s going to start/out perform the other at quarterback.

  31. Hmmm..what a upper-cut to Kevin Kolb.

    Look, this guy is not happy because he feels that the team didnt do enough during the offseason to get a much better QB. I feel for him. He can do better, the team can do better with a top QB and we all know that..

  32. Those of you who say Johnson is by far better than Fitzgerald, Jerry Rice ranked Fitzgerald as the best receiver in the NFL.

    Keep in mind Rice is the best receiver to ever play in the NFL.

  33. Arizona has no established starting QB as of now so implying that he no connection with his an Megatron an Stafford do it isn’t throwing anyone under the bus its stating the obvious.

  34. Larry’s not throwing anyone under the bus. He made an honest (and obvious) observation that both of his potential quarterbacks are currently parked… under a bus.

  35. This is what some people consider throwing someone under the bus? You’ve got to be kidding me. If your team is having a QB competition in camp then 99.9% of the time your WR numbers will be worse than every team that didn’t. Notice that I said WR numbers, not win totals, which is what he was talking about. Seriously, if either Kolb or Skelton gets offended by this they need a real dose of reality. If they think they can do better than Stafford then go do it. I see no reason for baseless and exaggerated optimism.

  36. Here is a thought, just a thought: How about Larry takes a structured pay cut so the team can afford a marque QB… OR perhaps they paid him his current salary because he convinced them the WR could dominate without a great QB? But the fact is that you can’t ignore the connection between player salaries in a capped system and the level of talent they can expect to have around them if they hit the “big time payout.”

    Something tells me that Larry won’t be offering to give up money to bring in a QB he could be happy with (that can throw the ball really deep to him and only him in such a way that he doesn’t have to work so hard to beat coverage and make a great play… in short a QB that would make any WR look good).

  37. Larry Fitzgerald walks on water. He is a beast. When the Cards had Captain Kurt, he put up the big numbers. Even with Kevin Corn on da Cob, he still puts up big numbers. I really like John Skelton but he’s still developing. No one can argue that the best receivers in the NFL are Fitz-Megatron-A. Johnson in any order.

  38. To all the guys saying that they’re glad he threw his QB’s under the bus or that he should have.. ect, ect..

    What’s the point ? All it does is cause static in the locker room because Kolb and Skelton are it in Arizona, The draft is over and the only guy that could even remotely start that’s out there right now is McNabb.

    If this were January, Fine. Throw your QB’s under the bus and let management know that their star player is unhappy.

    His comments do NOTHING good coming a week or two before training camp.

    You folks will be complaining fairly hard when Kolb or Skelton start looking at Floyd, rather than Fitz..

  39. I’m a big megatron fan but Larrys one of those HOF wrs that you can just keep bombing it to even with double coverage Calvin isn’t that physical yet. And a bter route runner Calvin is just the biggest freak of nature th at actually panned out to be as great as advertised. BTW Kolb didn’t show anything good last year so I’d understand why Fitz is upset… I’d want to be on a team thats win now too.

  40. Sounds to me like he was addressing the situation of not having a set starter more than either QB’s skills. And understand, I’m an Eagles fan who tends to think Kolb still hasn’t gotten a real shot. I don’t blame LF for this one. Sounds fair to me.

  41. Fitz has earned the right to come out and say what he feels. He didn’t throw anybody under the bus. He was honest. If the QB’s don’t like it… PLAY BETTER!!!

  42. He’s just speaking the truth, even if it is brutal honesty. Fitz will likely go down as a Top 3 all-time WR and I love that he’s anything BUT a Diva. He’s a division foe, but I haven’t respected a non-Seahawk as a player and a man this much since Walter Payton.

  43. Last time I checked Fitzgerald had the best post season ever. Has Johnson done that? Desean Jackson and Holmes are a complete mess and always in trouble so of course they can’t talk like this. Both of them need to shut the hell up. Fitz is a beast enough said

  44. LFitz is one of the smartest receivers in the game. He is challenging his qb to be better. Everyone and their momma knows arizona needs to step up the throwing game. He chose Stafford over Brady and Rodgers to at least be realistic. I know i wont get any thumbs up for this… Cards will make the playoffs this year.

  45. Megaton is #1, A.Johnson is a beast but injury prone and will never be as good as before. Stafford is the man, up a coming top 3! Fitz I elite but as he admitted he envy’s what Lions have with “Young Guns”!

  46. Megatron is clearly best wideout in NFL…texans have a RB so def are not geared to
    stop A. Johson and i dont c either himn or fitz make catches in triple coverage like calvin does …anybody that does not think that Calvin is the best is either football illiterate or never watched Calvin play…some of the plays he makes i never seen a reciever ever make…that includes the great jerry rice…megatron plays llike he is a cyborg not human

  47. If Kolb or Skelton really believes this is being thrown under the bus, the Cardinals have a bigger problem than I thought.

    There’s no way anyone who is a legitimate starting-caliber QB would be so thin-skinned over something stated so mildly, that’s clearly true.

    “As of today” (as Fitzgerald couched it), the Lions offense is a much safer bet when projecting fantasy passing/receiving stats. They threw the ball a ton last year, and had a high completion percentage. The Cardinals were 29th in completion percentage.

    Something tells me Fitzgerald’s teammates won’t take nearly as much offense to this assessment as some fans here are. They know what he said is fair.

  48. He did not throw anyone under the bus. He is simply stating the fact that they are unsure who their QB is going to be and that until they figure that out stafford and johnson are going to be more consistent. I love how the title of this is “until we get a QB.” When did he say that? He said until they figure out which one is their QB he would go with stafford and johnson. He didnt say they dont have a QB or they need a new one, just that they need to figure out which is the starter. That title is misleading and just plain ridiculous. He said no such thing. Trying awfully hard to stir things up here i think and unfortunately a bunch of people posting are doing the same. Sorry but they DO need to figure out who their QB is, explain to me how that is insulting to either QB. He is stating a fact. They obviously aren’t going with both QBs so they need to figure out which so he and Fitz can get the work in and be consistent. End of story, stop the drama.

  49. Fitz calls out Floyd, Fitz calls out QBs, his teammates have to be wondering who is next? Watch out O-line and Beanie! Yes, he is talking Fantasy Football, but he is also sending a message. And I still wouldn’t put him higher than Calvin with his pick of QBs, and he is paralell to other WRs that have talent. I realize he gets double teamed because they haven’t had many other receiving options, but he should just do HIS job, and let everyone else grow at theirs. Maybe things will improve with a full season Fitz!

  50. Fitz is one of my favorite players, one I will watch even though I’m not a fan of his team. He wasn’t throwing anyone under the bus, I heard him yesterday on ESPN. He had praise for those two QBs, and never said a bad word about them. It’s a fact their QB situation is not settled. Even their HC has said it isn’t settled. That DOES effect the offense, and of course the WRs.

    This man went out in week 17 last year and while bleeding internally made gutsy catch after gutsy catch in a game that meant NOTHING to the team’s playoff chances. And he already HAD his money. There was no “reason” for him to do this other than professional pride and playing for his teammates. How anyone can question him as a teammate for those comments is beyond me.

  51. Doesn’t look like he said, “Until we get a QB…”

    This is insane. Obviously AZ has questions at QB but Fitz didn’t say that. You’re putting words in his mouth, the “we” part. What Fitz was saying is he doesn’t know yet *which* will be the QB. You don’t need to be Safford to throw to Fitz and have a good year.

  52. Fitz is the Cards leader not only because he is their best player but also due his 9 years there, including the Cards one and only Super Bowl appearance where he almost beat my Steelers.

    Somebody had to say something to motivate Kolb and Skelton to compete at their highest level. Fitz had the good fortune to spend his teen years around the Vikings, so he learned from one of NFL’s best receivers, Chris Carter, that hasn’t made the HOF, yet.

    No receiver in the league goes back for a pass like Larry has done during his career. Hell, he did it at Pitt and has only got better.

    I’m with Jerry Rice on this. Megatron and Andre are great receivers that haven’t been to a Super Bowl yet star in one.

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